5 trends in social media that promise to hit 2018

While many countdown to take advantage of the holiday season, agencies are chasing digital actions that promise to be successful in 2018. The resumption of economic growth promises a year of greater investment online, with marketing strategies each digitally oriented, especially in relation to trends in social media.

How about knowing more about what promises to hit 2018 on social media? Read below what we have prepared for you. 🙂

1. Social Media as a search tool

 “Giving a Google” is no longer enough: to search for information about brands and services, the search carried out within social media has gained strength in recent years and promises to be consolidated. A proof of this new scenario was the recent change in Google’s search feed, which offers results in a scrollable format with images and greater interactivity, approaching the more interactive and dynamic feeds of social networks.

2. Social TV and the Mobile World Cup

In the Russian Cup year, live broadcasting at commercial times (9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm) will have a large share of exhibition on mobile devices. Interactivity with the platforms will make the repercussions high on social networks as soon as the matches are over, with the concept of Social TV stronger than ever.

3. End (forever) of organic reach

In 2014, Facebook began to shrink the organic reach of brands’ posts to favor a feed composed of content from their closest friends and family.

The strategy made the investment in social ads gradually increase since then, and with the organic reach decreasing (in 2017 the drop was 20%), the dispute for the public’s attention needs to unite creativity and performance for well engaged campaigns.

There are no alternatives but to invest in driven posts, with a lot of added expertise for the result to be efficient.

4. Facebook consolidated as a video platform

It is not new that Facebook intends to compete with YouTube. The arrival of Watch , an authoring content platform launched last August, opened new possibilities for broadcasters and creators to generate revenue by publishing their videos on Facebook.

And after the discontent generated by YouTube’s demonetization measures, heavyweight YouTubers can celebrate the new year by turning their tails.

5. Microinfluencers and People Like Me

Pay more attention to people: 2018 promises a panorama in which referrals from friends, family and people your personas identify with are more important than the use of celebrities and digital influencers. Thus, strategic actions to engage your fan base and turn them into lovers are fundamental.

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