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How to customize Instagram yourself with Canva graphics

Instagram 2019 is a social network with more than a billion active users and a variety of internal functionality, from the beloved Stories format to the developing IGTV application.

Successful presence in the Instagram community is directly related to the quality of the content. The Instagram site is predominantly visual, so you should pay special attention to the design of your profile, posts and stories.

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And if all sorts of celebrities and large brands pay for maintaining accounts to full-time specialists or outsourcing companies, then the problem of self-registration and filling Instagram is acute for ordinary users and numerous representatives of small businesses.

Fortunately, on the Internet it is easy to find useful tools for the visual accompaniment of content, for example, graphic editors. Services like these are easy to use and let’s take a look at one of them, the Canva maker by creating a post.

Getting Started

Most of these services work online using cloud storage, so Canva requires a simple registration. After that you will be taken to the main page of the editor.

Как красиво оформить Инстаграм

Through the search box, you can find any direction for creating a design. All designs have predefined sizes, which are reflected to the right of the name. The Custom Sizes button will help you set custom width and height parameters, which is convenient, for example, when creating a visual for an article.

Selecting a template

After selecting “Post to Instagram”, the editor’s working window will open, in which all the functionality of the service is presented. You can create a post from a clean layout, add elements gradually, or pick a template from the ready-made ones. There is also a search bar with which you can filter the desired template by topic, for example, “sale”.


All elements of the template can be changed, so when choosing, the emphasis should be on the presence and arrangement of elements, for example, frames, grids and other components.

Matching the background image

You can choose a thematic image in the photo section, the filter will provide an opportunity to find the desired image quickly. If you need to use a personal photo, you can easily add it to the editor using the “Downloads” panel.

Often, publications use background fill or simple patterns to focus the subscriber’s attention on the inscription. Similar backgrounds can be found in the corresponding Background section.

canva инстаграм

Any image is available for easy adjustments using the panel above the photo. Use filters, brightness, contrast and hue settings to create the desired post palette.

Add an inscription

The inscription on the publication is not the main thing, because all information is usually placed in the description of the post. The picture itself can tell you about the important points for attracting the audience’s attention to the topic of the post.

Hundreds of Russian-language fonts from handwritten to bold-style typography are available in the service. You can also change the default values ​​like color, alignment, spacing. If there are several labels on the publication, centering lines, which are visible when dragging the object, will help to position the labels relative to each other.

canva инстаграм

Final stage

Our publication is ready, it remains to download it using the button of the same name. The service offers a choice of several formats of the finished work, it is better to choose PNG, which will preserve the image quality and clarity of the picture.

canva instagram

In conclusion, it is worth noting that editors like Canva really make it easier to work with social networks, due to the templates available, which can be customized in a few minutes. However, as with many tools, Canva has its drawbacks, such as limited image editing functionality, copyright, paid content, and paid advanced functionality, such as the popular animation for social networks today. It is better to choose between the paid and free versions based on your needs, you can create a custom design yourself using the free functionality by spending a little more time in the editor.

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