Goodbye, good Periscope: The end and a restart for live streaming on Twitter

Twitter stellt Periscope ein

Periscope will be discontinued in 2021

Twitter will discontinue Periscope in March 2021 and remove his live streaming app from the app stores.

The decision is understandable. The use of Periscope is declining. The further development and the associated expenses are no longer in proportion to the usage and thus Twitter is pulling the plug.

The end of Periscope does not mean the end of live streaming on Twitter. But more on that in a moment.


Periscope and the first live streaming experiences

At the start Periscope a very exciting app and for many the first live streaming experience in social networks. Media companies in particular have experimented a lot with Periscope and for a time, Periscope was an integral part of activities on Twitter User: A new experience inside. Nowadays we not only have different solutions with Instagram Live, with live streams on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, or with streaming platforms like Twitch, they have also become even more interactive. Twitch in particular stands out from the offers for live streaming.

At that time, however, Periscope had its charm and also a very special charm, which unfortunately was lost over time. That was of course also due to the rapid rise of Instagram and the high visibility of Instagram Live. Nonetheless, Periscope and the connection to Twitter was a nice thing, but maybe a bit ahead of its time.

Twitter has also made some mistakes with Periscope. Periscope should probably have been deactivated as a stand-alone app much earlier and integrated into Twitter with clear communication. Or if Twitter had relied fully on Periscope, then Periscope should have taken place in communication and should not be treated as a niche feature.

Incidentally, Twitter can also use its “own” live streaming function here calmly add a little more. Twitter still stands for fast and up-to-date communication and live streams fit in like a fist on the eye. At the peak in 2017, more than 400 million hours of live streams were published on Periscope and, due to the interactions with the hearts, the engagement was often very high.

Goes “live” on Twitter

Twitter is now finally pursuing the goal of placing live streaming specifically in the Twitter timeline. Anyone who opens Periscope now and wants to stream will already be sent to Twitter.

As written, Twitter’s decision is absolutely the right one and Periscope is currently more active than it has been for a long time. Nevertheless, there is a bit of sadness about it, as Periscope was a pioneer of social media streaming. Hopefully Twitter will now consistently develop its live streaming further and bring it back to the fore in communication.

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