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How to attract influencers to promote your brand

Earlier this month, I posted an article on how to use an Instagram account to build a profitable career. Today, I want to address the same topic, this time from the brand’s point of view. Indeed, influencer marketing is a powerful tool, writes Jonathan Jeffery for

Here are some tips for brands that want to work with influencers.

1. Be very specific when considering partners

With so many influencers to choose from, choosing a partner can be difficult. “We defined our absolute ideal customer and then built our entire business and growth strategy around it, including the influencers we work with,” says Kelly. He and his team positioned their brand around students and high school students.

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“We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what our customers are following on Instagram, the music they’re listening to, and who they’re watching on YouTube to determine who to partner with,” he says. . “Once we discover a rapper or personality that is gaining popularity quickly, we don’t waste a second to reach them.

2. Judge the value of an influencer in terms of involvement, not audience size

With so many fake followers and fictional audiences, Kelly jokes that she’s become a bit of a detective on Instagram when it comes to influencers. “For some people, an Instagram page with a million followers is wow, but when it comes to sales, loyalty and public engagement are much more important.” he says.

How to attract influencers to promote your brand

“For example, the partnership with Logan Paul is great for us, because he has a very strong relationship with his audience, so when he wears our T-shirt in his podcast, we know that people will watch the whole video and they will think about it. “It’s interesting that 48% of marketers cite audience loyalty as the most valuable factor when considering an influencer. But there is a strong lesson here for anyone who wants to work with an influencer:

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Although they may have an impressive number of followers, this does not reflect their loyalty. According to Kelly, “Jersey Champs was built on the partnership of effective influencers, with loyal audiences looking at them, not just personalities with many followers, but not engaged in a relationship with them.”

3. Do not set a single post

After you are sure of your choice of influencer, Kelly recommends that you do everything you can to maximize your transaction. “When we start talking to an influencer, we get ideas about what we can do with them,” he said. “Personalized t-shirts, exclusive gifts [and] fun ways to create content. It’s not just about getting a single post from their account. We want them to want to promote our brand and see in it a value for them as well. This is why we will design, for example, a custom t-shirt to help them convey value to their audience so that they are more involved and inclined to buy the products. It’s just about enthusiasm. ”

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