Don’t miss free seminars from WebPromoExperts in March

Introducing online seminars from the Internet Marketing Academy WebРromoExperts in March 2020. With the help of the calendar, you can plan your time for training with leading experts.

When: March 03, 15.00 (Kyiv time)

  • Are you confused about how to create content that will appeal to your audience?

  • Not sure how to increase income in your business with the right texts, videos and pictures?

  • Can’t think of any ideas when it’s time to create new content?

  • Spend many hours creating text or video without anyone watching or reading it?

Then this online seminar is for you. During the broadcast, we’ll figure out how to create interesting, catchy content, where to get ideas, even if you have a difficult niche.

Anastasia Usichenko – copywriter, content marketer.

Engaged in copywriting and content marketing for over 5 years. Collaborated with such projects and brands as Genius Marketing, Isaac Pintosevich, Dima Kovpak, Pied-de-Poule, Razgar Travel and others.

Seminar program

  1. How to avoid common mistakes when creating content

  2. Where to look for ideas for content – TOP 5 main sources

  3. How to set goals correctly when creating content

  4. How to turn your content plan into a powerful work tool

  5. How to create content that people want to share

  6. What types of content are right for you

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: March 10, 15.00 (Kyiv time)

At the online seminar, we will discuss the importance of creativity and its adaptation for a digital campaign. We will also analyze the difference between working with programmatic tools on black and white-lists, respectively, what are the advantages of the latter.

And let’s summarize what KPIs to deliver for display campaigns and how they can be measured.

Alexey Lyakh – co-owner of the newage advertising agency.

For 10 years of working in the advertising market, he managed to gain experience and successful cases in all four aspects of the advertising ecosystem: as a representative of a client, a platform, a sales house and an agency. Works with Allo, Citrus, Rozetka, MOYO, OLX,, BlaBlaCar, BODO, BMW, Bayadera Group, Bolgrad.

Seminar program

  1. How a user views content on the Internet

  2. What are the recommendations for the production of creatives (with cases, how not to do it and the right examples) separately for banner and video campaigns

  3. Why is it important to work on black and white-lists and how it affects campaign results

  4. How to evaluate the effectiveness of display campaigns and what KPIs can be for different types of campaigns

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: March 12, 15.00 (Kyiv time)

You’ve probably heard about the Google algorithm, which affects sites with the theme “medicine”, “news”, “finance”, etc. What is the principle of “Your Money Your Life” and why it is important to comply with the new search engine update for all web resources that want to receive organic traffic and be in the TOP.

Evgeniy Kravchuk – SEO Team Lead in Inweb.

Engaged in search engine optimization for 7 years. During this time, he worked with 200+ projects in various fields. Author of over 20 articles on the Inweb blog and other media.

Seminar program

  • YMYL: what is it? for which sites?

  • YMYL Page Evaluation Standards

  • What must be done on the site to comply with the YMYL algorithm – E-A-T:

– creation of important site pages (about the company, licenses, certificates, specialists, equipment)

– service pages

– blog

  • How to prepare content for the site? Where to find material

  • Examples of sites optimized for YMYL and low-quality sites from the point of view of E-A-T

  • Examples of traffic sagging after YMYL update – how to find out that the site sagged due to the algorithm

  • Conclusion (about when the algorithm is updated (presumably) and what needs to be done before it is updated)

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: March 17, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

If you:

➢ Take examples of posts from competitors

➢ Constantly don’t know what to write about today

➢ Think you have nothing to write about

➢ Think that there is nothing useful in your niche

➢ Quickly disappointed in social networks and do not know how to improve the situation

Then we are waiting for you at the online seminar. We will analyze what to write about, how to write and what to do with posts so that they are useful.

Alexandra Zueva – copywriter, content marketer.

6 years in copywriting, 4 years in content marketing. Among the clients: Isaac Pintosevich Systems, Igor Obukhovsky’s project “FatKiller”, The First Men’s Conference in Ukraine, Genius Marketing, Delmar Group of Construction Companies, Vinzer Home and dozens of other projects.

Seminar program

  • What posts they want to read in 2020

  • What is the difference between commercial and blogging content, and why it should be taken into account

  • How to use trends and if you need it

  • How much useful content should be if you sell goods / provide services / are an expert

  • How to write a post if you think you write badly

  • What to write about when there is nothing to write about

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


5. Free online seminar: SMM trends 2020

When: March 18, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

At the online seminar, we will discuss what will be trending in 2020, how to make your SMM manifestations as engaging as possible and how to keep up with the times, creating really cool content for your social networks.

We will also analyze examples of working mechanics for interaction.

Zoya Lobod – co-owner of the digital agency LOBODS.

Worked with Brocard, BILLA, Shchedriy Dar, Oranta, TaskomBank, CreditMarket, Varus and many others, digital consultant with more than 5 years of experience, nominee for the TOP-25 Young Entrepreneurs of Ukraine according to MC Today.

Seminar program

  1. World digital trends 2020 and the ability to adapt them to current digital strategies

  2. The eternal struggle: coverage VS engagement, bloggers VS nano-influencers, smartphones VS PCs, video VS photos. What will win in 2020?

  3. Audience needs: new mechanics for user interaction and engagement (examples)

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: March 18, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

After the online seminar, you:

➢ You will be able to structure your job of writing ads

➢ Learn about additional tools that influence the attractiveness of your ads in Google Search

➢ You can increase your position in search results by implementing recommendations

Lyudmila Begloyan – senior PPC specialist in UAMASTER Digital Agency.

Certified specialist in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Metrica. Senior specialist of the agency “UaMaster”. More than 3 years of experience in contextual advertising. More than two years of teaching experience.

Seminar program

  1. What determines the ad display position in paid search results

  2. How to write engaging ad copy in Google Ads

  3. Ad extensions. Types and their value

  4. Benefits in developing your Google My Business account

  5. How to get to the “Shopping” section

  6. Google Merchant Center Programs Overview

Cost: early birds – UAH 300, on the day of the seminar – UAH 350.


When: March 19, 15:00 (Kyiv time)

How to start sales through instant messengers and achieve success?

What difficulties can you face, how to develop the right strategy and what are the TOP-7 key mistakes that can be made when launching a sales tunnel?

After the online seminar, you will be able to quickly break down the strategy for launching a chatbot or sales tunnel in any niche.

Vasily Kokin – founder of the Internet marketing studio “Formula Sales”.

20 years of practice in sales management, 25 years of practice in copywriting and journalism, 8 years of practice in Internet marketing, 3 years in messenger marketing, more than 300 digital launches in various niches over the past 3 years.

Seminar program

  1. Adventure: how we built and launched the chatbot

  2. What difficulties you can face and how to overcome them

  3. Parsing the sales tunnel into large blocks

  4. What solution was a discovery

  5. TOP 10 key insights and tools from the case

  6. TOP 7 key mistakes when launching a sales tunnel

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


When: March 24, 18:00 (Kyiv time)

Want to be a great targeting scientist, but don’t know where to start?

At the online seminar, we will talk about where and how best to learn, what a targeting specialist should know and what tools to use. We will also discuss where to look for projects and how to make a great portfolio.

➢ Participants in the online seminar will receive a list of resources for finding clients and a brief for the client.

At the online seminar we will give away a 50% discount on the Targeted Advertising course!

Vladislav Bogutskiy – Head of SMM in the EVA Store Line.

7+ years of experience in social media promotion. More than 4 years of teaching experience. Lecturer for 7 courses at the WebPromoExperts Academy.

In 2 years, he increased the number of subscribers to the English Club TV page from 14,000 to 1,000,000. In 2018, he brought the Eva Store Line to the first position in the TOP-20 of the most popular pages of Ukrainian retailers.

Seminar program

  1. How to Become a Targetologist: Self-Study or Courses

  2. What does the targeting specialist do: responsibilities and functions

  3. What tools should you use in your work

  4. How and where to find projects

  5. How to prepare a proposal for a client (project)

  6. Reporting and analytics

  7. Forming a portfolio

Cost: online participation – free, recording a seminar – 200 UAH.


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