Google and Facebook come to Bucharest with 15 speakers during the iCEE fest

Technology and digital giant companies, Google and Facebook – which will together accumulate a global turnover of over $ 200 billion this year – will be represented on June 13 and 14 in Bucharest, at iCEE .fest: UPGRADE 100, with over 15 speakers and trainers.

They will present the latest ideas and projects that virtually dictate trends across the digital ecosystem.

“Both companies will have, for the first time this year, dedicated scenes, with presentations that will cover one day of the festival. Nothing exaggerated: over 80% of online advertising budgets in Romania are now traded through Google and Facebook systems, which include many other products and services – Youtube, GMail, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. – both platforms reporting massive figures of over 10 million of users in our country. Basically, there is no Romanian connected to the Internet who does not use Google or Facebook services “, explains Dragoş Stanca, founder and responsible for the content directions of the event.

Both companies will present both advanced techniques dedicated to increasing the notoriety of products and services, as well as specialized workshops for generating online sales and conversions.

Google will address topics such as redefining the classic product acquisition tunnel, performance marketing and online sales, machine learning, but also trainings dedicated to those who produce in Romania and want to sell products and services globally.

Through YouTube representatives, the company will showcase the latest trends in video, creative and advertising formats, as well as how Google sees the impact of artificial intelligence in the future.

As for Facebook speakers, they will also focus on two important strategic directions: the first related to the overview and the future of the platforms that are going through important transformations today from the desire to focus on personal data protection. , and through workshops for specialists aimed at generating conversions and direct sales from the ecosystem created by Facebook products.

Facebook presentations will focus on the presentation of the new culture and strategic direction of Facebook, as well as on the creative formats of the greatest impact on Facebook and Instagram, optimization techniques for e-commerce – here will be an extensive workshop which will cover all new items in the platforms.

In addition, Facebook will present for the first time at the festival the experiences of several partners who have achieved outstanding results using the tools provided by the global giant.

The final agenda and line-up, with the names of all the speakers, will be published next week and from May 10, tickets will become more expensive.

iCEE.fest, Interactive Central and Eastern Europe, the festival known for bringing all the big global digital companies to Romania, since 2012, changes its name and comes with a new concept, starting this year: UPGRADE 100.

Over 130 digital and tech experts, authors of specialized works in the field, but also professional speakers in the field of digital transformation will be present in Romania, on June 13 and 14, the festival expecting over 4,000 participants (including almost a third outside the country).

iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 will cover 11 trends and macro-trends this year: Diruptive Innovation | Advertising & Marcom | Creativity & Experential | AI & Robotics | Ecommerce & Retail | Digital Content & AdTech | Fintech & EMoney | EHealth & Medtech | Tech & Democracy | Startups & Investments | Video Gaming & Entertainment.

Photo source: Unsplash

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