Better performance with Tik Toks: Tips for designing TikTok ads

TikTok has published nine creative tips in the Business Center that companies can use to improve the performance of their ads on TikTok. How does a company implement creative TikTok ads and which factors have to be taken into account?

Before we go into the tips, a short status quo on TikTok ads from us. We see two types of ads and companies on TikTok that are already using the social network for campaigns.

First, we have big brands and companies that rely on the premium ad formats. Then we have the ads in the TikTok feed and this is about smartphone tracking apps, mobile games from smaller providers and various other mobile apps, often for editing photos and videos. The quality of the feed ADs is significantly lower than that of the premium formats. Now that’s not really surprising. But it shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement in feed ads.

9 tips for designing TikTok ads

We are reminded of the early days of Facebook ads. Here, however, the quality has improved significantly over time. On Twitter, on the other hand, you can speak of a qualitative and creative standstill and TikTok would like to avoid this with its tips on ad design.

In the tips you will find some hints that other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram also mention.

Communicate the message early and use personal CTAs

In the feed, whether on TikTok or another social network, the message must be communicated as quickly as possible. Content is scanned briefly and if it does not immediately arouse interest, it is skipped. Facebook calls this “Thumb Stopper”.

According to TikTok, 63% of the ads examined have the highest CTR if the message in ads communicates the message within the first three seconds.

This also applies to TikTok ads. Further parallels are the use of a clear call-to-action and the use of meaningful text elements. The more personal and direct the address, the better the ads perform in the TikTok feed.

Sound as a success factor for TikTok ads

A parallel to Instagram story ads is the use of sound. On TikTok, however, the tone is probably even more decisive than on Instagram Stories. Faster beats perform better on TikTok. Beats with more than 120 BPM have a longer playback time.

Include TikTok Creator in the creation

The tips also have recommendations that are specifically aimed at TikTok. So, TikTok clearly states that ads created by TikTok Creators will get the better results. This fits TikTok’s motto “Don’t advertise. Do TikToks ”.

The comment that this approach is certainly not the worst idea on Instagram either. Here, too, creators provide excellent creative approaches that companies still use far too seldom.

Integrate current TikTok trends into ad campaigns

Furthermore, TikTok recommends focusing on current trends in ad design. So take a look at the TikTok trends and react promptly to suitable developments. Of course, this approach requires a high degree of spontaneity, which poses a great challenge for many companies. But those who have this spontaneity stand out from the crowd with their TikTok ads.

Use native content and seek eye contact

One tip that should be clear is to work with vertical content on TikTok ads. You shouldn’t waste space with ads, and especially not on TikTok. For vertical TikTok ads, the 6-second view rate increases by 25%. If you produce vertical ads natively for TikTok, you can significantly improve the playback time. Adaptations save a lot of time, but are not always the optimal solution.

The tip “Break the 4th wall” is interesting. The aim here is to look for direct eye contact with the target group in advertisements. The aim of the ad is to attract the attention of the target audience. If you think of the environment in the TikTok feed, then it’s creators who often look directly into the camera and thus convey a different feeling than is the case with many ads.

Not only the address has to be direct but also the way in which it is structured and communicates directly with the target groups. This has nothing to do with long tracking shots from TV and cinema spots.

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