бизнес аккаунт instagram

How to connect a business account on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network with over 600 million monthly users worldwide. Business promotion through Instagram is widespread. Companies large and small create their brand accounts on this platform. For better user navigation and profile analytics, you can connect a business account. What is a business account, how to connect it and what useful functions it includes – we will analyze in this article.

What is a business account and why do I need one?

A business account allows a potential client to quickly contact the seller and provides great opportunities for promotion. When connected, at the bottom of the profile header, 3 options are added to contact the seller:

  • call
  • how to get there
  • email address

When clicking on each of them, the user is redirected to the target action – a call to the specified number, opening a map with a geotagged store or to a field for sending an email to the seller.

A business account also allows you to track your profile statistics – information about audience, content, account interactions and set up targeted advertising.

How to connect a business account on Instagram: step by step instructions

  1. Go to the Instagram application and go to your profile. Click on the icon in the upper right corner (“hamburger” in our opinion).

бизнес аккаунт instagram

2. When you click to the right, a panel with sections will appear. We are looking for the “Settings” button at the bottom – we need it.

instagram настройки

3. In the list that appears, look for “connect to the company profile”.

профиль инстаграм

4. Next, you will be presented with a window with business account settings. Read and click “Continue”.

бизнес аккаунт instagram

5. In a new window, Instagram will ask you to link your account to Facebook. Select the appropriate one from the list of Facebook pages provided.

бизнес аккаунт instagram

6. Category for profile – select from the list that reflects the focus of the profile and click “Next”.

бизнес аккаунт instagram

7. The next step is to check the contact information. Enter your email address and phone number. Or correct the data.

Done !

But if you need to add an address, then you will have one more step:

  1. Go to your account page and click on “Edit Profile”.

  2. Selecting “Communication Methods”

бизнес аккаунт instagram

3. In the “Address” field, enter the required data in English.

This completes the business account setup. The profile now has 3 active buttons to contact you.

бизнес аккаунт instagram

Business Account Statistics

After connecting the business account, the collection of statistics on your profile will begin. You can view it in the “Statistics” section (the section will appear when you click on the “hamburger” icon).

Statistics consists of 3 sections:

  1. Actions. This displays the total number of actions that users have taken on your profile during the week. For example, you visited a profile or clicked on one of the communication buttons. Reach and impressions are also displayed.
  2. Content. How many posts have been posted in the last week. Ranking posts by number of views, as well as history.
  3. Audience. Subscribers – the total number and change in the number for the last week. The best places are the distribution of subscribers by city and country (it will help you better understand if the subscribers are relevant to your target audience). The age range and gender distribution are indicated. An important indicator is the activity of subscribers by day of the week and time. Helps with scheduling publications.

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