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How to design a profile header on Instagram

This is a clean bio profile. You know three things for sure: the header must sell, be understandable, and fit in 150 characters. How to achieve this?

  1. First, you need to understand whether it will be a company profile, an expert, or a lifestyle account.
  1. Next, create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  1. Be sure to see how your competitors’ Instagram profile is designed. For example, if you are a psychologist, look at what is written in the profile of other psychologists. (If you have a narrow profile, look for competitors in your area).

But USP for that and USP, which should be different from competitors. How to compose it?

For example, family psychologists write to themselves: “Anti-crisis expert in relationships”, “About caring relationships without manipulation”, “Unraveling the tangles of human relations”, etc. At first glance, these are the same.

But upon closer examination, we understand that everyone works with “their own type” of clients:
– crisis
– no manipulation
– tangled relationships

Determine your customer type (your Target Audience). Who do you work with? Who do you want to write for? What questions do you get asked more often? How are you useful? What is your strength?

A short sentence “about yourself / what your profile is about” is the first thing a person sees when they log into your profile. In one sentence, you must reflect:

  • your activity (What do you sell?)
  • who is your client – so that the person recognizes himself in the description (To whom are you selling?)
  • your benefits

We describe the advantages again based on the analysis of competitors / colleagues. Think what’s important to your client when choosing your service / product? It may be worth mentioning work experience. Maybe your articles are published in a well-known source. Or you have consulted an impressive number of clients. In general, write down 10-20 of your advantages, compare with competitors and leave the 3 most important for your profile.

And be sure to specify your contacts. How can I contact you? It is desirable in several ways, because it is more convenient for someone to write in direct, for someone it is easier to call, and someone prefers to contact by mail or WhatsApp. Therefore, be sure to enable the “Communication Methods” function, which are available for Business Accounts. We will tell you how to connect a business account in this article

If you do not have a site – provide a link to the site where you publish or order a landing page from us. In a couple of days we will launch a landing page for your clients, where they can sign up for a consultation with you in two clicks.

Or if you are recording / accepting applications via whatsapp, you can specify a link to the dialogue in the profile header. To create such a link, type https://wa.me/ . Instead of , substitute your phone number and place the link in the “Site” field.

Successful examples of profile header design:

оформление инстаграм

оформление шапки профиля инстаграм

оформление профиля instagram

Additional information:

  1. Correctly write the name and nickname of the profile

    In the “Name” column, write your activity (no more than 30 characters)
    The nickname should be easy to read and remember.
    Compare: @warinatrue or @ _marina_73.4_love. Who is faster to remember?

  2. Add a branded hashtag that will become recognizable or a hashtag for an important category (For example, # уgroup_reviews)

  3. Don’t use “pretty” fonts on Instagram.
    Firstly, they are not displayed on all devices.
    Secondly, they are less readable.
    Third, you run the risk of not showing up in search results.


  1. Decide on the type of profile
  2. Describe exactly who you are running it for and what your goal is: to increase loyalty, increase sales, become recognizable, etc.
  3. Write down your competitive advantages
  4. Indicate how you can be contacted
  5. Do not neglect add. information from this article

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