How to bring a company to the Western market: 5 methods of crowd marketing

Many Ukrainians are now scaling their business and trying to enter the foreign market. It is difficult, because you need to take into account cultural differences, legislative norms, niche competitiveness, the specifics of doing business and the mechanics of its promotion.

Crowd marketing is one of the tools that will help convey the product to the audience. We will tell you how to do this in this article.

But first, let’s go through the basics.

What should be done before moving to the western market?

If you are thinking about moving to the Western market, then your product or service is ready for use. Just unfold and eat. But you need to go through the basic things. This will reduce future risks and increase the chances of success.

Before heading west, Igor Rudnik, founder of, recommends:

  • Analyze the competition of the niche in which you intend to work. If there is no existing market for your services, then you will have to create one, or abandon your idea and look for other opportunities.

  • Understand what competitive advantages you have and whether they are enough to enter the foreign market.

  • Analyze competitor promotion methods: contextual advertising, media networks, banner advertising, SEO.

  • Estimate budget. Make sure you have enough resources to compete. Otherwise, explore other regions, markets, niches.

  • Localize marketing materials: translate website, marketing kit, create separate accounts on social networks, create mail.

If everything is ready, let’s move on.

How to use crowd marketing to bring a company to the Western market?

We have collected classic crowd marketing techniques that will help you safely enter the right niche in a foreign market and increase brand awareness.

Method # 1. We use thematic forums

Forums are the oldest and densest communities on the Internet. Discussions that they are dead and therefore ineffective do not stop. In practice, it is clear that communities live and people are interested in them.

Take a look at this example. Users discuss how to properly model clothes. The branch was created in 2010 and is still active. Latest publications on July 3rd.


Forums provide an opportunity to offer an interested audience the right products in their niche. The main difficulty is to become “your own” with a couple of messages.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Find thematic threads in which it will be relevant to say about your product.


Step 2. Check the relevance – look at the date of the last message and whether the issue has been resolved.


Step 3. Check the liveliness of the site – we estimate the site traffic by


Step 4. Register and fill out your profile.


Step 5. We give an expert answer.

Question: What if there are some abbreviations or specific words on the forum on a narrow topic that we do not know about? How to be?

Answer: If this is a specialized forum on a narrow topic, say a gaming one, then yes – there will be reductions. But in most cases, this is the usual spoken language. It is easy to assimilate to it.

Question: What if people don’t trust a young account? We can’t sit on the forum for three years before the first message?

Answer: As practice shows, the comment text is more important than the profile trust. If a comment with examples, links to different sources, then the audience will take it perfectly.

Method # 2. Review sites

Review sites are not only a great way to build brand awareness, but also a great opportunity to build reputation.

We have compiled five recommendations that will ensure the survival rate of reviews in the region of 70-80%.

➠Use a proxy or IP from New York to create a profile.

➠Create the correct user portrait. A bearded man is unlikely to leave a review about a women’s beauty salon.


➠Develop your account. A minimum of 10-15 reviews before you decide to write a review for yourself.

Take a look at this profile. It inspires trust – 87 reviews across different niches.


This is an example of a bad profile. One negative review, low activity.


➠ Write reviews in related topics.

➠After you have written a review about yourself, do not stop maintaining your account. Leave another 10-15 reviews.

If you don’t know where to start, here are the three most popular review sites in the Western segment:

Method # 3. Leave expert opinion on Q&A sites

Q&A sites (or Q&A sites) are very popular in the Western market. People ask questions and develop heated discussions. You can join this stream by drawing attention to your business from a specialized audience.

For example, the guys from Netpeak Software promoted their product using Quora, one of the largest Q&A services in the world. They give the following recommendations:

  • Define goals that the service will help achieve.

  • Find an individual employee to work with Quora.

  • Correctly define the main “working” categories and topics of questions.

  • Ensure that the answers are correct and structured.

  • Track the results of work on Quora in Google Analytics and internal statistics of the service.

An example of an answer on the Quora website. The user asked how he can make money on the Internet and received such an answer. Take a look at the link below.


The article “Top 5 Q / A Services for Promotion to the West” contains the best sites, describes their advantages and disadvantages. Briefly about them below:

  • – 1.6 billion traffic per month;

  • – 0.5 billion traffic per month.

  • – 81.30 million monthly traffic

  • – 7 million traffic per month

  • – 1 million 800 thousand traffic per month.

Try it! Besides promoting your business on Q&A sites, try testing MVP. This is another cool crowd marketing tactic that helps you understand how interesting your product is to your audience.

Check out how they do it on Gave a link to the landing page and a short description “Preparing for exams on social networks.” They immediately received an answer that the product lacks a description of the value and solutions to specific customer problems.


Method # 4. Commenting on articles in the media and blogs

Expert comments under the articles of influencers, publishers and bloggers help to draw attention to your person or business. To do this, you need to build a relationship with the author and then put the link. The process of working with comments is the same as working with forums.

The only thing to consider is the widget through which you post comments:

If this is option 1-3, then you must have a decently designed account on behalf of which you will be working.

Take a look at the commentary on Best Drawing Apps for iPad and Apple Pencil. The user easily joined the discussion of the article and left a link to his review.


Method # 5. Building up our social media presence

There is an opinion that links from social networks are not taken into account by search engines, so they are not needed for crowd marketing. This is not entirely true.

It is important to understand here: if we bring a company to the Western market, then we need not only to build up the link mass, but also to build a strong brand.

When we comment on opinion leaders or mention them in posts, we increase audience reach and draw attention to our account, which allows us to build relationships with opinion makers.

Remember how Elon Musk made the deal on Twitter? See what caused this.


To be known about you, you need not only to develop your own social networks, but also to actively communicate with opinion leaders. If you establish trusting partnerships with them, then in the future it will be possible to exchange guest posts and develop joint marketing activities.

3 benefits of crowd marketing to drive westward

  • Crowd marketing is a budget-friendly promotion method. At the start, when you don’t know the niche and the market well, this is a great opportunity to test the product without high advertising costs.
  • Crowd marketing is a white-label promotion method. Promotion will be safe and natural.
  • Crowd marketing is most suitable for the Western market, since they have a more developed culture of link exchange on forums and thematic sites.

Briefly about the main thing

  • Before you start promoting in the West, check the readiness of your product and analyze your competitors. This will help not only to adequately assess the market and niche, but also show the tactics that your competitors are using.

  • Use the following methods to take your company to the Western market.

    • a. Use thematic forums
    • b. Don’t forget about review sites
    • c. Leave an expert opinion on Q&A sites
    • d. Comment on articles in the media and blogs
    • e. Build your social media presence
  • Crowd marketing is good as a way to promote, because:

    • a. it’s relatively cheap or free
    • b. it is safe and natural
    • c. it is most suitable for the Western market, as there is a more developed link exchange culture.

Remember that crowd marketing is just one of the promotion tools. The main thing always and in everything is the quality of your product, internal work with clients and love for business.

Good luck!

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