Direct Instagram. What? How to write?

Direct on Instagram appeared 7 years ago, in 2013. During this time, it has changed, new functions have been added. In this article I will tell you what direct is, its main functions and capabilities.

Direct Instagram – what is it?

Direct is an Instagram tool with which you can send messages. A kind of messenger within a social network.

How to write to direct instagram?

Direct messages can be sent via the Instagram mobile app, desktop app, online services or emulators.

Let’s take a look at each method.

Instagram mobile app

Sending a message via direct

Go to the application. On the main page, in the upper right corner, click on the airplane icon. All dialogs and chats are stored in this tab.

If you haven’t had any chat before, a white blank screen will appear. To start a conversation with someone, click on the icon of a piece of paper with a pencil, and then choose who to send the message to. To do this, start entering the addressee’s name and select the desired one in the drop-down list. After selecting the desired user, click “next”. At the bottom of the screen there is a field for entering a message – write your message and click “Send”. You can attach a photo / video to the message, record a voice message, GIF files.

Sending a message via profile

Go to the profile of the person to whom we want to send a message. Click on “write” under the profile header.

How to restrict sending messages to direct instagram

Go to the section “settings” – “notifications” – “messages in direct”. In this section, you can configure the following restrictions: requests for correspondence, requests to join a group, messages, video chats. You can remove the restriction at any time.

Direct message limits

Do not send a lot of messages to direct, because there is a risk of blocking. Stick to limits to avoid this:

No more than 100 messages to people who follow you

No more than 50 messages to those you are not subscribed to.

Maximum Instagram post size

Maximum 500 characters per message.

Limitations for voice messages – no more than a minute.

What can be sent to direct on Instagram

Text . Plain text in which you can use all the emojis available to you.

Photo . To send a photo – attach it to the message by clicking on the picture icon next to the message input field.

Video . It can be added in the same way as a picture by clicking on the same icon. If you want to record video in real time, then click on the video camera icon in the upper right corner in the dialogue with the person.

Instant selfie . To send a disappearing photo, click on the camera icon to the left of the message input field.

Profile links . Go to the profile you want to link to. In the upper right corner, click on “…” – “share this profile”, and then select a recipient / group of recipients, click “send”.

Publications . Select the post you want to send. Click on the airplane icon below the post. Choose who you want to send it to.

Stories. To send a story, click on the airplane icon in the lower right corner and then select a recipient.

Links . You can send links to third-party resources. In this case, the links will be clickable.

Voice messages . To record a voice message, click on the microphone icon next to the message field.

Instagram desktop app

I would like to warn you right away that the application works only on the Windows 10 operating system and no lower.

So, download the application from the Microsoft Store, log in and that’s it!

PC application – an exact copy of the mobile application. You just need to find the same airplane icon as in the mobile application.

Online Services

Online services allow you to chat with Instagram directly from your browser.

The most popular and simple ones are Idirect and Directbulksender.

Download, login and chat with your friends on Instagram through your browser.


Emulator is a service that copies the Android operating system. It’s like using an Android phone, only on your computer.

First, you need to install the emulator. For example, BlueStacks or GenyMotion.

After installing the program, find Instagram, download it to the emulator and use it just like a regular Instagram on your phone.

In this article I told you about direct on Instagram: what it is and how to correspond in it. But Instagram is a huge marketplace that has a lot of cool features. To learn more about each of them – read the rest of the articles in our blog on the hashtag #instagram.

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