Did you know that you can use data captured offline to activate your Facebook customers online?

Facebook updated its Leads Ads system to allow integration with offline systems such as CRMs, POS and call centers. This way you can import the data you have into the social network system to find your customers online.

The solution comes in handy for those who already have a lot of customer data on “offline” systems, that is, those that do not communicate directly with platforms such as social networks. Basically, it works as a converter that allows you to connect to the systems you use to generate Leads in Ads Manager.

Thus, advertisers and businesses can track conversion activity across the sales cycle and map retargeting and lead generation campaigns directly on Facebook.

See what you can do

  1. Direct connection between ads and results, whether it’s a store sale, a phone booking or even a meeting with the person so you can see, measure and adjust campaigns based on real data that matters to your business.
  2. Create a campaign based on the success of your offline data by segmenting high-value customers from previous months through targets with Custom Audience or Lookalike Audience. You can still delete shoppers from the store to find new ones.
  3. Gather information and create campaigns based on actual transactions, redirecting buyers in a particular category to the next product or service you’d like them to buy.

Success case

According to Facebook itself, Marketo, a digital marketing software company, used the Offline Conversion tool to measure the quality of its Leads. This allowed Marketo to focus on campaigns that were generating more value metrics while reducing spend on campaigns that do not generate leads, with a cost reduction per Qualified Lead of up to 15%.

How to access the tool?

There are basically three ways you can connect your CRM data with Facebook’s Offline Conversion solution:

  • Use Facebook’s offline event manager and upload your data Leads 
  • Use CRM services such as Marketo, Leadsbridge, SalesForce and Zapier, which allows you to connect to over 750 CRM systems including Hubspot and MailChimp, which are widely used in the market 
  • Connect directly to the Offline Conversion API in your CRM if you own it 

If you choose to use The first option, directly on Facebook, is very easy:

  1. Access the Facebook Business Manager 
  2. Enter Business Settings 
  3. On the People and Assets tab, click the Offline Event Set option 

The Facebook Offline Event Conversion Solution was in beta stage since November, but as of this last day 8 of m aio is available for all countries.

Like the idea but don’t know how to do it or don’t have the time and energy to focus on it? No problem, we at Nerdweb are here to become partners in your business and create strategies together so that you can sell more and be successful online!

Source: Facebook for Business

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