Conversion to Instagram: how it counts and increases

Conversion on Instagram is an important indicator that should always be monitored. This is not one metric, as many people think. We can find out the conversion of an advertising post on a social network, subscribers and even offline events. They are all configured differently.

To find out the impact of an advertising campaign on a social network, you need to configure the Facebook pixel. In the advertising office, everything will be laid out on the shelves. You just have to change the options in places, identifying the best option for yourself. Well, if the conversion rate does not suit you, then you can always pump up posts on Instagram so that they are read more often and perform the actions you require.

Differences between Instagram conversion rate and engagement rate

Отличия коэффициента конверсии в Инстаграм от коэффициента вовлеченности

Differences between Instagram conversion rate and engagement rate

Conversion is the expected result of the actions of subscribers on a social network or site visitors: placing an order, adding a product to the cart, registering, etc. There are other actions that can be considered a conversion, but they are more difficult to track: calling a manager after exploring the site or visiting a regular store.

The point of conversion is that a potential client, as a result of the company’s advertising and marketing efforts, becomes a real one. That is, actions to promote the business are effective.

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In this article, we will discuss how to calculate conversions on Instagram, look at the Facebook Ads Manager tools that allow you to fine-tune advertising campaigns on this social network.

Conversion to Instagram and Facebook is almost the same. However, many people confuse conversion rate with engagement rate.

Нормальная конверсия в Инстаграм

Normal Instagram Conversion

You need to understand the main differences between these two metrics.

  • Engagement Rate shows the total number of actions that users have taken. This can be a reaction to a publication (like, repost, comment, reply to a story, a letter to Direct) or manipulation on the site. The conversion rate shows the percentage of people who took the action required by the company (out of the total number of people who saw the content).

  • Engagement Rate is usually inversely proportional to the number of followers. Conversion rates, on the other hand, have no such relationship with audience size. Quite the opposite – a large number of fans can affect the growth of this indicator.

Normal conversion on Instagram and its goals

On Instagram, the conversion rate is the percentage of users who read the post and took an action that the company has identified as the main one. This indicator is measured relative to the total number of users who viewed the same content. Facebook Ads shows the proportion of users who completed the mentioned targeted action.

Let’s try to show with specific examples what the goals of the company can be.

  • Conversion . The company launches ads that will be seen only by those users who have made a transition to the application or website and, for example, registered there. To use such a purpose, you need to install a pixel on the site and configure it in a section of Facebook called Events Manager. The social network optimizes ads based on pixel events. You can select “put the product in the basket” as an event, and then the advertisement will be displayed to those site visitors who have already performed this action. To track conversions in an app, you need to register it and set up events for Android and iOS.

  • Catalog Sales . The advertisement will be shown to those users who are most likely to purchase the company’s product in the Facebook catalog. To run such an ad campaign, you need to create a directory in the Directory Manager or Facebook Business Manager. This goal is especially relevant for companies that have a wide range of products that need to be shown to customers.

  • Store traffic. Advertising in this case will be seen by people who are close to the offline store and who can enter it. To update this goal, you need to register your outlets with Facebook Locations. This goal makes it possible to notify users of new store openings.

Advertising actions for these purposes can be as follows:

  • make online purchases available;

  • fill out a form with contact information;

  • subscribe to the newsletter;

  • participate in the drawing;

  • register or create a user account;

  • request additional information;

  • install the application.

By determining the conversion in these cases, we get the percentage of users who took one of the proposed actions, relative to the total number of people who saw the information. What is a good conversion on Instagram? At the moment, 3% is normal.

Нормальная конверсия в Инстаграм и ее цели

Normal conversion on Instagram and its goals

That is, if three people out of 100 who saw the ad take a targeted action, it will be considered a good result of the promotional campaign. Of course, the average conversion on Instagram – it’s like the average temperature in a hospital – doesn’t always reflect the data from specific campaigns. The three percent ratio is not a marginal one. Quite often businesses manage to overcome this figure and achieve more impressive indicators.

There is a fairly effective method of increasing conversions. It is about hosting content that users themselves generate (User Generated Content, or UGC). Thanks to this, the indicator can be improved up to 4.5%.

Instagram sales funnel

When a person goes to a company’s website from its Instagram page, he is only a couple of steps away from making a purchase. However, in order to interest a potential customer and attract them to your store, you need to take a number of actions, in particular, to actively work on the social network. For example, properly answer questions in the comments or direct. After all, if a person is interested in the price, methods of payment or delivery, in theory he is already ready to buy, he liked the product.

In principle, you can understand how effective the company’s activities are on Instagram by analyzing the ratio of the total number of users’ requests for a product or service and the transactions carried out.

Let’s give an example. The company sews women’s bags and sells them via the Internet, while the Instagram page is selling. Last year, on average, 80 products were sold per month, while users wrote a total of 190 comments and messages in Direct. The company plans to increase sales up to 120 items per month. To achieve this goal, you need to choose a specific development strategy. You can focus on increasing the number of advertising publications, launch contests, or come up with something else. To work effectively, you need to understand what a sales funnel is.

Let’s analyze the audience of the company. There are users who saw the publications, but were not interested in the product, respectively, they did not have a desire to subscribe to the page on Instagram. This is the so-called “cold” audience. The “warm” audience will be the people who subscribed. Of course, in this case, you need to understand how to calculate the conversion to followings on Instagram.

Воронка продаж в Инстаграм

Instagram Sales Funnel

It is very useful to analyze the audience and create a performance table that reflects the four stages of the sales funnel. Information about existing and new subscribers is available on Instagram. To understand how many people contacted the company, you need to add the total number of incoming messages and comments with posts that were related to sales (these could be questions about product availability, delivery, price, size range, etc.). This will be the funnel of the company.

Number of people Conversions
Covered 5000
Subscribed 100
Contacted 10
Purchased 6

Not everyone can get acquainted with Instagram analytics. To access it, you need to make your profile a business account, and then click on the icon with a graph in the upper right corner of the page.

It is important to count the conversion at each stage of the sales funnel, then you can see which one is sagging and requires additional effort.

At the “Contacted” stage, it makes sense to divide contacts into new subscribers, and at the “Purchased” stage – into contacts.

Number of people Conversions
Covered 5000
Subscribed 100 2%
Contacted 10 10%
Purchased 6 60%

By composing a sales funnel, you can visually trace the entire process of converting users into company customers and assess the weak points of your work.

Here’s an example of a sales funnel:

2 способа настроить конверсию в Инстаграм через Фейсбук

2 ways to set up conversions to Instagram via Facebook

2 ways to set up conversions to Instagram via Facebook

How to set up conversion on Instagram? There are two things to do.

  1. Install the Facebook pixel on the site. A pixel is a piece of code that tracks website traffic and visitor actions. You can also use it to set up remarketing, first you need to create a pixel, this is done in the main Ads Manager menu. In the section “Measurement and reporting” select “Pixels”, then “Create pixel”, and in the window that opens, enter the name of the new pixel. The site URL for its installation can be omitted. After that, you need to click “Continue” and select “Add a code to the site manually”. The code on the screen should be copied and pasted on each page of the site before the tag.

    If the site is running on CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! etc.), it is easier to use a dedicated plugin.

  2. Configure events. After the actions taken, the company is able to monitor the number of site visitors. The next step is to instruct the pixel on page events that correspond to user actions. For a list of standard event codes, see the Facebook Help Center. To use any of them on your site, you just need to copy the event code and paste it into a pixel on the desired page before the tag.

    There is a useful plugin Facebook Pixel Helper for Google Chrome that allows you to track the correctness of the used events. You need to install it and, having entered the site, click on the plugin icon next to the address bar. After that, you can see how the pixel registers certain actions, and get recommendations for improving its settings.

Instagram offline conversion

Офлайн-конверсия в Инстаграм

Instagram offline conversions

Not every company with an Instagram account has an online store, but offline conversions can also be tracked. To connect it, you need to use the available data. This could be a list of store customers or customer phone numbers. The most convenient way is to unload them from the CRM system.

This information is then imported into Facebook Ads Manager, which analyzes the data, correlating it with user accounts. As a result, it becomes clear which of them communicated with managers in the company profile or saw ads before making a purchase.

How is it done? Open “Offline events” in the menu of the advertising cabinet. Then select Add New Data Source and Offline Event Group. After that, enter the name of the new group and its description (optional), click “Create”. Now you can add your own data to the created group (“Upload offline events”) and see which events are related to users who saw your ad or clicked on it. To do this, open a campaign, ad group, or ad and click Offline Conversions.

Common mistakes that drain your Instagram advertising budget

Conversion of sales on Instagram can be low if the advertising campaign is carried out incorrectly. Let’s look at the main mistakes entrepreneurs make.

  1. Leave the ad for a couple of weeks and watch.

    There is an opinion that it is better not to touch an advertisement for the first week after the launch, however, no one forbids you to analyze its effectiveness and adjust the course of the campaign. Moreover, it is highly advisable to do so.

    After 72 hours, it is already possible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of some ads and, accordingly, disable the least useful ones and scale the effective ones. If the audience to which you are showing your ad is small, and there are no results with normal impressions, it may be worthwhile to take care of replacing the text

  2. Most of Facebook’s ad cabinet tools are unnecessary.

    This is also not the case. It is important to be able to use the provided tools, and then the effectiveness of campaigns can significantly increase. Which ones might be useful:

    • many options for gathering a warm audience;

    • a wide variety of ad serving platforms;

    • the ability to collect several hundred ads in one group through dynamic impressions;

    • many options for testing links (placement-audience-creative) to find the most effective one.

  3. No need to work on ad text, the main thing for the buyer is the discount.

    Типичные ошибки, сливающие бюджет на рекламу в Инстаграме

    Common mistakes that drain the budget for advertising on Instagram

    Of course, this is not the case for a long time. Gone are the days when discount alone was enough to attract customers. To get a person interested, you need to do some serious work today.

    On Instagram, the emphasis is on the visual component of advertising, as well as catchy headlines and text. Without this, the potential client simply will not linger on the publication. It is necessary to work with users’ pains and dreams.

    The most common mistakes that are made when writing texts:

    • a large amount of text without specifics;

    • lack of information on what actions need to be taken to get what you want;

    • no offer;

    • there is no suggestion to resolve any customer pain with the advertised product.

  4. There is no need to analyze campaign results.

    Facebook’s advertising account allows you to analyze the audience that performed the target action, breaking down by gender, age, place of residence, etc. This allows you to get important data on conversion at the lowest cost, even if you pay for the ad itself.

    / p>

    In addition, by attracting an audience to the site or striving to increase conversions, using utm markup, you can absolutely find out exactly which ad was the most effective in this regard. The way to create a link with utm tags is easily googled.

  5. If people who came to the site through online advertising did not make a purchase, then Instagram advertising is not working.

    Perhaps this is the biggest misconception. Advertising on Instagram does not work if the above errors are made. It is also possible that the transaction cycle of the company is quite long, so the effect of the advertising campaign should not be expected too quickly, it will appear only after a few months.

    In addition, the manager could poorly fulfill the received requests in a large volume, citing bad leads.

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    • Analyze the demand for your product by searching for keywords with hashtags.

    • Study your audience. It’s good if you already have a current customer base and can do ABCXYZ analysis.

    • Collect a preliminary base in social networks through scraping.

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    Advertising will not work even if a product is sold that is not in demand in the market or does not have a competitive advantage.

    It is important to understand that in sales, in addition to advertising, there are a huge number of factors that affect the final result of the work. Don’t expect instant bonuses from it immediately after launch.

    Well, and, of course, it is worth getting a good understanding of how the Facebook advertising office works and what useful tools it can offer. This will likely significantly increase the effectiveness of the promotional campaign against the backdrop of the crazy competition and struggle for consumer attention that exists today on Instagram.

7 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Ads Conversion

If you want to increase your Instagram profile conversion rate, here are a few tips to help you increase the metrics you need.

  1. Post high quality images.

    7 способов увеличить конверсию рекламы в Инстаграм

    7 Ways to Increase the Conversion of Instagram Ads

    Instagram is a network tailored for visual content, so it is important to create high-quality and unique images, only then the audience will notice you. At the same time, you need to focus on developing your own style, which will become a distinctive feature of your profile and allow you to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

  2. Use Instagram retargeting. Retargeting is used to encourage people who have already visited a company’s website but haven’t made a purchase to come back and still buy something. In addition, it is possible to customize ads so that they are seen by exactly those people who are potential customers of the company.

  3. Collaborate with influencers. By promoting your product through influencers, you increase the chances of successful business development. Popular people are able to influence their fans by forming a certain attitude towards certain products and companies. Collaborations can be made in which each side will benefit.

  4. Demonstrate the capabilities and properties of your product.

    Михаил Христосенко0

    Demonstrate the capabilities and properties of your product

    Even in the e-commerce age, there are many people who are afraid to shop online. To form a trusting attitude towards your own product, do high-quality reviews on it, show it in action. Thanks to this, the audience will stop doubting, and someone will make a purchase decision.

  5. Use your followers’ content to your advantage. To improve the conversion to your Instagram account, try to use the content posted by other users, in particular your customers, to your advantage. Today, it is not uncommon for people to post or post stories that showcase a brand’s product. This indicates trust from the audience, as well as excellent product quality. By reposting such publications, you increase overall audience loyalty.

  6. Engage influencers to post reviews. As mentioned above, public people are able to influence their audience and persuade them to buy. Agree with them about honest reviews of the company’s product: truthful content attracts more attention and builds trust in both the person and the manufacturer of the goods. The presence of a small percentage of criticism in the review makes it more real, while if the product is of really good quality, it is not able to significantly influence the opinion of readers.

  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment with publications. Instagram is a social network that encourages ease of presentation and humor. Experiment with the content you show to people, observe what the audience perceives best. Post more stories, it brings you closer to your subscribers and your content more relevant.

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5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Follower Conversions

Михаил Христосенко3

5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Follower Conversions

If you are interested in how to increase your Instagram followings, use the tips below.

First, try to make your content more personal and trustworthy, this will increase audience loyalty and the chances of increasing sales. It is important to make publications that show respect for subscribers, attention to their needs and opinions. You shouldn’t do it artificially – everything should be organic. Communicating with readers like friends works well.

  1. Tag followers in your posts. You can increase the number of subscribers by paying attention to the existing ones – both new and old. To do this, you can repost their stories and publications, mark their profiles in your posts – in a word, show attention, make it clear that you are really interested in their opinion about their own product.

  2. Show what’s going on outside of beautiful Instagram pictures. The internal processes of production and business are interesting to many viewers and readers, so it is worth showing this kind of content to your audience. People feel that they are not hiding anything from them, which increases the company’s confidence. Show how your product appears, tell about the employees of the company, as well as how the company has developed. The more emotional your stories are, the better.

  3. Create content that you want to share with your friends. Reposts of your publications are a great tool for increasing the number of subscribers. Therefore, generate content that will make your audience want to share it with friends. Imagine yourself in the place of subscribers – what would you definitely want to tell about? In addition, on Instagram, you can simply leave a friend’s nickname under the publication to share it, that is, users do not even have to repost. It turns out a kind of free marketing, and extremely effective.

  4. Communicate with your audience. Ask your subscribers questions, ask their advice, ask their opinion, stimulate audience activity. Firstly, it increases reach and contributes to the emergence of new subscribers, and secondly, it increases the loyalty of existing readers.

  5. Keep your marketing organic and invisible, don’t turn your profile into an advertising one.

    Михаил Христосенко4

    Keep your marketing organic and invisible, don’t turn your profile into an advertising one

    Pure ads annoy users, especially if they dominate the account. Even if your page is obviously commercial, you shouldn’t post purely advertising content – people will lose interest and unsubscribe. The audience wants to follow the profiles that can offer them something interesting, but everyone has their own interesting (here you need to know the average profile of the subscriber).

    Come up with ways to organically weave the commercial component into the text of your publications, as well as into images. It is important to skillfully maneuver between ads and posts for life. People want to feel that they are not just a way of making money, that they are part of a community in which their opinions matter.

    Rely on the variety, usefulness and soulfulness of your content, interact with your audience, doing it sincerely, this is often the secret of the success of popular accounts.

If you need a good conversion on Instagram, follow the tips in this article. Using the information received, you can significantly improve your performance and bring your account to a new level.

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