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Advertising on Instagram Stories. How to setup?

In January 2017, a new feature appeared on Instagram – advertising in stories. More than 11 million use stories every day. And this number only increases every day. In Instagram stories (stories) or stories, you can publish both photos and videos. Duration – up to 60 seconds. They will disappear after 24 hours.

Advertising in stories is distinguished by its unobtrusiveness and does not evoke negativity. Thanks to the bright presentation and short interaction period, the user will perceive the story as a regular post, and not as an advertisement.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up ads in Instagram Stories.

Benefits of Story Ads

  • Low competition. The main platform for advertising on Instagram is the news feed. Ads in stories are in less demand.
  • Low cost per click. Fewer advertisers – less CPC. A great option on a tight budget.
  • Format efficiency. Stories generate more engagement.

Format Features

Knowledge of the placement site = effective advertising.

What you need to know about the ad format in Stories:

  • It is better to choose vertical images or videos. Horizontal format is possible, but must be justified;
  • Publishing format – 1.91: 1;
  • Minimum width is 628 pixels;
  • Video up to 60 seconds. Format .mov, .mp4;
  • Photo format – .jpg, .png;
  • Video size is not more than 4 GB;
  • Photo size is not more than 30 MB.

We figured out the advantages and format, but how to set it up? Let’s figure it out.

Tools for setting up Instagram Story Ads.

Facebook tools like Power Editor, Ads Manager or API will help you to customize your story ads. If your Facebook account is not connected to Instagram, connect it.

Announcement in Ads Manager . How to create?

To create an ad in Ads Manager:

  • Go to the Ads Manager on Facebook;
  • Click “Create ad”;
  • The purpose of the advertising campaign. From 3 directions “recognition”, “leads”, “conversion” we select the available options: “brand awareness”, “reach”, “video views”, “conversions”, “app installs”, “lead generation”, “traffic”.

реклама в историях инстаграм

  • For example, let’s choose “traffic”. Enter the name of the campaign so as not to get confused in the future.

таргет instagram stories

  • Choose where to send traffic: “site”, “application”, “Messenger”.

трафик таргет инстаграм

  • Audience. It is possible to set up geotargeting of the audience. Indicate country, city, district, street or house number. For accuracy, you can mark the location with a pin on the map and specify the radius. There are 4 audience options in Places: All People, Locals, Recent Visitors, Travelers. When advertising local businesses, we recommend choosing “locals” to avoid hitting the wrong audience (bystanders or travelers).

аудитория интаграм

  • Age and gender. We indicate the required age intervals and gender of the audience for advertising.


  • Detailed targeting. If necessary, specify the interests of your audience.
  • Types of placement. We select “edit placements”.


  • Uncheck the boxes and leave only next to “stories” in the Instagram section.


  • Budget and traffic. There are 2 budget options: for the day and for the entire ad period.
  • Schedule. 2 options: show continuously from the date of creation or select a period.

Бюджет и график

  • Advanced options. 4 options: Link Clicks, Landing Page Views, Impressions, or Daily Unique User Reach. You can choose the right time for the shows.
  • Delivery type – standard for equal budget spending or fast for quick results.

Расширенные параметры

  • We proceed to the design of the advertising proposal.
  • Select a page on Facebook and Instagram (they must be linked).
  • Format. From 3 options: “ring gallery”, “one image”, “one video” choose the one you want.


  • Uploading a photo. From the gallery of your account, free stock or from your device. Recommended image size: 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Links. To a website or event on Facebook.
  • Text for advertising. Don’t write too much – just a couple of lines. Briefly and clearly what is offered.
  • Add a link to the site.
  • Call to action. Choosing a suitable option.
  • Facebook Pixel, App Events, and Offline Events can be added to track conversions.

Videos can be added from your computer. Or provide a link to a video file posted on the site (gallery tab, insert the link).

таргет instagram stories0

After you save all the settings, the publication will be sent for moderation. It will take some time. If you have taken into account all the rules for advertising, then it will be approved and launched. Also read the article How to set up targeted ads on instagram.

And finally

Attract attention with high-quality and memorable pictures. Less text. Remember: you have a couple of seconds to get interested. Forget “template ads” – get creative! Test different formats, audiences, images, text.

Good luck! And if you have any questions or want to order advertising on Instagram, write to us, we will be happy to answer!

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