Facebook & Instagram Shops: 1 million shops & 250 million users: inside

Facebook and Instagram shops, or as the saying goes, social commerce, is one of the hot topics in 2021.

Not only does Facebook have its family of shops with shops Apps also merged in the area of ​​social commerce, the visibility of shops is increasing, especially on Instagram.

The integration of Instagram shops in the main navigation has caused mixed reactions and I also have to say that I prefer product inspiration in the feed , in stories, or in reels and hardly ever call up the shopping tab.


In social media marketing, however, it is always a mistake to only assume your own usage behavior. Shops on Facebook and Instagram not only generate a lot of interactions, they are now also used by 250 million people. Mark Zuckerberg named this number on Clubhouse (via CNBC) and he sees shops within the Facebook family of apps as one of the strengths. Especially when it comes to the future of platforms in connection with iOS14.

Mark Zuckerberg

“ It’s possible that we may even be in a stronger position if Apple’s changes encourage more businesses to conduct more commerce on our platforms by making it harder for them to use their data in order to find the customers that would want to use their products outside of our platforms

– Mark Zuckerberg

84% of Instagram users: Inside use the social network to discover new products. The flowing integration and connection to Instagram Shopping starts right here.

If more and more companies offer shops on Instagram and Facebook, then that is very valuable to Zuckerberg and a separate data source is created that is detached from websites and mobile apps continue to grow.

1 million shops are just the beginning for Instagram and Facebook

There are already over 1 million shops in the Facebook cosmos. The majority of this will make up Instagram shops. With the integration of the shopping tab on Instagram, the more prominent display of shops in their own Instagram account and the increasingly diverse formats, more and more companies and creators are to be turned into shopping providers.

With Instagram Check- Out then, Zuckerberg has another feature available, which maps the entire buying process directly on Instagram. Again the connection to iOS14. Shops were right at the top of the agenda for Facebook, thanks to developments around Apple and Google, but shops have once again become more important. We can assume that we will see a lot more information and almost certainly new functions here in the near future.

Social commerce ecosystem on Instagram


While Instagram shopping started with shopping tags for organic posts, there is now a whole ecosystem.

In addition to shopping tags, we have shopping ads and collections , Branded content with shopping, own shops in the Instagram account, check-out and own stickers for product launches in stories.

So a lot has happened since the introduction. The corona pandemic has accelerated the development of shops and the offensives from Apple and Google will also make their contribution.

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