Как удалить комментарий Инстаграм

Comments on Instagram

Instagram comments are usually needed so that subscribers can rate your content with a text note or ask a question. Also, comments play an important role in promoting your posts in the SERP.

Undoubtedly, the more users comment on your materials, the more people will be able to see your publications. This process is also called audience engagement. With enough engagement, your posts have a chance to get into the Recommended Posts section, which will increase the reach of your entire profile and attract even more visitors.

The formula of the commented post = High-quality content + hitting the target audience

It is important to note that only unique and interesting content is well commented by users. In order for a person to want to leave a note, he must be motivated. Publish only high-quality material, after viewing which, you will want to write about your thoughts on this matter.

Alternatively, motivation can be made up of a unique offer, for example, a reward for participating in a competition, but I do not recommend overusing this method. Without exaggeration, there is a great field for experimentation and imagination.

How to tag a person in Instagram comments and why you need it

It is possible to make a mark in the comments from a computer or smartphone. Just enter the username in the text of the comment, after placing the @ symbol, after which this user will receive a notification in his profile.

Just, why do you need it? This option is essential for the tagged user to be able to view the comment you recommended. This option can be useful in several cases. For example:

  • If you run any competition or event, all the users you mark will know about it;
  • It is also useful when you want your friend to view an interesting post;
  • Often, this tool is used to make an appeal to a specific person.

In addition, very often people are tagged in order to attract their attention in order to promote their channel.

How to reply to a comment

Instagram is a social network, and therefore users here can and should communicate with each other. This is done by sending private messages, or by writing in the comments. If, for example, a comment was written under your post, then you can reply to it. To do this, click on the “reply” button under the comment you like, write your answer and click the “Post” button.

Как ответить на комментарий Инстаграм

How to delete a comment

32.991 million Russian users are registered on Instagram. And therefore, as in real life, there are many good and not so good people here. If a negative comment is posted under your post, or with undesirable material, you can delete it with one click.

Как удалить комментарий Инстаграм

  • On a computer: Hover over a comment to display an ellipsis. Click on the pop-up option and then click delete.
  • On a smartphone: while holding your finger on a comment, swipe it to the left and select the “trash” icon from the menu that appears.

Good luck in promoting your Instagram profile!

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