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How to add products to Instagram: step by step instructions

If you want to sell on social networks, we recommend that you first figure out how to add products to Instagram. It is this platform that has proven itself well in terms of sales. You can post products via Facebook or use special tags.

Each of the methods has its own characteristics and similarities. Most importantly, both options actually work. To achieve this, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the possibility of adding a product on Instagram in more detail. Thanks to the information below, you will understand whether your assortment will hit the audience or not.

First 3 Steps to Add Products to Instagram

Step # 1: Make sure you meet the requirements

Instagram Shopping settings will be available to you only if the company meets the following requirements :

  • The country where the company operates is one of the supported countries.

  • The products you sell also comply with current requirements.

  • The company does not violate the Trading Rules and the Seller Agreement.

  • You have your own domain through which you are going to market the product.

Step # 2: set the profile to a business account or author account

To be able to add products to Instagram, you must first change your personal profile settings and convert it to a business account. Fill in your company details, location and contacts for communication, add a link to the site, specify a work schedule.

Как добавить товары в Инстаграм

How to add products to Instagram

Step # 3: sync your Instagram business account with your Facebook page

Here is the procedure for doing this :

  • Open your Instagram business page.

  • Find the Edit Profile button.

  • Go to the Public Information section and click the Page tab there.

  • Enter the Facebook page you want.

  • If you haven’t created a page there before, then click Create New Facebook Page.

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Important: you don’t have to have a store on Facebook, just a page is enough.

Algorithm for adding products to the catalog on Instagram

So how do you add products to Instagram? First, you need to create a product catalog on Facebook. To do this, open the business page menu and click “Catalogs” → “Create catalog” → E-commerce → “Next”.

Now write which business account you are using, and also enter the name of the directory in the appropriate field (you need to think of it).

Products are added via the Data Source tab (in this new directory). Open it and click Add Data Source here.

A dialog box appears with three options for adding product data. For accounts with no more than 50 product items, Add Manually is better. Select this line and click Next.

A new dialog box will appear with fields for filling and an option to add product photos. Fill out, attach a photo, and repeat the procedure for each new product.

If there are more than 50 positions, then in order to add products to Instagram, choose the second upload option, using the data feed. Then you first have to collect information about the goods in a table (CSV or XML format), which then needs to be uploaded to Facebook.

Shopping Tags Tasks on Instagram

Shopping Tags are shopping tags. They are added to a photo or video so that the user, by clicking on such a tag, can quickly go to the page of the online store and immediately buy a product, or learn more about it, clarify the cost, etc. Today in Russia, any owner of a business account can use hashtags.

Now, to boost sales, you can not just add products to your store on Instagram, but use trade tags to promote. It is a great modern tool to make blogger ads even more effective.

Here are the results of companies already using Shopping Tags :

  • 100,000 new users made 1,200 purchases in the Lulus online store;

  • Spearmintbaby earned 8% more and 25% more clicks to their site;

  • due to trade tags, 44% more visitors came to the site (through advertising) of Tymeiron.

Задачи Shopping Tags в Инстаграме

Shopping Tags Tasks on Instagram

In fact, shopping tags act in the same way as the familiar marks of friends on public photos :

  • the subscriber looks at the photo and notices a small icon at the bottom left with a “handbag”;

  • clicking on a photo or on this “purse” opens a mini-card with a product, where only its name and price are indicated;

  • but if a person clicks on this card, the system will transfer him to the store;

  • The “View on Site” button sends the customer to the store’s website, where they can immediately buy the product they like.

Thus, now you can first add products to Instagram, and then place up to 5 of these Shopping Tags (with the name of the product and the price) in each post. Of course, this makes it easier to navigate to the site and the shopping process itself.

In order to track how effectively this function works, the system collects statistics for you, by which you can see :

  • how many users clicked on the product tag to the store;

  • which products are of the greatest interest;

  • how many purchases were made.

Since June 2018, the option to add labels to Stories has become available. Prior to that, only an active link to the site could be placed here, and this was only allowed on sufficiently well-promoted pages. Anyone can use Shopping Tags.

The rules and procedure for attaching trade tags to stories are the same as with regular publications – no more than 5 pieces. So you can show a certain image in the story and add a link to each item on it.

Connecting Shopping Tags

Foreign marketplaces on Instagram have already evaluated the effectiveness of this comparative new tool. Sellers now have the opportunity not only to add products to Instagram, but now also use Shopping Tags to attach marks to them, by clicking on which the client immediately finds himself on the page with the product card. Of course, conversions and sales grow at the same time.

However, in Russia and in the countries of the Commonwealth, Shopping Tags is still working perfectly. You can try to “cheat” the system and use a VPN, or register a profile on a foreign phone (if possible). Shopping tags are added to products like this :

  • Sign in, open settings.

  • There, find the “Purchases” tab. It may not exist, it is generated automatically a few days after you created a catalog with goods on Facebook. Then you need to wait for this section to appear.

  • Select the storefront you need. Go to the post where you want to place labels, and click in the corner on three points. Next – “Edit”. Now click Tag Products, and add a tag to the product in the photo.

  • Be sure to click “Save”.

Thus, you can first add a product to Instagram, and then put trade tags on all your posts, clicking on which, customers will be taken directly to the store’s website.

Shopping Tags allows you to integrate your Instagram account with the store’s website, thereby attracting additional traffic to it and selling more. And according to statistics, you can see exactly how many transitions occurred and purchases were made.

Shopping Tags Advantages

Disadvantages of Shopping Tags

Allowed for use by all business account holders (in supported countries).

Shopping Tags does not work in all countries.

It is possible to insert active links.

This option works only for pages selling goods, but not services.

The products look presentable, each item can be examined separately and it is convenient for users.

Product tags cannot be inserted into advertising posts, only into regular publications in the feed or in construction.

The program collects statistics that show the effectiveness of the tool.

The functionality is not intended for use for deferred posting.

You cannot attach tags to posts that were uploaded before Shopping Tags. This can be done only for the last 1-3 publications (made before the activation of Shopping Tags), but no more.

In Russia, it may not be possible to correctly connect Shopping Tags, but you still have many other ways to promote.

Products suitable for selling on Instagram

What should you focus on in order to add exactly those products to Instagram that will be in demand? Of course, the popularity of certain products changes every year. Which ones will be the most profitable in 2021? Experts recommend paying attention to the seventeen positions below:

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More details

  1. Garments, accessories.

    On Instagram, the main focus is on visual perception. Therefore, anything that looks beautiful will attract attention and be sold. Many things people buy spontaneously, just by seeing a good photo. Form a variety of proposals, use available formats of submission, come up with new concepts.

    Предметы одежды, аксессуары

    Garments, Accessories
  2. Products for children.

    Always in demand. Young mothers have no time to go shopping; it is much more convenient for them to buy things for their children online. According to the statistics of the last three years, the volume of sales of children’s goods through the Internet has increased significantly.

  3. Handmade and all kinds of exclusives.

    Handmade goods also always arouse the keen interest of Instagram users. It can be anything: souvenirs, paintings, designer pieces of furniture, photo albums, unique clothes and more. The more creative the idea is, the more attention is paid to it.

  4. Travel-related products.

    This direction invariably arouses keen interest. Therefore, many bloggers are actively developing this topic on their pages, and the demand for travel goods continues to grow. So if you decide to develop and promote your business in this particular niche, this is the right choice.

  5. Products promoted on the hype.

    This is a pre-advertised product that “shoots out” precisely due to the hype feed. Among these, for example, there were spinners, gyro scooters. If you are the first to add such products to your Instagram, you can get a good jackpot.

    However, do not forget that the demand for such products at first takes off quickly, but then falls no less rapidly (and does not last long). You need to follow the trends, because it is profitable to start selling just one of the first.

  6. Used goods.

    On the Internet, including through Instagram, such products are sold very actively. You can sell anything, adult and children’s clothing, tools, kitchen appliances, furniture, baby carriages, antiques, etc.

  7. Cosmetics, perfume.

    On Instagram, girls 25-35 years old are the most active buyers. They care about their appearance, so they show interest in cosmetics and perfumes. So these are just those products that you can add to your Instagram and make great money on it.

    Recently, the demand for Korean cosmetics has been steadily growing, this is one of the stable trends. Such products are just what you need for Instagram. It looks bright, original, fashionable and is relatively inexpensive.

  8. Food sales and delivery.

    Every person needs food every day. Food photos are very popular on Instagram, and many bloggers are working in this direction. Of course, there is also a demand. There are a lot of options for developing an Instagram business here: make cakes, collect boxes with exotic fruits, organize a food delivery service, and more.

Subscriber Conviction Plan 2.0:

  1. Eco products.

    Sustainability is always and everywhere in trend, so why not add eco-products to your Instagram? The audience here is modern, always following the trends, so eco-friendly products (clothing, cosmetics, food, some household items) will definitely be in demand.

    The price of eco-products is usually 50-100% higher (compared to conventional products), but the demand is still stable. At the same time, the Russian consumer is not familiar with such a wide assortment of eco-friendly goods, so there is room for development here. With a modest budget, it is better to start with in-demand (but different from competitive) positions.

  2. Jewelry, bijouterie.

    These are usually pretty products, so they fit perfectly into the Instagram concept. Take high-quality photos, exhibit, and you will not be overwhelmed by buyers. Do you remember who on Instagram represents the most active part of the audience?

  3. Stationery, all for creativity.

    Instagram users are mostly active, creative people, so they are interested in everything related to needlework. You can add stationery to your Instagram, but select exclusively creative positions.

  4. Gifts.

    There is always a demand for them, because in addition to the holidays, there are also all sorts of personal reasons for which people present gifts to each other. Basically, literally every user here is part of your target audience.

  5. Sports goods.

    Sport, as well as a healthy lifestyle in general, is one of the most popular and sustainable trends. Moreover, the demand for goods in this category is steadily growing, people are ready to spend impressive sums on them.

    What products can be added to Instagram in this particular niche? There are a lot of options: shoes and clothing for sports, as well as all kinds of equipment. You can delve into one direction, or you can present a wide assortment of different categories in the store.

Conclusion from the above: you can sell almost anything on Instagram. The main thing is to find the correct presentation option. Somewhere a high-quality picture, visual perception is important. In other cases, the emphasis should be on the fullest possible description.

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