instagram обновление

Displaying new data about your Instagram account

Such an update on Instagram, it’s not even clear what to call it. More precisely, will display new account details instagram . Or updating instagram and displaying new account data. Information about your account will soon become available for the participants of the application. This notification has already been received by many users of the social network instagram . We’re no exception and let’s see what it is – new information on your profile .

обновление инстаграм и отображение новых данных об аккаунте


Updating Instagram and displaying new account information

Very soon, namely November 28. Accounts with high reach rates will be updated with new information. This means the following:

After November 28, and this is very soon. Instagram – We will add new profile information for accounts with larger reach, including yours. People will be able to see your instagram account registration date, a list of accounts you have common followers with, your username changes over the past year, as well as information about your country of residence and active ads.

информация аккаунта инстаграм

New information in your profile – check out what’s new

The screenshot was cut into pieces, in order to see what was written, visually . Naturally, we will succinctly add a text description of the future update instagram.

Profile update

Account Information
After this update, not all, of course, but many. When you click on the three dots ... in your profile, a new item will appear. Account information with the following details.
Registration Date
Your instagram registration date.
Russia. Based on your actions. There will most likely be settings nearby. As you can see in the screenshot, there is an active field – it is displayed.
Previous Usernames
You have not changed your username since September 2017. Each will have its own date, depending on the shift, name.
Shared Subscriber Accounts
There are no public accounts that have enough common followers with you.

Новая информация в вашем профиле - узнайте что нового

Why is instagram showing this?

Clicking for details. You can find a transcript of why and what will be shown to users.

We are adding new information to profiles for accounts with large reach or who advertise on instagram, including yours. This is done in order to protect such accounts from tampering, as well as to combat spam in our community.

  • Date of registration – this helps people understand how long an account has been on instagram. Real accounts tend to have more posts on instagram, while spam accounts are often newly created and get deleted quickly.
  • Country is determined by account activity, including device and connection information. This can help users know that the location for this account is incorrect in their publications.
  • Active ads. Viewing all active ads for an account can help users learn more about the account.
  • Previous usernames. Knowing how an account has changed its username since September 2017 (* our account) can help you figure out if this is a real account or not.
  • Accounts with general subscribers. By browsing the public accounts with the most common followers, people will be able to find accounts with similar interests.

instagram обновление

A lot of publicly available information that will be available to Instagram users. Aimed at the safety of users in relations with commercial accounts. It turns out more transparency and information about accounts that sell something, offer services, and so on. We will follow this update and when it appears, we will consider it in more detail, already with a real example.

Take it, find out, share, use it. Mass follow instructions and reviews about Instagram not in words, but in deeds!

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