Community First: TikTok Q&A as an extension of video responses

A new Q&A feature is being introduced on TikTok, with which the direct exchange with your own community becomes even more interactive.

How TikTok Q & As works via Matt Navarra

What I really like about TikTok is that the well-accepted functions are being expanded and further developed. TikTok Q&A is such a feature. Video responses were one of the most used TikTok features in the past year. Q & As work a little differently on TikTok, but the principle “Creator and company react to requests from the community” remains.

What TikTok stitch is for the duet function, TikTok Q & As is for video answers.

As always, the Q&A function will be tested with a smaller number of creators. TikTok has confirmed the test to TechCrunch and only creators with at least 10,000 followers can activate the feature in their creator account.

How does a TikTok Q&A work?

TikTok Creator activate the Q&A feature , an additional button appears in the profile. Questions can now be asked using the button. Q & As are also possible on TikTok live streams.


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At this point it should be noted that TikTok’s own Q&A feature is not a new invention . There is also such a feature on Instagram and a long time ago Q & As were used quite successfully on Facebook.

The TikTok Creator meatball has activated the Q&A function and also published two TikToks in which you can use the function again in more detail.

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The advantages of a Q&A are similar to the video answers. Once you can go into more detail on the questions and comments of your own followers. On the other hand, a Q&A is also very suitable for responding to criticism or taking a clear position.


It is up to you whether you want to publish the Q & As live or as a “normal” video. Live Q & As gain even more dynamism and are more spontaneous. At the same time, however, they are also more difficult to moderate and follow.

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