7 rules for an effective photo contest on Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram and websites.

Rule one: Forget picking a winner based on the number of likes or reposts

This mechanic attracts prize-takers in the first place. It is very easy to enter the exchange and pay a small amount to buy the number of likes necessary to win.

Second rule: Forget about random picking the winner

By attracting users to participate in a photography contest, you encourage people to be creative and creative. It is logical to choose a winner based on these criteria.

How then to choose the winner in the photo competition?

Organize the selection of the winner in two stages.

At the first stage of all the submitted entries, TOP30, TOP50 or TOP100 users with the most likes are selected.

At the second stage from the selected TOP, the jury selects the winners based on the visual component of the photo-works and compliance of the works with the rules and conditions of the competition. The jury may consist either of the company’s employees or opinion leaders, whose approval and attention is meaningful to your target audience.

Why is this scheme good?

checkboxFirstly , such a winners selection scheme weeds out frank prizes. It is not profitable for people to invest in paying for likes on special exchanges knowing that they may not choose a job.

checkboxSecondly , TOP30, TOP50 or TOP100 is a large number of participants, each of whom can be selected by the jury and become a winner. This means that people are fighting to the last to get into this TOP.

checkboxThirdly , participation in the opinion leaders competition is an additional PR for the competition, because a jury representative will certainly tell about your action in his account.

Of course, these rules can be disregarded if only quantitative indicators are important to you – the number of participants, the increase in subscribers during the competition, activity in the form of likes. And it doesn’t matter how many of the contestants are your target audience, how many of them will stay with you after the contest and become interested in the product or services, how satisfied the contestants will be after summing up the results.

But then you shouldn’t be surprised that you get more subscribers during the competition, but there is no activity on the page out of competition and, most importantly, there are no orders …

Rule three: The rules should be as transparent as possible, and the conditions for participation should be simple

The criteria for choosing the winners are clear, and the conditions for participation are such that those who wish do not have any difficulties in fulfilling the conditions of the competition.

If inspiration has failed and the topic of the competition is not invented, look at the profiles of representatives of your target audience. What they photograph and post. Think about what reasons for a photo can be tied to the current season, upcoming holidays or interesting events. Put the two together and an original idea will come to you.

Rule Four: Do not delay the competition

The terms of the competition are limited to 2-3 weeks. This is a sufficient time for everyone to complete the task of the competition and publish the work, but at the same time do not forget about the competition and do not lose interest in it.

Rule Five: Take Time to Choose Winners

Write down in the rules of the competition the condition according to which the winners are announced 3-5 days after the end of the voting. This time will be enough for you to view the works of applicants from the TOP voting, to filter out the works of outright prizes if they do not meet the conditions of the competition, to consult and choose those that are worthy of victory.

Rule Six: Don’t Limit One Prize – Allocate As Many Prizes As You Can

For the winners, it is better if it is TOP3 or TOP5, valuable material prizes. Prizes can be the same in several nominations or different values ​​depending on the place taken.

For works that are in the TOP of the audience vote, provide inexpensive incentive prizes – points for a bonus card, a gift for the next order or a discount for ordering your goods or services.

Rule Seven: To run a photo contest on Instagram, gather several organizers with a similar target audience.

Thus, together you will promote the competition, each to its own audience, achieve greater coverage and greater engagement.

Do you have questions or need help organizing a photo contest on Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte or on the website?

Contact. We will advise, help you come up with mechanics, interesting topics and hold a photo contest!

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