Clubhouse user numbers: 2 million people use Clubhouse every week

Is Clubhouse just an app for the niche? Will social audio survive the hype? How many people are already active on Clubhouse?

It is common for an app like Clubhouse to hardly provide any information on official user numbers at this point in time. One source is Clubhouse CEO Paul Davison.

2 million people use Clubhouse every week

Compared to CNBC, Paul Davison has the number of 2 million active Clubhouse users: who use the social audio network at least once a week.

Communicating weekly active user numbers is not common on social networks. The number of daily active users: Inside has established itself as a decisive number, but of course it is lower.

Nonetheless, the 2 million weekly users: Inside a great success for Clubhouse.

The challenge is that the numbers are so high that Facebook, Google, Twitter and Co. naturally have Clubhouse on their radar, but they are not yet so high that there is an urgent need for action here.

There are also other sources that deal with the topic of clubhouse user numbers. It is important that these are not official figures and of course the reality can be different. The number of users can be higher, but also lower.

Clubhouse with 6 million registered users: indoors worldwide

One source is Vajresh Balaji, who, via a not entirely official route, is the development of the current Clubhouse user numbers.

If Vajresh Balaji has his way, Clubhouse already has 6 million active users in February 2021: Inside.

Vajresh Balaji has not published exactly how the figures were determined. But there are definitely ways and means here. In addition, he admits that his method no longer works and that February 2021 will be his last statistics. He also speaks of registered users: inside, not all of whom have to be active.

The development of the number of users is particularly impressive for him and runs pretty much parallel to the hype surrounding the clubhouse.

1% of Germans use Clubhouse

The second figure for Clubhouse user numbers in Germany is based on a survey by OMD Germany. Here, too, it is the results of a survey and not official user numbers.

Over 2,000 people were asked whether they even know Clubhouse and, if so, whether they already use it. 0.78% said they knew the app and already used it. That may not seem like much at first glance. But one must not forget that the clubhouse is still extremely young.

What potential there is, shows that another 6, 4% know the clubhouse and can imagine using it. This is all an inventory, but it helps to classify the current situation. Understandably, the majority of those surveyed have never heard of Clubhouse. This is the core task of Clubhouse and every other social network that is making waves and triggering hypes.

Daniel Rehn has interpreted the 1% one step further and with the number of German Internet and social networks Media users compared and comes to an assessment of about 300,000 clubhouse users: Inside in Germany. A realistic assessment.

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We can currently assume that 2 million people use Clubhouse every week, the number of registered users: Inside is naturally higher and in Germany a large number of people have not yet used the app. This is how it looks at the moment with the Clubhouse user numbers and we will keep you up to date when there are further numbers on the development.

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