4 advantages of using Instagram business profile

Do you know the advantages of using a business Instagram profile? So don’t leave this article until you understand how this social network can be powerful to leverage your brand’s digital marketing strategy!

Data fromWe Are Socialreveals that worldwide there are 3.8 billion people connected to social networks. Brazilians spend, on average, 9h30m a day surfing the internet (more than 3 hours on social networks).

The same survey reveals that Instagram is on the rise — there are already more than 1 billion registered users in the world —  and the company itself has confirmed that in Brazil alone, there are almost 70 million active users on the social network.

What does this mean and how does this data relate to the advantages of using Instagram’s business profile? What functions are released for commercial accounts? How to take advantage of a business account?

The Nerdweb team has prepared a content full of tips to answer your questions. Check it out!

Why create an Instagram business profile?

The Instagram for Business or Instagram business profile is a version that offers unique features to schedule companies for business expansion.

Like the Facebook Business and LinkedIn for Business, Instagram is a social network that can be used very strategically to connect people to their passions, inspirations and brands they admire or meet what you are looking for at the moment.

More than a network that offers a series of visual and interactive resources, this channel can be a powerful tool to drive sales. By the way, did you know that 89% of people have searched online for a product or service?

In addition, more than 59% of Brazilian Internet users have already made a purchase after being impacted by a product or service that arrived on the timeline through this network, according to a Facebook Iq.

In other words, if your brand is not yet betting on this trend, this could be a great time to evaluate the possibility.

Despite being a channel that stands out, many people have doubts about the advantages of creating a commercial Instagram profile. Can any business use Instagram for Business? Are there segments that have more potential for the tool?

Actually, these are important questions. It all depends on the segment, the persona’s consumption habits, the behavior of the public that relates to your company and the product, of course. Therefore, an initial analysis is in order before creating the account.

But regardless, it’s undeniable that a business profile on Instagram has a number of benefits like:

  • Specific tools for sale;
  • Providing analytics about the customer profile;
  • Special features for sponsored campaigns and ads ;
  • Possibility to connect other service channels to the profile through buttons.

 Next, we’ll talk a little more about each of these advantages of using the Instagram business profile.

1. You can create a button that makes it easy to contact the customer

Who has never given up on making a purchase or asking a question because of the difficulty of finding a correct contact? By turning your company’s account into a business Instagram profile, this issue can be solved for good!

From the moment you join the tool, it is possible to configure a contact button at the bottom of the bio . The user can click on this field and contact your sales team simply and quickly.

These are examples of calls to action that can be configured in the tool:

  • Get in touch via WhatsApp;
  • Send email;
  • Call;
  • Send message;
  • Visit website.

 In the case of the call to action that takes the potential customer to WhatsApp, the interesting thing is that the user clicks on it and the messaging application  is already open. In the case of email, the person is also already redirected to the screen for composing an email and so on.

More than an advantage, this type of action is a necessity. Don’t wait too long to set up your Instagram business profile. Your competitor may already be there!

2. You can  create your own virtual store on the Instagram business profile

About 90% of Internet users have visited a virtual store at one time (We Are Social).

With an eye on this trend, the Instagram team recently launched the shopping function: a great joy for companies that are selling online or want to migrate to this format due to current demand.

In other words, you can create your own virtual store through an Instagram business profile and configure the display of your products — which can be in the Facebook catalog or an e-commerce.

To create your virtual showcase and share your promotional actions with the virtual world through this new feature, you need to use an Instagram business profile associated with the company’s Facebook page.

To activate the feature, Instagram does an analysis and if everything is right, you can enjoy a series of advantages such as: mark store products, enter product values, use stories to increase the reach of registered products in the catalog, connect the functionality to your e-commerce and much more!

The tool can be a real hand on the wheel, don’t you think?

3. Get access to real data from interactions through Analytics

Since 2016, it’s possible to create stories and do lives on Instagram. These formats allow the creation of a thousand and one strategies to generate engagement, offer relevant and clear content, develop strategies with the objective of generating leads.

But what’s the point of using all the resources without knowing what’s working and what is the performance of each action in real time? In the normal profile, your company will not have access to complex data that can be the basis for reviewing strategies and analyzing the performance of each post in the feed or story.

Using Instagram’s business profile will illuminate your strategy. Instagram for Business has tools that allow you to have real-time access to a wealth of valuable information, such as:

  • Follower count by age group;
  • Number of interactions;
  • Range;
  • Engagement;
  • Percentage of people who saved the post;
  • Gender of the audience;
  • Location of followers;
  • Number of clicks among others!

 There is a section on the Instagram business profile that provides insights and graphics that make the data easier to read. In each publication, you can also view the data!

4. Instagram can strengthen the relationship with your audience

A survey carried out by Facebook, which is the company that also manages Instagram, reveals that the presence of a brand on this social network can boost customer relationships and associate the company with a positive image.

It all depends on the brand’s strategy and positioning, of course. However, more than 80% of Brazilian Internet users believe that corporations on Instagram are more creative and popular!

In addition, this network has several features that bring the brand and the user closer together. We have prepared a list with some examples:

  • Client is able to send messages via direct;
  • The use of hashtags makes it easier for users to search for inspiration from brands, relevant content and people;
  • It is possible to make purchases through Instagram through the virtual store;
  • People can share products and brand the company;
  • The company can interact with consumers through polls, # campaigns and other resources.

 In addition to these benefits, having an Instagram business profile is essential for your company’s success if this is a strategic social network for the brand.

A corporate profile always conveys more credibility than a personal profile, and in the case of specific segments such as food, fashion, architecture, among others, the network is a bridge that interacts with the customer.

To exploit all the benefits, it is very important that your strategy is well defined, both in textual and photographic content, as well as in the brand’s own personality.

Finally, when recapitulating all the reasons and advantages to create your business profile on Instagram, it is possible to say that this is a network that can boost your business sales, in addition to branding and the relationship with potential customers.

For this, tools ranging from reports to the online store are what differentiate Instagram for Business!

How about testing all the tools and exploring the benefits in practice right now? Here’s the tip!

Like the tips, but need help managing your brand’s Instagram business profile strategically? Talk to the experts from Nerdweb right now and ask your questions!

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