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How can I view statistics on my Instagram account?

Statistics available only for business instagram.

If you do not have a business account connected to Instagram, then first you need to connect it. We wrote how to do this in the article “How to connect a business account on Instagram”.

So, the business account is connected. Now more about statistics.

How to view statistics on Instagram

2 options:

  1. From the profile page. Click on the tab with your account and click on the top line (where the number of page visits per week is displayed).
  2. Via the right menu. We also go to the page with your account and click on the icon with 3 horizontal stripes (those who read our articles know that we call it a “sandwich”). We select “statistics”.

Istagram statistics

Statistics are displayed in 3 tabs. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  1. Activity.

Interactions. This displays the total number of actions that have been received in the last 7 days, how many times users have clicked on the buttons in your profile (call, how to get there and an email). You can find out on which day the highest and lowest activity was received.

Discovery: How people found out about your account

Reach / reach: the number of unique users who have seen your posts.

Impressions / impressions: total number of post views.
Reach only counts one view from one user, and impressions show all views.

Non-followers reached by hashtags / users who found an account by hashtags. The indicator displays the number of people who found us through hashtags (users who are not subscribed to the account).

Impressions from hashtags / impressions by hashtags: This shows the top hashtags by which users saw posts. Separately, each hashtag and the number of its impressions.

  1. Content

The first indicator in the “content” tab is the total number of published posts per week + a comparison of their number with the previous week.

Feed posts / post views by views: Posts are displayed in descending order of their views.

Audience: The first metric in this tab is the total number of subscribers and the change over the last week +/- nth number of users.

Top Locations / Top places / Best places: Distribution of subscribers by city and country in percentage.

Age range / age distribution: The indicator helps to find out what age groups our subscribers are in. Displayed for all / men / women.

Gender: Percentage of male to female followers.

Followers / Behavior of followers: The time at which users are active on each day is shown + a separate indicator by day.

How to view Instagram photo and video statistics

Select a post whose statistics we are interested in. Click on “View Statistics” under the photo / video. A field with indicators will pop up below.

Heart – how many likes the post received

Dialogue bubble – number of comments

Airplane – the number of transfers to private messages of this publication

Bookmark – number of saves

Profile Visits / profile visits – how many times have you gone from this post to profile

Reach / reach – how many users saw the post

To see detailed statistics of the publication, click on any indicator or swipe your finger up. The following indicators become available to us:

The number of all actions received from the publication – visiting a profile, clicking on buttons (call, how to get, email).

Discovery / How people found out about your account. The total reach of people and how many people have subscribed.

Impressions :
From home – from the “Main”. We saw a post in the feed
From hashtags – through hashtags. Came by hashtags.
From profile – from the profile. We saw it by going to your account.
From other – from “Other” All other sources.

Why are Instagram statistics in English?

There is no exact information why some sections of the Instagram interface are not in English. Most likely, the English language is represented where improvements are underway, innovations are introduced.

So, if suddenly somewhere instead of the Russian language English appears, then this section will change very soon. And we can only wait. Well, use a translator, if it’s really hard to translate.

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