8 payment acceptance solutions for your business from Fondy

Small and medium-sized businesses are actively developing in Ukraine – only individual entrepreneurs in 2019 were registered 1.91 million, and this figure is constantly growing. At the same time, the number of entrepreneurs who go online, where it is cheaper and easier to find the target audience, is growing. According to statistics, approximately 67% of Internet users actively visit sites in the e-commerce segment. These are not only large online stores, but also niche ones. Pay attention to how many Ukrainian brands of clothing and footwear, toys, sauces, jams, accessories, hand-made goods have opened now.

The thriving Ukrainian business is supported by FONDY, which offers 8 effective solutions for accepting online payments from customers on websites, social networks and mobile applications.

1 - 8 решений по приему платежей для вашего бизнеса от Fondy

Solution 1. Accept payments via social networks using online invoices

Sellers on social networks often ask users to “deposit” money on the card, and then send a screenshot confirming the payment. For customers, this creates unnecessary body movements, as a result of which the purchase can be frustrated. The seller is also inconvenient – every time he needs to go to the bank’s application to check if the payment has been received on his account.

To solve the problem, the FONDY payment service offers an online invoicing system for invoicing. An invoice can be created in the seller’s personal account in any currency, after which it can be sent to the client in any convenient way: by email, sms or any messenger using a short link. The client follows the link, enters his card details and makes a payment. The money is automatically credited to the merchant’s account, and he is notified about it.

Thanks to online invoices, you can sell comfortably and safely without even having your own website or online store.

Solution 2. Accept payments in one click

The FONDY system remembers the data of customers who have already made purchases earlier. When you buy again, all data will be filled in automatically, and payment will be made in 1 click. This is not only fast, but also safe for both parties, because on the payment page of the site, the bank card number is displayed in a tokenized form – only the last 4 digits are visible.

Tokenization is a technology that protects electronic payments from fraudulent attacks using a sophisticated data encryption system. The merchant does not see the details of the bank card with which the client pays. All data is encrypted and converted into a token, which is displayed as a random combination of numbers.

1 - 8 решений по приему платежей для вашего бизнеса от Fondy

Solution 3. Payment button on the site – quick connection of receiving payments

For those who do not have an IT department and web developers on their staff, FONDY offers a Payment Button solution. The button can be created in your personal account, adapting its appearance to the style of the site.

Customize the appearance of the payment button

This is how the payment button on the site might look

To place a button on the site, it will be enough just to paste its code in the right place. By clicking on the button, the client will be taken to the payment page. Since the payment page has a responsive design for a wide range of devices, you can accept payments using a button from any platform: smartphones, tablets, game consoles, computers.

Solution 4. Ready payment plugins for CMS

With the help of CMS, you can not only easily create sites, but also connect to them the function of receiving payments from customers. All you need to do is install a plugin suitable for your CMS and activate it in the settings.

FONDY supports integration with all popular CMS: WordPress, Bitrix, Joomshopping, Shopify, Magento, Opencart, Drupal and others. Each plugin has detailed installation instructions.

Solution 5. Increase conversion

In e-commerce, it is especially important that every customer who wants to make a payment on your site can successfully complete it. We have built our processing in such a way that each transaction can be approved. The more successful transactions, the higher the turnover of our partners, and, consequently, their income.

The FONDY payment platform supports more than 36 payment methods and more than 150 currencies, and customer payments are processed in parallel in more than 25 Ukrainian and European banks. Thanks to this, the maximum conversion of successful payments is achieved.

Solution 6. At the junction with Delivery

For online stores, FONDY provides full support for the delivery cycle. When a customer buys a product in an online store and makes a non-cash payment, his funds are not debited immediately. They are blocked on the account and only after confirming the availability of the goods in the warehouse, the money is debited.

The process of returning goods is also fully automated. It is enough for the store to confirm the return, and the client will automatically receive the money back to the card within a few minutes, instead of the standard 7-14 days. With an instant and automatic refund, you will not only be able to avoid negative user experience, but also get a loyal, regular customer.

Solution 7. Accepting card payments without a POS terminal

Despite the digitalization, the segment of merchants who offer payment by card “on the ground” is rapidly developing. They accept hundreds of small cash payments every day. For example, we are talking about coffee buses and street food tents, where the average customer check is up to 100 hryvnia. But the buyer does not always have cash with him, and the seller has a POS terminal to accept payment by card.

In order not to lose those who prefer to pay with a bank card, FONDY has developed a mobile application that allows you to accept payments via a mobile phone using NFC technology – just touch the client’s bank card to a smartphone and enter the amount.

The use of this technology allows both novice entrepreneurs and large retail chains with a large number of ground outlets to save money on the purchase of POS terminals.

Solution 8. Explosive growth in conversions thanks to Apple Pay & Google Pay

When your customer on the site comes to the moment of payment, it may seem that the trick is in the bag and the money will soon be credited to your account. Not really, as evidenced by the abandoned cart statistics.

Seeing a window in front of him in which he needs to enter bank card details, the buyer is distracted. Now he needs to find a wallet, get the necessary card out of it, remember where there is money and the limit on Internet payments is disabled. If the amount is large, wait until the phone receives an SMS with a password to confirm the transaction. Also, inappropriately, someone can call or pull on an urgent task.

Adding Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment methods to your website allows you to avoid this burden. Instead of entering the card data, the buyer will only have to put his finger on the fingerprint scanner or enter a security code. At the same time, the card data is not transferred to the seller and the buyer’s private data are completely safe.

Connect the FONDY payment service to your website to save your time, increase the conversion of successful purchases, and give your customers convenient and modern methods of payment for goods and services.

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