Alternatives to the Facebook Audience Insights

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Facebook is discontinuing its audience insights and after Facebook Analytics, brands, companies and agencies take the second tool to analyze target groups and their own followers / customers. The question quickly arises, are there alternatives to Facebook Audience Insights?

Unfortunately, one has to say that there is no alternative to Audience Insights directly for Facebook. At least not currently and it can be doubted that Facebook will publish a new tool for target group analysis.

By the way, Facebook is not the only spoiler here. The Twitter Audience Insights were discontinued months ago and were structured in a similar way in terms of functionality. Of course, the use of Audience Insights was much more intensive. Especially when no Facebook pixel was used, Audience Insights were the tool to create special target groups based on the user behavior of Facebook users: Inside.

When we were looking for alternatives to Facebook If there are audience insights, then we have to leave Facebook’s Family of Apps. Logically, this means that the results and the database differ significantly. However, there are other options for taking a closer look at social media target groups.

In contrast to Facebook’s Audience Insights, however, it is primarily about analyzing your own followers.

Alternative Pinterest Audience Insights

The Pinterest Audience Insights are part of Pinterest Analytics. Here you can analyze your entire Pinterest followers, or just those followers who also interact with your content.

In addition, Pinterest makes its Audience Insights available to all users: Inside. However, there are a few restrictions compared to Facebook Audience Insights.

So you cannot search for interests and have insights issued for them. In addition, Pinterest does not work with related pages, but with categories and related interests. Nevertheless, the Pinterest Audience Insights are definitely an exciting tool to analyze Pinterest in general and your own target groups.

The prerequisite for this is of course that you have a Pinterest business account.

Alternative Snapchat Audience Insights

In addition to Pinterest offers also offers Snapchat Audience Insights. There are also restrictions here compared to Facebook. The Snapchat Audience Insights are based on demographic data, regional targeting and so-called “Predefined Audiences”.

That means the available Targeting criteria are much more restricted and always relate to a defined targeting according to age, gender and location. Nevertheless, you can also get helpful information about the interests of your target groups here.

The Predefined Audiences are further divided by Snapchat. For example, by genre of music, films & TV programs or “foodies”. However, the fact is that, especially for older target groups, Snapchat does not have the database that Facebook has.

In order to use Snapchat Audience Insights, you need a Snapchat ad account.

Alternative lookalikes of your own followers

The audience insights were used to analyze Facebook users: inside and your own followers. But they were also used to create target groups directly.

This function remains in principle, but is then only available via Custom or Lookalike Audiences. The process should be known. In the first step you create a custom audience with people who either like your site or who have interacted with your content.

In the second step, let Facebook create a lookalike audience based on the previously created custom audience. Incidentally, this also works for Instagram.

Alternative Google Analytics user explorer

Of course, you should always use Google Analytics or other tools for analyzing your own website visitors: Inside. Perhaps you have focused on metrics here and haven’t used the User Explorer so intensively.

In the User Explorer, in addition to demographic information, Google Analytics also provides data on the interests of your own website visitors: Available inside. The interests are supplemented by further segmentations and categories of your target groups, which you can use for analyzes and targeting.


The alternatives shown are only a first selection and of course there are still further possibilities to analyze target groups. There are alternatives, but of course we would have preferred an update of the Facebook Audience Insights rather than the discontinuation of the tool. Instagram audience insights would have been even better. Long overdue, but now you can assume that they will never come.

Anyone who has focused on Facebook for target group analyzes may discover new impulses through Snapchat and Pinterest, even if they differ from the approach differ from the results from Facebook.

Do you have any other alternatives? Which tools do you already use or which will you work with in the future?

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