Fairy tale hour LinkedIn algorithm: number of hashtags, external tools, surveys & Co.

It’s time for fairy tales again on LinkedIn. What has not changed in the LinkedIn algorithm? Reach is said to drop dramatically, but if you take a few exciting tips into account, such as the extremely important number of hashtags on LinkedIn, you can easily outsmart the LinkedIn algorithm and get showered with free reach. What nonsense.

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I want to really not me here on LinkedIn Expert: Shoot inside, but what is being spread there is really a tear in my hair. It has to be said that it is not a special problem on LinkedIn. It is a problem for consultants: Inside who gain reach through sensational and alleged panacea tips. It is also a fact that it works. The same is available for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube; choose a network.

It is understandable that people jump on such statements because they rely on statements from Expert: Inside. Who spreads such statements is the problem and not who believes them at first sight. You can say what is being spread about the LinkedIn algorithm, click and engagement baiting. Nothing else.

But what’s going on and what tips are there on the LinkedIn algorithm ? In the past few days I’ve saved a few highlights that you don’t want to withhold.

The ideal number of hashtags has dropped to 3-5. Before that it was 10.

Oh my god. Really? Haven’t we wasted enough nonsensical time discussing the number of hashtags on Instagram? Anyone who really believes that LinkedIn looks at the number of hashtags and then decides whether a post gets a lot or less reach will no longer be able to help in 2021. Or almost.

The only good thing about this LinkedIn fairy tale is that it leads to the right result. Not in terms of the algorithm, but the way in which contributions are written and published. Hashtags stand for topics and anyone who covers ten topics in a post should think about their content and not the number of hashtags. Welcome to Instagram 2015.

Posts about third-party tools get less reach

Maybe I’ve just been busy too long with these topics, but when you read on LinkedIn in 2021 what has been said on Facebook for ten years and has been invalidated again and again, I have strong doubts about many of the experts: Inside. Or is it just some form of audacity? Probably a combination.

For this LinkedIn fairy tale, you just have to ask yourself who uses social media management tools? Right, a lot of global corporations and brands that manage a flood of pages and channels. A lot is analyzed and optimized here. If the range would decrease with tools, why have Dax companies been using tools for years and are even intensifying their use? Then why have these tools been around for years? Why are they always being improved? And above all, why should LinkedIn reduce its reach? I want a plausible explanation for this. There isn’t, that’s right.

LinkedIn Surveys have doubled their reach

Very important. LinkedIn surveys are no longer in reach. If you create a survey now, there will be twice as much reach. You can already see how senseless this statement about the LinkedIn algorithm is.

Of course, there is always that certain formats work better at a certain point in time. Or it is in the interests of a social network to establish formats. But if you only use surveys based on such statements, then it has nothing to do with the algorithm or a LinkedIn hack, it is simply a completely wrong implementation of the content strategy on LinkedIn.

Are there surveys with high Ranges? Naturally. But they have been around since the option was introduced. Are there surveys with low reach? Logo and that will also be available in May 2021. Statements such as, the reach for Format X has doubled, are simply a lie.

And if you only want to achieve your goals on LinkedIn through surveys, I wish you every success and even more reach.

LinkedIn followers gain in importance

Now it’s going to be high class. The “right” followers have always been very important. Done.

Bonus from me: LinkedIn Saves are the new Super Likes on LinkedIn

What has been said about the alleged one Super like speculated on Instagram. This means saves of content. There is no super like on Instagram. This was communicated several times by Instagram and yet there are videos for Super Like, with thousands of views. In principle, however, it is relatively simple and logical. If posts are saved (regardless of the social network, by the way), then they are highly relevant for the person. Often these contributions are then shared more intensively. That is the effect of a save. But it has nothing to do with the algorithm or a super like.

Conclusion and recommendation

Exactly what we know from other social networks is repeated on LinkedIn. If you see posts like this, feel free to take a look. But always question them and classify them. But don’t let such statements drive you crazy. Analyzes and official statements from social networks are behind very few statements. All the speculation and the conscious uncertainty has also resulted in Facebook now openly talking about changes to the algorithm. TikTok also explains the factors behind its algorithm. LinkedIn can certainly act a little more openly here.

Don’t concentrate on possible changes to algorithms, but focus on your goals and your content itself. Do not be tempted by supposedly high reach, but think about how you can achieve the right reach in your target group. That is much more important. Don’t panic!

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