How to delete comment on Instagram
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How to delete comment on Instagram

Almost every Instagram user at least once had a question: “How can I delete a comment I made?”. Let’s see how this can be done and who has access to such a function. It will not be difficult to delete your comment on Instagram. This can be done both in your publication and in any other post under which you left a comment. With comments that were not left by you, it will still be a little different. In this post, we will focus on how to delete your comment, as well as how you can delete someone else’s comment under your content.

How to delete a comment on Instagram in your account

You can delete an Instagram comment in your account yourself, absolutely any comments – without any restrictions.

How to delete comment on Instagram
To delete a comment on the Instagram app, tap the comment.

  • Drag the comment you want to delete – to the left.
  • After that you will see active elements in the form of icons.
  • What we need is an icon on a red background, a basket.
  • Click on the icon – the basket and the comment you selected will be deleted.

Features of deleting a comment on Instagram

1. Lifehack: Deleting a comment, perhaps in one click, for this! Pull the Instagram comment you are going to delete to the left to the very end, as far as the screen can go. This way, you delete the comment – with one touch. You will see a red box with a trash icon, the full width of the comment.

2. And the second life hack, when you delete a comment after successful deletion, you will see a tooltip at the top of the screen. This text field is – Comment removed. Tap to cancel.

In your Instagram account, you manage the content and everything related to it, including the comments. You have the right to disable them under your posts, as well as delete any comments that are left under your photos or videos on Instagram. This is done in exactly the same way as in the first instruction.

How to delete comment on Instagram

  • Select the Instagram comment you want to delete.
  • By touching the comment, pull it to the left side of the screen completely or until the icon with the basket appears.
  • By clicking on the trash can icon – delete the selected comment.

Is it possible to delete a comment from an Instagram user, not in my account?

The ability to delete comments not in your Instagram application account, no! You cannot delete a comment on someone else’s Instagram account unless it is your comment.
If the comment concerns you directly and you want to somehow resolve the issue of deleting it! One of the solutions, perhaps, is to write to the owner of the account where the comment is posted. And, politely, agree with him to remove this comment.

Complain about a comment on Instagram

And the option that is unlikely to contribute to the deletion of the comment, but will be accepted for consideration, is to complain about this comment. After submitting a complaint, you will no longer see it, but it will remain in the user account.

  • To report a comment, just like deleting. With a touch, pull the comment itself to the left.
  • After that you will see two icons, an arrow, and a question mark.
  • By touching the question mark, you will bring up an additional menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select – report the comment. After clicking on the active field, Instagram will prompt you to select the reason for the complaint.
  • Choose the one that suits you best and send your complaint with a touch. After notification about the successful sending of a complaint to the comment, the additional menu can be closed.

Delete Instagram comments from the computer

The method of deleting comments from a computer is an easy way for not very advanced users since it is standard and does not require complex actions; deletion is done with the mouse. In order to proceed to deletion, you must perform the following procedure:

  1. You need to go to the official Instagram page and log into your profile with your credentials.
  2. Select the desired photo, publication, post, or video – content to remove comments.
  3. To get into your published data in the right corner of the screen, click on your profile, and go to the profile editing tab.
  4. Hover over the comment to be deleted, a cross will appear next to it, which must be clicked, after which the “delete” button will be highlighted.
  5. After clicking on “delete”, the comment will be erased.

Instagram is a social network that is intended for the exchange of photos, videos, and other content and is also necessary for communication, which does not take place in the form of sending messages, but in the form of reviews and comments under the posted content. Therefore, the problem of spam and spam links in comments remains quite high. Deleting comments is one of the ways to get rid of bad reviews about a photo, as well as the ability to completely hide comments.

Moderators in social Instagram networks also play the role of “cleaners” as not all users leave flattering reviews about photos. Therefore, administrators and moderators track unscrupulous users and try to maintain order as much as possible and avoid conflict situations.

On Instagram, the number of accounts and subscribers has long exceeded half a million, so it became much more difficult to keep track of “bad” comments, and for this, the function of automatically deleting spam comments was introduced.
This function can be easily connected through your profile by pressing on the carriage, which will activate the filter. You can also set up a filter that will search for and hide comments that contain obscene words or words that you specify in the filter.

All of the above methods help to combat insults and humiliations that users can leave behind your photos. You need to know that you will have to manually view comments for deletion, and then delete them, depending on the device on which you use Instagram.

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