9 apps to create and edit videos on mobile

Need a good app to create videos and edit?

This content is for you who want to learn more about how to create, edit and disseminate content in this format that is already considered one of the kings of engagement on the internet!

Even before 2020, Cisco released a survey in which it predicted that by 2020, 82% of internet traffic would be generated by video. Apparently, the statistics are right. In Brazil, more than 70% of Internet users watched some video online recently, according to information released by TIC Domicílios.

There are even experts who argue that the consumption of videos by streaming, whether on social networks, in messaging apps or on Youtube, is already more widespread than the act of watching TV itself. About 98% of Brazilian internet users who surf the internet watch videos, as highlighted by the global report, Digital In 2020, by We Are Social.

Now that you know a little more about the internet video content scene, how about getting your hands dirty? In this article, we’ve mined several tools for you who want to understand how an application to edit videos or create videos from scratch works.

Keep reading and get to work!


Versatile, Inshot is an application that can be used both to edit videos and photos. On the Google Play Store, this tool is rated five stars by most users. With this app, it is possible to:

  • Record videos;
  • Assemble videos;
  • Cut and merge multiple clips into one;
  • Include transition effects and music in the video;
  • Adjust video speed, from 0.2 to 100x;
  • Adapting your videos to WhatsApp status while maintaining quality.
  • Put filters on videos and more.

Feel like testing the app? Enjoy and download on mobile. It’s free!

2. Mojo

Do you use stories a lot as a content strategy for social media like Instagram? The mojo is the video editing app you absolutely need to test.

It’s very simple and intuitive to use. You can select photos and videos directly from your phone’s gallery and edit the material, or use ready-made layouts as a basis for customizing your posts.

Among the features of the mojo stand out: special effects, use of animated text and much more. The tool is available for Android and iOS

3. Boosted

Available in both the App Store and the Play Store, Boosted is a video creation app that stands out for its versatility. With it, you can create videos for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, as well as edit and produce materials such as tutorials, ad teasers and demos.

Not sure if this is the best video editing app for your strategy? We’ve listed everything you can do with Boosted. Check it out:

  • Insert custom songs;
  • Insert filters, animations and texts for editing materials;
  • Edit videos from mobile gallery;
  • Format promotional videos in the format of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

4. Video Show

Simple to use, videoshow is an application to create videos and edit them in style. In addition to having all the functions of the apps listed above, it is a good alternative for those who want to produce inclusive content by adding subtitles.

By the way, did you know that creating subtitles for video content is an important action to produce accessible content? Here’s the tip!

An interesting feature of the videoshow is the fact that the user can also create drawings when editing and there is no maximum time to export the content. The app is available for Android and iOS.

5. Video Meme

The meme is a content format that dominates the internet (and believe me, there are people who proudly claim that they only pay internet to consume this type of content). If your goal is to create a fun video, Video Meme is the ideal app.

With it, you can select memes, photos and turn texts and emojis into memes. You can create custom videos from movie scenes, animations and TV shows.

Do you like the idea? Download the app from the Play Store and enjoy!

6. Effect

Efectum is considered an excellent application to create videos with creative effects. You know those productions worthy of Tik Tok and Reels that are funny and different? So!

In Efectum, you can:

  • Create fast and fast videos;
  • Leave the videos in slow motion;
  • Apply effects only to selected parts of the video;
  • Choose a song to compose the production.

Liked? Now download and test!


What if the challenge of creating videos involves specialized niches such as those related to gamer culture? Is there an app to create custom videos and share with a specialized audience?

The answer is yes. Mobcrush is a video creation application that allows you to stream matches live from your mobile. This differentiated tool is available for Android and iOS.

8. Perfect Video

With so many applications to create and edit videos, it’s challenging to choose which one is the best, do you agree? Perfect Video is a free application that promises a perfect and intuitive editing for those who love this type of content.

Among the main features of this feature, the following stand out:

  • Select video file from mobile gallery;
  • Cut the desired snippets;
  • Save the video in the desired platform format and much more!


At the end of editing, the file is saved in the phone’s memory, but it can also be shared on social networks or stored in the cloud.

This app to create videos is free.

9. MovieMarker

The name resembles the classic Windows Movie Maker editing software, but MovieMarker is an application for creating mobile-specific videos. Intuitive and simple to use, this app allows you to cut, edit, merge materials and add custom signage.

You can choose the color, size and style of the letters. In summary: a great app for editing videos on mobile and it’s available  for download on iOS system .

Like the app tips for creating and editing videos?

We hope they are very useful when putting your digital marketing strategy into practice with this format. Another interesting tip for not making mistakes when exporting your video is to check out Nerdweb’s Complete Image and Video Size Guide for Social Media!


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