Doctor’s Instagram: content plan + tips

How exactly today do people look for a specialist they want to turn to? Of course, in most cases via the Internet, so the doctor’s Instagram is far from just a whim, but for someone a vital necessity.

Thanks to this site, the client can find out about your services, work experience, read reviews to decide whether to contact you or not. If you want Instagram to start bringing you satisfied patients, and therefore a good profit, read on. Ideas and rules for creating, maintaining and promoting your account are already waiting for you.

Benefits of Instagram for a doctor in the modern world

Today, a person who wants to develop an Instagram account should understand the importance of such a concept as a personal brand. We are used to the fact that brands are formed by companies, but now this is also true for individual entrepreneurs who are promoting on social networks. It is important to create an image that will allow you to competently present yourself to the audience. It will provide an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and human qualities. A personal brand is often formed without the direct participation of the blog owner, that is, by itself, in the process of maintaining an account, and then brings the owner some dividends in the form of an increase in subscribers and advertising contracts.

Преимущества Инстаграма для врача в современном мире

Benefits of Instagram for a doctor in the modern world

If a specialist in the medical industry starts Instagram in order to advertise himself and his services, he cannot do without developing a personal brand. It will allow him to detach himself from competitors, attract new subscribers, and form a professional image. Now that people choose services and products through online reviews, a personal brand with a great reputation is especially important.
It is interesting that the head of the clinic can deal with the development of his own Instagram account, but if it is successfully maintained and the loyalty of a large number of subscribers is achieved, bonuses will be collected by all doctors of the institution.
What are the benefits of being active on Instagram for a doctor:

Basic rules for maintaining a doctor’s Instagram

A doctor’s Instagram, as a rule, is created for patients, real and potential, less often for colleagues. Therefore, posts should be written in such a way that they are understandable to ordinary people who are not related to medicine. Often, doctors make a mistake and publish information that may be of interest only to other doctors, but not to ordinary users.

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Mikhail Khristosenko

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Михаил Христосенко

Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

  • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

  • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

  • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

Another common mistake is writing dry texts, data from which can also be read in medical reference books. When preparing a post, it is important to adapt its content for subscribers. Posts should be relevant, topical, easy for non-specialists to perceive, as complete as possible. They subscribe to doctors when they want to see really useful information, presented in an interesting, non-trivial way, collected in one place.
It is necessary to strive to create your own style of presentation of the material. This is not easy and does not work out right away. As a rule, it takes a certain time before a specialist begins to understand what his audience needs and what post format she likes the most. The Instagram of a pediatrician will clearly differ from the page of a plastic surgeon both in terms of visual and presentation of material. This must be taken into account.
As for the textual component of the blog, at the beginning you can work with professional copywriters who will create a base and form a certain mood of the account, and then do everything yourself, guided by the knowledge gained. However, it is not shameful to have a copywriter on the staff on a permanent basis if the doctor himself does not know how to write in a truly exciting way.

Основные правила ведения Инстаграма врача

Basic rules for maintaining a doctor’s Instagram

How to keep a doctor’s Instagram? Like any other blogger, a healthcare professional developing an account on this social network must have a content plan. This will allow you to systematize your work and create truly relevant content without self-repetition.

Today doctors are actively promoting their services, doing marathons on various topics, selling webinars / manuals, checklists, and so on. For all of this to be successful, it is important to properly warm up the audience. To do this, you first need to talk a little about the product or service, gradually increasing the amount of information about them, then start publishing full-fledged posts and stories dedicated to the proposal, launch answers to questions, and conduct live broadcasts.

After that, the start of sales is announced at the most pleasant prices, which begin to grow gradually and then reach a maximum. All this is done in stages, with the aim of informing the maximum number of potentially interested people and their involvement in the sales process.

If you want to bring your Instagram account to a professional level and get the opportunity to make money on it, it is important to understand the algorithms of this social network and learn the basics of sales. Without this, page maintenance will remain at the hobby level.

Ideas and nuances of registering a doctor’s account on Instagram

The essence of Instagram is beautiful pictures. To have a successful profile, you need to rely not only on useful content (which is of great importance for a doctor’s account), but also on its visual component.

  1. Which one to prefer: beauty or reality? Doctors have the opportunity to tell about cases from practice, accompanying it with photographs. But as we understand it, medical procedures, as well as diseases and their manifestations, are often not the most pleasing to the eye content. Therefore, it is worth thinking a hundred times before sharing purely professional pictures. People want to receive valuable information, but do not want to see something that will ruin their mood and appetite. It is better to prefer neutral photographic material, so as not to scare away subscribers – both new and existing ones.
    Unaesthetic visuals negatively affect the reach, the number of likes, comments, and views of stories decreases – and this is the main “currency” of Instagrammers.
    Especially problems with pictures can hit those accounts that are associated with cosmetology – and this is understandable. Aesthetics in their case should be at the forefront, this is the basis of the foundations.
  2. Do I need to use medical Instagram templates? This is fine. Moreover, templates allow you to achieve a uniform style in your account, which is so necessary for professional profiles. Templates can be ordered from a designer or purchased ready-made. The main thing is that there are more than five of them, this will make the page visual more diverse. You can search for ready-made templates on Pinterest: just type in “templates for instagram medicine” into the search engine, choose the most interesting one and go to the author’s website, where you can pay and download the template.

    Идеи и нюансы оформления аккаунта врача в Инстаграм

    Ideas and nuances of creating a doctor’s account on Instagram

    If you want to create individual templates, you need to approach this issue responsibly. It is worth writing a TK to the designer, which will list the categories existing in the account and approximately describe the visual images for each of them.
    So that the profile does not look too variegated and heterogeneous, you should think over the layout of the photo in it in advance. To do this, you can upload images to the UNUM app (works on both iOS and Android) and select the desired photo sequence.

  3. Text on photo . Text on photos in doctor accounts can be both very useful and negatively affect the perception of the profile by subscribers. On the one hand, it allows you to immediately determine what the post is about, that is, it makes it easier to navigate, and on the other hand, it creates the effect of visual clutter in your account. Accordingly, it is necessary to use this technique in dosage. It is better to place the content in a checkerboard pattern, namely, alternating ordinary photos and images with text.
  4. Is there a place for personal content in the doctor’s account?. It all depends on the type of profile. If this is the account of a doctor representing a clinic, personal content would be completely irrelevant and anything posted on it should be professional. But the doctor’s Instagram, representing exclusively his personal interests, can be filled with anything. However, you need to understand that readers initially subscribed to it in the hope of receiving medical content.
    However, a little personal information not only does not hurt, but can also be beneficial to the page. People for the most part are curious, they are interested in how the blogger lives. Therefore, you can sometimes reveal a part of your life outside of your medical life, satisfying this curiosity. The main thing is that the private does not prevail over the professional, does not undermine the doctor’s reputation. In addition, personal content helps subscribers get to know the doctor better from a human point of view and gain even more trust in him.
  5. Is humor compatible with medicine? Of course it is! Of course, you need to understand that you should not use it all the time, after all, there are topics – and there are many of them in medicine – where it is better not to joke. However, laughter prolongs life – isn’t that the goal of people in white coats.
  6. Covers for up-to-date . When we talk about a single style of an Instagram account, we mean not only the main feed, but also the design of the highlights.

    Обложки для актуального

    Covers for the current

    Instagram of cosmetologists, surgeons, gynecologists, pediatricians and other specialists should be designed in such a way that readers understand whose profile is in front of them and can easily navigate in it.

Content plan for the doctor’s Instagram

You need to work on the content plan regularly. A doctor, like any other blogger, must constantly generate ideas for his posts and stories. Without this, development on Instagram is simply impossible. What kind of content might be on a doctor’s feed?

  1. Patient history . As you know, information is better assimilated when there are illustrative examples. A case from the personal practice of a doctor can become the basis for writing a post on a specific topic. By reading the patient’s story, the subscriber can understand what the doctor’s work style is and whether he is ready to come to his appointment himself.
  2. Meet your doctor . In the account of the clinics, posts of this kind must be present – they make it possible to tell in detail about all the specialists of the institution. And on the personal pages of doctors, you can periodically publish a post-acquaintance intended for new subscribers.
  3. Expert Advice . In fact, advice posts should form the basis of a doctor’s account, in them he talks about the prevention of diseases and provides basic recommendations for their treatment. It is for the sake of useful information that people subscribe to the doctors’ Instagram pages.

So, let’s summarize the interim results. What is especially important in maintaining a doctor’s account?

  • Informal communication is valued on Instagram . Therefore, even professionals such as doctors must reduce the degree of seriousness and tension in their publications. In addition, you need to constantly interact with your audience: answer questions, conduct live broadcasts, post stories, etc.
  • Testimonials for a doctor are of great importance – both in personal practice and for promoting an account . Therefore, it is important to upload them to stories, posts, and also create a separate folder for reviews in highlights.
  • Show your professionalism by posting useful content . But here it is important to keep a light style of communication with the audience so that the account does not turn into an encyclopedia.

Ways to promote a doctor on Instagram

To promote a doctor’s blog on Instagram, you need to understand the importance of the strength of a personal brand, build a professional reputation, and learn how to competently interact with this social network.

Контент-план для Инстаграма врача

Doctor’s Instagram Content Plan

Working with Instagram has 5 main components:

  1. Formation of your own image in the Internet space. Today, Instagram provides doctors with the opportunity to attract a huge number of new patients through the creation of useful content. Doctors who are active in the media space increase their popularity.
  2. Creation of the concept of your own blog. This process includes image formation, definition of archetype, role, key communication messages, tone of voice.
  3. Content development.
  4. Tracking the reaction of subscribers, accounting for errors.
  5. Collaboration with fellow doctors, bloggers from related fields, launching advertising, that is, interacting with third-party resources for their own promotion.

In promoting yourself as a specialist, the following points must be taken into account.

  1. Site .

    The choice of the promotion channel depends on the target audience of the doctor. The main part of it can be people with diseases or those who are at risk, as well as colleagues of the doctor. At the same time, it is important to know what age category the target audience belongs to.

    For example, users aged 12 to 24 prefer to spend time on VKontakte, followed by Instagram (73%), third on Facebook (36%), and fourth on Odnoklassniki (34%).
    In the age group from 25 to 34 years, the leading network VKontakte is also followed by Instagram (66%), but Odnoklassniki (47%) took third place and only then Facebook (43%).
    Users aged 35 to 64 also prefer VKontakte, followed by Odnoklassniki (47%), followed by Instagram (46%) and Facebook (44%).
    When drawing up a portrait of the target audience and choosing a channel of interaction with it, it is necessary to take into account the place of residence, gender, interests, sphere of professional activity, and income level.
    Even having chosen some site as the main one, you should not completely ignore the rest.

  2. Content . Content planning largely depends on the composition of the target audience and its interests.
    • Study the audience reaction . When making publications, it is necessary to monitor how subscribers react to them, whether they like the format of the presentation of the material, whether the content of the posts is interesting, whether the text is perceived normally. It is important to interact with readers, to enter into a dialogue with them. There are also a lot of ideas for future posts through communication.
    • Add some personal content. Despite the priority of professional blog content for the doctor, it should be diluted with entertaining and personal from time to time. This will allow you to get away from the rigor and tediousness that often accompany expert accounts. Sometimes you can make posts on abstract topics, talk about your own life experience – thanks to this, subscribers perceive the blogger as an ordinary person who also has joys and sorrows in life.
    • Use categories and hashtags . This technique will make it easier to navigate your account and attract an additional audience that is looking for information on medical topics through the Instagram search.
    • Advertise sparingly .

      Рекламируйтесь умеренно

      Advertise sparingly

      Advertising your services is a normal way of professional development, but its excess causes the audience to grow negative. You need to advertise in a dosed manner, correctly choosing the moment for this. The doctor’s Instagram should grow thanks to the expert’s expertise, and in the second place, you can bet on paid or any other advertising.

    • Be aware of legal requirements and social media policies. According to the Code of Ethics of the Russian Physician, which was approved at the fourth conference of the Association of Russian Physicians in 1994, a physician must keep medical and personal information entrusted to him confidential. He does not have the right to disclose information obtained during the examination and treatment without the patient’s permission. In Art. 13 of the Federal Law “On the Fundamentals of Health Protection of Citizens in the Russian Federation” also states the existence of medical secrecy.
    • Use stock photos in dosage . Today, for the development of a blog, it is necessary to use unique photo content. Filling your profile with photos and pictures from photobanks is considered bad form and is unlikely to help promote your account.
    • Conduct polls . Simple communication with subscribers will help to find out the answers to questions of interest to the doctor regarding blogging. The poll can be carried out in comments under posts or in stories using special forms.
  3. Promotion Tools . Promotion of your own account is an endless process, in which regularity, meaningfulness of actions and knowledge of the legislation are of great importance (the latter concerns doctors in the first place). Huge competition and the peculiarities of the Instagram algorithms do not give the specialist the opportunity to take a vacation from the social network. In order not to lose your audience, you have to constantly engage in your blog.
    Advertising of medical services is limited by the Federal Law “On Advertising”, as well as letters and recommendations of the Federal Antimonopoly Service – accordingly, you need to know them and follow the established rules.

    • Targeting. Any blogger should understand how to properly use SMM tools, mainly targeting, because they allow you to promote on Instagram most effectively.
      However, before you start advertising medicines, dietary supplements, medical products, medical services and institutions, cosmetics and cosmetic services, you need to study the existing restrictions and prepare permits (their list depends on the specific product).
      In addition, when advertising drugs, in the design settings, you must put a tick in front of the words “There are contraindications”.
    • Conducting promotions . Promotions are based on the distribution of bonuses from purchases, offering discounts on products, etc. They have the goal of drawing attention to the account, increasing the number of followers, and making a profit.
      However, you need to know that the Law “On Advertising” prohibits the distribution of samples of medicines containing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
      For the sake of popularizing the blog, you can take patients for free consultations as a temporary action. They are usually conducted online, so they involve subscribers from any region.
    • Advertise with other bloggers .

      Mutual PR is still popular among bloggers, as it can provide an increase in the audience in the account. It is important to find people with whom cooperation will be truly effective. Ideally, these should be influencers with a large audience. However, much depends on the specialization of the doctor. For example, Instagram nutritionists, cosmetologists, dentists, plastic surgeons have no problems finding “models” among bloggers, but it will be very difficult for an orthopedist or proctologist. In this case, you can work with other doctors.

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More details

Dentist Instagram Tips

  1. Dentist profile is important . A doctor’s post on Instagram should not scare away readers with too realistic design. The title picture can contain text with the title of the post, while the photos of the clinical case are better placed in a carousel.
    In dentistry, the aesthetic result of work is of great importance, therefore, photographs in the “before and after” style must be present in the doctor’s account without fail. Often, it is on the basis of these images that patients form their attitude towards a specialist and make a decision about a consultation with him.

    Of course, it is important to keep patient testimonials in your account, which also provide an increase in subscribers and customers.

    Usually the post of a dentist looks like this: a clinical case is described, a problem and ways of solving it are indicated, then a story about the process of work, its stages and specific manipulations follows, the result is demonstrated. Of course, the post is accompanied by photographs illustrating its content. It is important to post a photo of a smiling patient, and not just his teeth – so the audience will be able to evaluate the result comprehensively.

  2. The importance of highlighting . They should contain information about prices, doctor’s work schedule, reviews, examples of work. This will make it easier for patients to navigate the blog.
  3. The profile of a dentist must demonstrate professionalism and patient confidence .

    Советы по ведению Инстаграма врача-стоматолога

    Dentist Instagram Tips

    Doctors starting to maintain pages on Instagram, as a rule, already have some kind of practice. Their task is to show all the experience that has been accumulated over the years of work, as well as their professional knowledge, skills and abilities. It is very important to keep a balance between expert and personal content. Sometimes it is even better to exclude the latter.

  4. It is necessary to make the correct layout of the photo in the feed . It is advisable to alternate content of different formats: clinical cases, contests, reviews of hygiene products, patient reviews, quizzes, etc. It should be varied and useful so that readers don’t want to unsubscribe from the page.
  5. It is important to maintain a consistent profile style . This simplifies the perception of the feed for subscribers, makes the profile more structured, understandable and attractive.
  6. It is necessary to avoid cheating followers and likes. Firstly, it is obvious even to a non-professional today that posts in an account subscribed to by a couple of thousand people cannot have 5000 likes and a sea of ​​comments. Understanding that the owner of the profile works with cheats can scare away a potential subscriber from him. Secondly, the fancied audience is not targeted and often consists of bots that cannot influence the promotion of the blog. Moreover, excessive activity from the cheat service can lead to account blocking, so it is better to stay away from such methods of work.
    Today, it is not the number of subscribers that is important, but their quality. It is the target audience that writes comments, puts likes, reacts to stories – and thereby contributes to the promotion of the account. It is important to work on naturally attracting readers, and this is achieved by creating high-quality, truly useful and interesting content.

    Михаил Христосенко0

    It is necessary to avoid cheating followers and likes
  7. It makes sense to create weekly columns . These can be answers to readers’ questions and a detailed story about their work.
  8. Sometimes it is important to broadcast live and publish stories . Stories help increase reach – but for this, subscribers need to watch them and react in some way. This also applies to live broadcasts. In order for the audience to watch stories and broadcasts, they must contain useful information.
    The doctor’s task is to demonstrate his own activity, knowledge and skills with the help of Instagram tools.

Today, almost anyone can start blogging on Instagram and succeed. This is especially true for specialists in their field with unique professional knowledge. Of course, it takes time to achieve good results, but social networks now bring huge bonuses to representatives of various professions, so it is worth spending your time studying this area.

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