Engaging an audience on Instagram – Trends 2020

There are many methods of attracting a live, target audience to a profile or business account. And even more creative ones, born on the basis of the specifics of the profile already in the process of work.

However, the basic methods are the same for everyone and the differences will only be in the details. Therefore, I have collected for you some of the most popular and relatively simple ones.

It is with these methods that we start working on projects. And gradually, as you get to know and delve into the client’s topic, more subtle and unusual mechanics may already arise.

1. Targeted advertising on Instagram

Works. But with the caveat that it is not enough just to promote any of your posts.

  • You need to choose the right post and properly prepare the post for the target.
  • Choose the right audience
  • Your profile itself must be ready to receive traffic

You need a budget – at least 100 rubles a day for promotion.

2. Mutual PR on Instagram

In stories, in posts, through joint live broadcasts.

It is important to carefully select those with whom you will mutually promote and prepare for the PR itself.

On the one hand, this is a time-consuming method.

  • Prepare materials
  • Choose blogs for VI
  • Agree, and not everyone answers at once and not everyone answers in principle
  • Make sure your information is posted correctly
  • Record and post information about a partner blog.

On the other hand, it is a free and quite effective way to attract an audience! In addition, it is on mutual PR that you can test hypotheses – which materials, which offers cause a greater response from the audience, and then adapt these materials for targeted advertising to a wider audience or use them for paid placement with bloggers.

Mutual PR bonus – very often after the VP, the second blogger remains with your friends and becomes your circle of communication.

You can read more about mutual PR in the post: What materials are needed for mutual PR

3. Placement of advertising posts for a fee

A working method. With the right choice – who will host and what to host.

First, test your advertising materials on free placements. And then, when you find working, leading audiences and, possibly, immediate customer requests for purchase – go to larger blogs for paid placement.

4. Collaborative activities

Sweepstakes and marathons. And this is not about givas – get an iPhone as a gift.

It is important to carefully choose those with whom to conduct joint activities and offer topics and gifts that are relevant to your target audience.

5. “Participation” in the party

If you are still a “baby” and no one knows about you – look for blogs, public pages where your audience is. Comment, stand out, try to hook your blog audience.

6. Activity in my profile

Endless field for creativity and attracting a new audience. Make it so that people are interested in writing about you in their profile or reposting your posts in Stories.

The simplest and most obvious options:

  • Run a marathon on your topic;
  • Offer a paid product for a repost;
  • Give information that will be interesting and useful to share with your subscriber with friends

7. Content

It must be of high quality – both the photo and the text. Depending on the direction of your work – useful, shock, entertaining.

The main thing is that users want to share your content. Quietly direct with friends, but better in your Stories.

8. Sincere friendship

Massfall in its pure form no longer works. And for the use of most automatic services, you can easily get a block for a profile.

BUT, if you go to point-to-point acquaintance with your potential target audience, you will carefully choose blogs that are interesting to you, in which you are also interested in being a reader and participant – the effect will be. You will create a supportive environment for yourself in this way. And there will definitely be an effect. Both in mutual subscriptions and in activity on your profile.

9. Attracting an audience from Offline

If you are actively developing offline – participate in events, conferences – invite interested audience to subscribe to your social media profiles.

Don’t stop and look for more and more new points of contact with a potential target audience.

10. Hashtags and geotags

Yes, they still work too. Find the tags that are relevant to you and use them regularly.

They will give you additional post coverage. And what effect they will bring next depends on your content and how you work with the audience.

To summarize, I want to note

It is very important that the process of attracting new audiences to the profile of the job is ongoing. Even if now you have a full load, consultations are fully scheduled, there are no lessons or places on the course – do not stop the activity to attract an audience.

At least 1 of the proposed methods, which gives an effect in your particular case, should work all the time. Better at least 3. Ideal – everything in the complex.

After all, for every new launch you need a fresh audience for your sales funnel!

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