7.5 billion hours: Live streaming on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Gaming grows by 92%

Live streaming on Twitch, YouTube and also Facebook Gaming is one of the most exciting areas in 2020. In the third quarter of 2020, live streaming portals reached a playback time of almost 7.5 billion hours.

This makes it clear that Twitch and Co., like Netflix, are powerful competitors when it comes to attention and media usage. The growth within the last twelve months has been particularly remarkable.

Live streaming is booming like never before, growing by 91.8%

While Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube reached “only” 3.89 billion hours in the third quarter of 2019, the figure has increased by 91.8% to 7.46 billion hours in just one year. A more than impressive development and a clear signal that this is no longer a marginal phenomenon or offers for gaming nerds. Twitch and Co. have arrived in the mainstream and are among the most important players when it comes to entertainment and digital media consumption.

Facebook gaming cracks 1 billion hours

So has In the past, Facebook closely observed what was happening on Twitch and how the live streaming platform was developing. In the third quarter of 2020, Facebook Gaming achieved over 1 billion hours of viewed live streams for the first time. Facebook is catching up quickly and is no longer far behind YouTube Gaming, which has 1.675 billion hours.

Twitch’s lead is still clear, however. In Q3 2020 there are over 4.7 billion hours. Over 1 billion hours of live streaming are consumed on Twitch every month. Any questions?


The target groups are growing and they are changing. Gaming has long ceased to be a purely male domain. According to a survey by Newzoo from 2019, 46% are female players. So we have almost an even distribution in the area of ​​gaming.

In addition, with live streaming platforms such as Twitch, gaming is only part of the offer. There are over 10.5 million channels on Twitch. Gaming makes up a large proportion, but IRLs are growing and there are more and more themed channels and live streams apart from gaming or esports.

As with the hours played, Twitch is also clear in the number of channels ahead of Facebook and YouTube Gaming, which come to 912K (YT) and 267K (FB Gaming).

The end of Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer is also reflected in Twitch’s numbers. Twitch was able to increase its market share by 14.5%. That is roughly the proportion that went to Mixer in the past.

Live streaming is booming and all three decisive providers on the market are growing and that quickly.

The numbers come from Streamlabs. You can find more diagrams and statistics on the individual providers in the blog.

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