Facebook topics: Discover relevant companies and products in the news feed

Facebook is working on a new feature that will allow people to discover relevant content in the news feed based on topics and categories. With this, Facebook is continuing its path of promoting content discovery away from subscribed pages or accounts.

Facebook topics: Suggestions from companies and products in the news feed

Social networks always faced with the challenge of presenting content that is as relevant as possible to its users. In the early days of Facebook, it was the so-called social graph that specified the content of the news feed through its own contacts and subscribed Facebook pages.

The approach of the social graph has been expanded for a long time. Terms like interest graph are used here and the aim is not only to display relevant content from personal connections (people, companies), but also to include more interests, usage behavior and context.

TikTok does not need subscribed accounts to manage its Providing users with relevant content. The news feed, on the other hand, is still strongly characterized by subscribed pages, groups and contacts.

But just because you follow a company does not guarantee relevant content, of course. It would be nice. For this reason, Facebook wants to improve the discovery of companies, products and relevant content.

More relevant content and ads through the right context

Companies should benefit from this, but the approach is also for Facebook important. An example that was published on Facebook for Business shows why.


In the example you can see a news feed ad. The new button under the display, which stands for a topic, is interesting. In this case “Small Business”. If users tap on the topic, they will be shown other products and companies that fall into the same category.

Further examples of Facebook topics are fitness, beauty, fashion and so on. Content recommendations based on topics are helpful, but it is interesting that entry is via a news feed display. Facebook will analyze exactly who is looking at further content and thus improve its display of ads.

By interacting with Facebook topics and content recommendations, Facebook collects further data about its users and can use this for the Consider the display of ads.

From a business perspective, it’s a double-edged sword. Of course, you want to benefit from a targeted display of your advertisements. On the other hand, your own ad now contains a direct link to other companies and products.

Officially, this is then called:

Using context to make smarter recommendations about which ads to show, so if you’re watching a travel video, we could show ads for hotels and flights.

For the time being, the new approach in the USA will be based on the topic “Small Business “tested. In the announcement, however, you can already see in which direction it will develop. More and more topics are being introduced, which are used for more and hopefully better content recommendations and more relevant display of ads.

What I’ve been missing on Facebook for a few weeks, however, are content recommendations based on Facebook hashtags. For a while, under many posts that used hashtags, I had a CTA for more related content. At the moment I don’t see that anymore, at least with me. So one could assume that Facebook topics will soon be preferred when recommending content. But we’ll see then.

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