How it affects the disappearance of likes on Instagram brands and influencers

The world of social networking is shaken major, as Instagram has started testing hiding “likes” for some users. This decision, following recent tests in countries such as Canada and Japan, is meant to make Instagram posts less competitive for likes and become more about quality connections, especially for young people, as the CEO explained. Instagram, Adam Mosseri, at the WIRED25 conference.

In addition to the hope of making social networking a healthier place for young people, hiding likes could have a significant impact on brand marketing and influencers. While the long-term effects remain to be seen, it seems that lower visibility of the appreciations will lead to a fairer playing field, where quality content becomes more important than the one with the highest number of appreciations, writes the entrepreneur. com.

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We go over the “units” of measuring vanity

Although likes might have been a viable way to assess involvement in social media in the past, this measure has increasingly become a unit of measurement of vanity, which does not indicate -true whether someone has an influence on social networks or not.

First of all, likes can be “manipulated” to make messages seem more popular than they really are, which is becoming more and more visible as bots increase. as well as mutual appreciations from tags like “likes for likes”. In addition, a lot of people can like while scrolling through posts, but without necessarily being involved, which doesn’t mean that the messages have a big impact or that the person or brand who shares the post has influence.

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Real influence means getting someone to act beyond likes, whether they swipe up a site and buy something, or sign up for an event or subscribe to a newsletter. By hiding likes, the emphasis on this measure will decrease and increase the importance of getting tangible results.

Creating better content

In many cases, brands hire influencers to cover their own inefficiency on social media. However, because it was difficult to appreciate influence based on vanity values, many companies tried influencer marketing, spent a lot of money to do so, and were disappointed with the results.

Going forward, with a low emphasis on the number of appreciations a message receives, brands will likely be attracted to influencers and brand ambassadors who can help them create better content, which they can use it on their own channels and that increases brand awareness and marketing efficiency. Moreover, some brands may have been retained in the past for sharing content that received a limited number of likes, but now they may feel more free to share content that inspires conversations or leads to more purchases, even if it is aimed at a smaller audience.

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How it affects the disappearance of likes from Instagram brands and influencers

Capturing the attention of millions of users may not be possible, but even a few dozen people who are starting to get really involved and interested in your brand could be the catalyst you need to get a real conversion on or off social networks. Getting there means becoming a better creator and storyteller and learning to recognize who you can partner with to improve your brand content, rather than falling into the trap of hiring an influencer who gets a lot of likes or has many followers, but not one that has no impact on your brand.

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These changes will take time, as Instagram only makes this change in a limited way, but if the network considers it a success, we could see other social platforms adopt similar functions. As a result, social media can return to its basic purpose: socializing, rather than a popularity contest, as it has now become, which can be a beneficial impact for brands, genuine influencers and users who want social media to be a positive force.

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