Оценка эффективности рекламы в Инстаграм

Advertising on Instagram: how to set up and launch

Advertising on Instagram is one of the most effective tools for promoting goods and services on social networks. This social network is used by more than a billion people every month. Of course, not all of them are your potential customers, but this is a great springboard for determining your target audience and setting up targeted advertising.

Advertising offers on Instagram have their own specifics – not every product or service, as they say, will “come in.” This must be taken into account if you are going to promote your account to increase sales. From our material, you will learn about the basic and subtle settings of advertising on Instagram, how to assess its effectiveness and cost of placement.

Benefits of Instagram Ads

Instagram was included in the list of the most popular social networks in the world (or rather, it is in fourth place in the rating). The Russian segment of Instagram in April 2020, according to Mediascope estimates, was about 61 million people daily, with 28 million of them watching the feed every day. The average length of time spent on Instagram per day is approximately 30 minutes.

72% of users receive average or higher income, and 10.5% are in leadership positions, and advertising on Instagram is a completely reliable way to inform these people about your products, services.

Advertising on Instagram has the following advantages :

  • This channel has solid reach and high response rate . For example, the Smirnoff brand redirected part of its advertising budget previously spent on Facebook to advertising in Stories: the nominal reach indicators on Facebook seemed unrealistic for the company.

  • Advertiser spends half money on mobile traffic, while getting three times more targeted site visitors. Every year, mobile platforms are becoming more and more popular, and in five years they will practically replace desktop devices, capturing 90% of all traffic (the remaining 10% of users will still need desktops to work – to generate content, including the same advertising for Instagram) .

  • Facebook algorithms allow very precise targeting of Instagram ads .

The benefits are clear. What are your prospects as an advertiser if you decide to buy Instagram ads? You will receive either subscribers for your account, or visits to the corporate website, or direct sales of goods and services. If you are interested in sales, then consider the value of what you offer people.

Польза от рекламы в Инстаграме
The benefits of advertising on Instagram

Emotions are the main motivators for buying on Instagram, so the bulk of goods sold lies in the range of three to four thousand rubles (however, sometimes there are checks and up to ten thousand rubles, but usually these are transactions with a long cycle).

For a product to be bought, the content on Instagram must be photogenic and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, this social network sells beauty services, baby products and things related to food, sports and travel.

The situation is different in the segments of information products, software development and design services. Here advertising solves somewhat different tasks :

  • increase reach, make the brand more famous;

  • generate traffic to the site;

  • force the user to install the application;

  • achieve high video viewing rates;

  • generate leads.

Types of Instagram Ads

There is not only paid, but also free advertising on Instagram.

Free advertising includes :

  • Messages in Direct

    The ability to simply write “in a personal” to your potential customers (for example, those who are subscribed to a competitor, comment and ask questions under his posts, but do not receive an answer to them) has not been canceled! This method is part of the guerrilla marketing arsenal and is time consuming. It takes patience to recruit potential customers in this way. But then they can be lured away by offering a better service.

  • How to triple income with your personal brand on social media

    Mikhail Khristosenko

    Leading expert on social networks in Russia. Graduate of the Presidential Management Training Program with training and internship in Germany.

    Михаил Христосенко

    Personal branding is what they say about you when you are not in the room. ” This is what Amazon creator Jeff Bezos said about his personal brand. There are other definitions, but this gets to the point 100%.

    You can be super cool, but if no one knows about you, you are no different from a fledgling newbie. But running around with your “I” and your own expertise is also not an option. No empty words and bloated ego.

    Once upon a time, after the collapse of my first business, I did not understand where to move on. But in the end he chose the path of creating and strengthening his personal brand. Although then this term was not yet so popular.

    • Now I have a big team and millions of launches with me.

    • I work in a comfortable environment and at a convenient time.

    • I choose the clients I work with myself.

    • I see opportunities for income growth and always use them.

    And all this thanks to the possibilities of social networks.

    Nowadays, many are teaching how to promote a personal brand. But first, it needs to be properly formed, packaged, and only then promoted and monetized using social networks.

    My team and I have compiled a list of the TOP 7 promotion services that will help rock your personal brand. You can download it for free!

  • Working with brand ambassadors

    Suggesting influencers and celebrities to dress up in your products by showing at events is a thing of the past. Now the wave of ambassadors has reached ordinary users. Even those who have only three to four hundred subscribers can be offered to mark the brand on the screenshots of stories, in order to then choose from three to ten new ambassadors among them on a competitive basis. These lucky ones will receive brand products for free if they post high-quality content.

  • Giveaway

    This technique is not new, but it is still actively used. The essence of this type of promotion on Instagram is to recruit a team of bloggers (or brands) with an identical target audience for a certain fee, purchase prizes with these funds and launch advertising. Sponsored posts contain a call to subscribe to the accounts of participants (at least for a month, while the promotion lasts). Prizes are drawn at random among subscribers.

    Who benefits from this? Everyone: the brand gets new subscribers and comments in the profile, the users get prizes, the organizer gets a fee from the brands for participation.

  • Mutual PR

    This is good old barter in a new form. The secret of success is a subtle understanding of your target audience and a blogger that perfectly meets your requirements. And, of course, without the ability to negotiate, nothing will come of it.

    Paid advertising includes targeted advertising on Instagram and paid posts from bloggers (or, as it is now fashionable to call them, influencers).

    Paid ads on Instagram are shown either in Stories or in the feed of posts. An ad post can be formatted in various ways:

  • Photo or video carousel

    Such publications are guaranteed to attract the attention of the reader, and the conversion rate depends on the meaning of the post itself and its relevance to the interests of the user. If you choose the right triggers and come up with a good call to action, you can achieve not only wide audience coverage, but also many targeted actions. The first slide in the carousel should attract maximum attention, and the final one should stimulate clicking on the link or button.

    Карусели из фото или видео
    Photo or video carousels
  • With a button to go to the site

    To further increase conversions, write the call text directly in the picture and draw an arrow to the button that the reader should click.

  • Video

    Small – in less than a minute – commercials allow you to get a lot of views. It makes sense to run this kind of ad on Instagram if you are promoting a music video or sales video.

  • History

    Stories is the most native content on Instagram, which allows you to actively engage the audience even for those accounts that still have few subscribers.

    The main requirement for a call posted in Stories is brevity and conciseness. The picture is visible for only a couple of seconds, and the video you have watched automatically scrolls.

    For owners of accounts with ten or more thousand subscribers, it is advisable to place a link in the advertisement with a swipe (action to click on it). Focus the user’s attention on the swipe area and be sure to place a call to action in the stories.

Benefits of targeted advertising on Instagram

Targeted advertising is such an advertisement (on sites, on Instagram, social networks), for which the advertiser can set the settings for the audience that will see the advertising messages. Namely, indicate age, gender, region of residence, interests of users.

Benefits of targeted advertising :

  • Quickly launches and configures (if we are talking about paid campaigns, and for free targeted advertising on Instagram, you will have to cooperate with bloggers).

  • There is no human factor: forgetfulness of a blogger, poor-quality post, risk of deception.

  • The ability to flexibly configure the parameters of the audience that will see the post.

  • The advertiser himself controls the timing, schedule of impressions, advertising costs.

  • Detailed statistics of views, clicks, etc.

Official targeted ads on Instagram run through Facebook. Therefore, you will definitely need an account on this social network and a business page in it (but you do not need to register on Instagram itself).

First Steps to Running Instagram Ads

Running ads on Instagram is possible even from a completely empty account. The problem is that the user who is interested in the post will go to your account and will be disappointed and leave. Therefore, you must immediately indicate your name, upload an avatar and add a description to your profile.

In the feed of posts and stories, the user’s gaze immediately falls on the title and avatar. Choose a nickname and picture that will be simple enough, but clearly indicate the essence of your business:

What are you promoting

What can be in the title

What can be on the avatar

Personal brand

The name of the person, an indication of her occupation (for example, the artist agalakov.art)

Photo of a person or her work

Trademark of the company

Company name

Company logo, product photo

Popular product, service (regardless of brand)

Description of service or product, region: flowershop_msk

Product photo

Choose a good name. It will be shown in the search directly under the nickname. The maximum name length is 30 characters. It is recommended to add key queries there (region, niche, occupation, etc.), but not duplicate the name of the account. Examples: “Labor lawyer”, “Pizza delivery in St. Petersburg”.

Let’s go to the profile description. Its maximum length is greater than 150 characters. Here you can describe in detail what you do, what services and products you offer, if necessary, indicate the opening hours, physical address, announce a promotion.

A competent description helps to promote the profile of both an individual author and the whole company. So, when we search for the keywords “beauty salon”, we see the Keep Looking account first; the founder of the Generation Z online school has a personal account, which he actively develops, persuading to subscribe to it.

If you have just created an account, then before you start advertising on Instagram, it is advisable to place several publications (two scrolls), which will describe your products or services, order and payment procedure, delivery, prices, features. Show reviews from real customers, showcase the product from the most advantageous sides.

Everything is important in these posts: text content, graphics, and video sequences. They convince the consumer to make a purchase, order a service, etc.

By the way, you can also use stories by adding them to Highlights (pinned stories). It is better to immediately divide them into categories (for example, “Products”, “Delivery”, “Reviews” or duplicate the directory structure – by selecting stories for each product group).

There is a general principle that is relevant for advertising on Instagram for most products and services: the easier it is for a potential client to find out the details of your offer, the higher the chances that the advertisement will bring results. The visual design of an Instagram account plays the same role as the design of a landing page: by itself, it will not convince you to buy, but it will help a potential client choose you.

If you are selling something tangible and tangible (pizza, furniture, cosmetics), be sure to show the product in your posts. The situation with advertising services on Instagram is a little more complicated. In this case, you can publish your own principles of work, interesting cases from the portfolio, employee stories.

After completing all these steps, you will receive a properly designed account, ready to launch advertising on Instagram: it has a good name and name, a clear description, contact information and the required minimum of posts – in general, everything what will tell a potential buyer about your business.

Rules for posting a publication for targeted advertising on Instagram

The most common problems advertisers face on Instagram are the following :

Social networks in a million

Реклама в Инстаграм: как настроить и запустить
Реклама в Инстаграм: как настроить и запустить Duration: 6-8 weeks
Реклама в Инстаграм: как настроить и запустить Level: Beginner / Advanced
Реклама в Инстаграм: как настроить и запустить Free block: yes
  • The account remains private (but must be converted to a business profile).

  • The ad is launched by the wrong person who administers the Facebook page associated with the promoted Instagram account. Or debt for advertising has accumulated. In both cases, the user will see the warning “You cannot create ads for the Facebook page connected to this Instagram account.”

  • Wrong picture sizes. It’s easy to fix this with dedicated Instagram services and designer programs.

  • The text is longer than 300 characters.

  • The Facebook page was blocked (this often happens when fakes are made for advertising).

Here is a complete list of rules for those who are going to run ads on Instagram :

  1. You can only advertise anything on Instagram using Facebook from a business or author account.

  2. Only the administrator of the Facebook page linked to the Instagram profile can run ads.

  3. The maximum text length is 300 characters.

  4. Image sizes and proportions :

    • square : 600 to 1936 pixels side;

    • rectangular horizontal : 600 x 315 pixels to 1963 x 1936 pixels;

    • rectangular vertical : 600 x 750 pixels to 1936 x 1936 pixels.

  5. Until 2020, it was impossible to fill a picture with text by more than 20%, but now this limitation is no longer relevant.

  6. The maximum video size is 4 GB.

  7. Image and video aspect ratio :

    • square : 1: 1;

    • horizontal rectangle : 1.91: 1;

    • vertical rectangle : 4: 5.

  8. You cannot advertise products for adults, medicines, tobacco on Instagram. The rest of the rules can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads .

Categories and goals in targeted advertising on Instagram

For advertising on Instagram to give the maximum effect, you need to set up a goal and category. Some of the goals serve to increase audience engagement, while others are focused on generating new leads. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The mobile application allows you to choose one of four goals:

Категории и цели в таргетированной рекламы в Инстаграм

Categories and goals in targeted Instagram ads

Setting up advertising on Instagram itself is done in a couple of clicks: just select one of the already published posts.

In the advertiser’s Facebook account, the choice of available goals is much wider: there are only 11 goals, divided into three categories.

The campaign optimization parameters depend on the goal. Please read all Facebook explanations carefully before choosing a target.

  • Awareness : The campaign will simply grab the attention of users.

  • Leads: is not really one goal, but several, and we will look at them now.

  • App Install: helps to increase the number of installations of the promoted app. Facebook advises combining this goal and increasing memorability. In addition, optimization of the event in the application and optimization for value will have a positive effect.

  • Traffic: attracts as many users as possible so that they can then switch from advertising on Instagram to a direct, application or company website. This target is ideal for advertising third-party links. You are charged for clicks, reach, and landing page views.

  • Lead generation: everything here is aimed at ensuring that the user interacts with the application or site. It is advisable to run lead ads in parallel. Lead forms allow you to collect contact information (names, mail, phone numbers) of potential customers and questions from them (to identify the actual needs of the audience).

  • Messages: advertising on Instagram for this purpose contains a button to go to direct. This is necessary to engage users in correspondence.

  • Engagement: allows you to find those users who will become your active readers and commentators, will like and repost your posts.

  • Video views: searches for users who are so interested in the promo video that they are likely to watch it to the end.

  • Conversions: the goal is to collect requests from users (before that, they must complete targeted actions). The pixel allows you to collect those who put the product in the basket, looked at the catalog, went to a certain place. Such advertising on Instagram is effective in the second step of the sales funnel. To achieve an optimal result, you need to get 50 or more conversions per week, otherwise the algorithms will not have enough data for analysis and they will not be able to find prospective clients for you.

  • Selling goods from the catalog: a target specifically for online stores. Your advertising on Instagram is optimized in such a way that users who have previously been interested in something in the application or on the website will fall for it. It works great for cross-selling too.

  • Point visits: targeting is set to people who visit the location indicated on the map.

Whatever the purpose, advertising on Instagram in any case will attract the attention of the target audience to your products, services, content. But remember that goals set up through the advertiser’s Facebook account are not intended to recruit followers to an Instagram account. However, there is a life hack for those who just want to expand the circle of readers. In the ad account, the targeting settings are more precise than in the application, so you can launch ads on Instagram by selecting the “Profile” goal, and then go to the ADS manager and adjust the settings there.

3 ways to set up and launch targeted ads on Instagram

Social network Instagram is part of the Internet giant Facebook. You can set up advertising on Instagram through Facebook using the advertiser’s account, or you can act through Instagram itself. The Facebook advertising account opens up more opportunities: viewing detailed statistics, getting a retargeting pixel, dynamic creatives.

By launching ads through the Instagram mobile app, you get a narrower functionality and a simplified interface that is easier to understand (which means that setting up and launching a campaign will take less time). Let’s look at both ways.

  1. Promotion of a post in the Instagram application

    The easiest way is to launch targeted ads in the format of posts in the feed. Not all audience settings are present in the application compared to the Facebook account. There are enough of them to try out the advertising tool on Instagram, but in the future you should go to your account and manage campaigns through it.

    • Make your Instagram account a business account and link it to your Facebook profile. If you still don’t have the latter, start a public business page right away, not a personal profile.

    • A blue “Promote” button will appear under each post. Its inactivity means that the post violates some rules of the site and cannot be advertised on Instagram. Edit the post or make a new one according to the rules.

    • Click on this button and make all the necessary settings for targeting, campaign duration, budget.

    • If you want to remove your ad from Instagram, click on “View promotion” and in the interface that opens – three dots at the very top of the page. There is a link to uninstall.

  2. Universal structure of a selling post:

  3. Targeted Ads on Instagram via Facebook 2021

    An advertiser’s account on Facebook is created using Ads Manager: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage/ .

    In order to launch targeted advertising on Instagram, you can use an account that is linked to your personal Facebook profile, or you can create a separate profile and link it to a public page associated with your business Instagram account.

    The procedure is as follows :

    • Create an advertising account in Ads Manager: https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage/

    • Select the target of the campaign. On Instagram, advertising helps to increase reach, brand awareness, traffic to a website or page in a store, conversion, audience engagement (only through advertising posts), generate leads, get watching a video or installing an app. It depends on the goal what you pay for: for the targeted action (download, viewing), impressions, clicks on links.

    • Set up all targeting options: demographic, geographic, interest-related.

    • Selecting the placement. For advertising on Instagram, the correct option is a feed.

    • Set the budget, schedule of impressions.

    • Select the Facebook profile associated with the advertised business account.

    • Load creatives: photo, video or slideshow from both. Facebook will warn you if your creative is not sized correctly and suggest you use 1200 x 628 pixels.

    • Add text to the post with a maximum length of 300 characters.

    • Click “Place order” and wait for the post moderation on Facebook.

  4. Advertising on Instagram Stories

    The official way to advertise on Instagram Stories is to launch a Facebook campaign in Ads Manager :

    • Go to Ads Manager using the link https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage/ .

    • Click “Create ad”.

    • Specify coverage as a goal.

    • Scroll down to the “Placement Views”.

    • Click on “Edit Placements”, select Instagram as the platform and then – Stories.

    • Next, we set everything up in the same way as for advertising posts: we specify the schedule, budget and coverage.

    • Load a picture or video of vertical orientation (with an aspect ratio of 9:16). Videos are no longer than 15 seconds.

    But there is an unofficial way to place ads on Instagram Stories – to pay for bloggers’ publications. True, each of them will have to establish contact. It costs less than a commercial feed post, making this type of Instagram ad best for low-cost products and tight budgets.

    Little-known bloggers ask for only 500-1000 rubles for posting stories. It is important that the Stories contain a link to your account in the @account-name format: then the conversion will be higher.

    After launching an advertisement on Instagram, regularly track statistics on it. For an experiment, you can create two very similar posts and compare conversion rates, and then delete the less effective post.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising on Instagram

It is recommended to target and run ads on Instagram in your ADS Manager personal account on Facebook, but you can also do this directly on Instagram. Monitoring of results is also available in the application.

You can see statistics on targeted ads by going to the “Promotions” section of your account or by clicking “View statistics” under each promoted post.

You will see a statistics menu reflecting the number of impressions, reach and other metrics: the number of comments, likes, saves, clicks on the target action button, visits to your account.

Оценка эффективности рекламы в Инстаграм

Evaluating the effectiveness of Instagram advertising

These parameters are evaluated in accordance with the goals of the advertising campaign on Instagram :

  • If you just need to get subscribers, then the main indicator is the price of one new subscriber. Calculated as follows: advertising costs divided by the number of subscribers acquired.

  • If you want to activate communication in your profile, you need to monitor several parameters: reach, number of comments and likes, ER.

  • If you decide to advertise on Instagram in order to generate traffic to your site, then pay attention to the number of clicks on the link and their cost.

  • And finally, if you sell on Instagram, then you should compare the costs of an advertising campaign and the profit from it. A failed campaign is not a reason to immediately turn off ad impressions: it is likely that users indicated their emails when they clicked, you can add them to your database to continue interacting with these people. Some of them will become your clients.

It is most convenient to store results data in a table containing basic metrics. This makes it easier to analyze campaign performance.

Instagram Advertising Costs

How much does Instagram advertising cost? This question is one of the most important for the advertiser. You control the costs of official types of advertising yourself by setting up targeting: no matter what happens, you will not go beyond the established amount. Advertising budget starts from 20 rubles.

First, you set up all the targeting parameters: the age of the target customer, his region of residence, interests. After that, Facebook offers you two reach options: one is big and expensive, and the other is small and budget. But you can set your own budget too. If your target audience is well-off (for example, these are ladies over 30 who are interested in luxury perfumery), and the total budget is too small, then your Instagram ads will be shown to a very limited number of users.

To maximize your reach, set your prices from the range offered by Facebook. Do not worry that the entire amount will be instantly debited at the start of the campaign: this will not happen. The money from your card will be debited only when the ad is scrolled.

Of course, you need to at least roughly understand the cost of targeted advertising on Instagram. For each campaign, the cost will be individual, and to find out it, you do not need to provide your bank card details: this service is completely free, you just need to configure all the targeting parameters – and you will see an approximate budget.

There is a general pricing principle in paid advertising on Instagram: for a rich audience (certain interests, age and place of residence – Moscow, for example, is the most expensive) – expensive advertising; with many competitors, advertising becomes even more expensive. If your goal is to set up targeted advertising on Instagram and at the same time save money, but get large coverage, then remove the capital region and St. Petersburg from targeting.

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