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Local and regional content has always played a formative role on Facebook. Be it through location information in posts, local events or local Facebook groups. Local Facebook groups in particular have intensified networking and exchange at the local level. With Facebook Neighborhoods, Facebook is now bundling the local user experience in a separate area.

What are Facebook Neighborhoods?

Facebook Neighborhoods is currently being tested in Canada, but a global rollout is very important in this case probably. The approach is to bundle different content from the direct local environment of Facebook users: to bundle inside, to provide assistance and to draw people’s attention to new shops, restaurants and companies.


The integration takes place via the navigation of the Facebook app. Neighborhoods has its own area here and, depending on the use, it can be accessed directly in the main navigation.

Before the feature can be used, the “Neighborhood” by the user: to be confirmed inside. Although Facebook knows this information theoretically, a safeguard should ensure that only the most relevant content and recommendations are displayed. In addition, the confirmation serves as an opt-in for Facebook Neighborhoods and is the basis for the local Facebook profile.

Furthermore, a kind of local Facebook profile can be created, which is made up of popular locations, shops, companies and groups composed. So Facebook receives additional data here, which sharpen and refine the user profiles. Of course, Facebook also uses this information to display local advertisements. Facebook has to come up with something now. # iOS14 🙂

“Your activity and information in Neighborhoods may be used to personalize your experience across Facebook Products, including ads you may see.”

But it’s not just about information, but also about exchanging ideas in the immediate vicinity. has been following this approach for a long time and will now have a likely overpowering competitor.

Facebook groups are a central element. On the one hand, it concerns existing local groups, but new groups can also be created for your own Facebook neighborhood.

Advantages for local companies through Facebook Neighborhoods

There is a dedicated area for local companies a great advantage within the Facebook navigation. On the one hand, Facebook recommends local shops or places directly and, in addition, new recommendations are created within the local Facebook communities.


This is an activity Recommended in the local groups, or the creation of your own local Facebook groups. It should also be possible to link existing groups to a neighborhood. Anyone who is then recommended to the group is definitely part of the local target group. If the recommendations keep what Facebook promises.

“If you’re looking for advice on where to get the best coffee or a locksmith in the area, you can use the Recommendations feature in Neighborhoods to get suggestions from your local community. Also, the Neighborhoods Favorite Polls allow neighbors to vote on their favorite places and businesses in the area, including restaurants, parks and more. “

By the local Profiles of the Facebook users: Personal recommendations also play an important role.

for the announcement in the Facebook Newsroom

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