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Hashtags on Instagram. How to do it right and what is it for?

Surely, many have heard such a concept as “hashtag”, but not everyone knows what it is and what it is used for. A hashtag is a specific phrase or keyword preceded by a # sign. Typically, they are used on Instagram to attract new followers and likes. Each tag is displayed as a link, by clicking on which the user is directed to the post with the corresponding content.

Hashtags for navigation

Active users notice a large list of words with a # sign, when you click, you can go to a page with a list of publications with mention. This is what hashtags are. This topic tag allows you to group content and find the publications that users want. You need to use tags correctly, especially if the goal is customer acquisition.

Basic rules

To achieve maximum results, you need to not only write the words that are suitable, in your opinion, but also follow the rules:

  1. One word is not always written, phrases are written together or separated by an underscore.
  2. You need to write in Latin or Cyrillic. The use of words in English leads to competition with the whole world.
  3. Separation cannot be done with a space, only “_” is suitable, sometimes emoji or numbers are acceptable.
  4. For one post, the list of bindings is limited to 30 units. If you add more, the social network will cut them, and the post may also be empty.
  5. The list of hashtags should be written using a space, in this case they will not be perceived as spam, and the view will be more pleasant.

You can add hashtags in the post itself or in the first comment, but the number limit remains the same.

Hashtag types

Hashtag types are divided by frequency, but you cannot see the data on a separate phrase. You can specify the number of publications for each of them, and this is how the division occurs:

  • with indicators of 100,000 or more, we can talk about high-frequency hashtags;
  • next category – midrange, from 10,000;
  • at lower rates and up to 500 hashtags are low-frequency, other options are rare.

Spam hashtags are also highlighted for a set of likes, geo-hashtags that mention the city and are needed for linking. Content hashtags are required, they bring the target audience, and trend phrases are used to increase activity. Everyone creates their own signature, it is branded, the headings are relevant for navigation in the account. It is worth avoiding the sets of the best hash tags, they read like spam.

Choosing the best

Subject to the rules, for doing business on the Instagram network, in addition to the content plan, it is necessary to provide a semantic core for the planned profile of the business direction. In the optimal variation, you should choose about 100-150 hashtags that are close to the topic of the page and will become an advertisement for your business and alternate them with 10-15 tags for one post.

You shouldn’t look for the most popular and most demanded hashtags in order to achieve the highest possible result. The desired performance won’t be there, as Instagram’s algorithms recognize your intent as a desire to promote your post with irrelevant tags. When creating a semantic core, you need to look for a smarter approach and collect an equal number of hashtags of medium frequency and low frequency. This principle will increase the chances of attracting real people, not just fakes.

Nuances of choice

To find the right tags, you can use several options, for example, stealing them from competing pages, visiting specialized services or programs. It is imperative to avoid spam lists. Sorting and classification based on purpose may be provided on such resources. This greatly simplifies the search process, since all that remains is to choose the options that will be optimal taking into account the direction you have chosen.

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