3 tips for successful Facebook videos: highlights, vertical & community management

What should brands, companies and of course creators pay attention to with their Facebook videos? How do you achieve higher visibility in the news feed and in Facebook Watch?

Facebook videos are a decisive format when it comes to successful Facebook marketing with high visibility. This applies to both short videos for Facebook ads and longer videos for Facebook Watch.

On Facebook for Creators (which is also an exciting site for companies), Facebook has now published various tips for more successful Facebook videos. It is interesting that the tips are also based on real examples and are also backed up with numbers.

Attract attention with your Facebook videos within the first 3 – 5 seconds

The news feed is full of content. On Facebook Watch, the competition with high-quality videos is even higher and strongly tailored to personal interests.

Facebook recommends placing highlights and key messages of videos in the first three to five seconds. The first few seconds are decisive in whether people even start watching the video. In the case of longer videos, the additional seconds decide whether people are willing to invest more time in the video.

I would reduce the time a bit. Immediately attracts attention when the video starts. So right in the first second!

Often times, videos have exciting, informative, and attention-grabbing scenes, but they are not shown at the beginning of the video. If they only appear in the middle or at the end of the video, they will be seen by significantly fewer people. So see what is the best and most important scene in your video and place it as a trailer (or preview) right at the beginning.

Facebook gives an example in which, through a highlight trailer, views with more than playback time of one minute has increased by 43%.

According to Facebook, high-quality videos longer than three minutes achieve the most video views that are longer than a minute.

Published Facebook videos in 4: 5 format

We have already discussed several times how important vertical videos are. Companies are also not unfamiliar with the development of mobile first and vertical videos, but they often still rely on the wrong formats when it comes to Facebook videos.

Tipps Facebook Videos - wählt das richtige format

It is often also possible to adapt existing video material and publish it in 4: 5 format. In another example, Facebook states that the performance of the same video with the same content in 4: 5 format was twice as good as the video in 16: 9 format.

Of course, not all videos can be adapted become. But always check whether it is possible and don’t let the higher visibility narrow you.

After publishing, it’s about community management

Whoever publishes content on Facebook and Co. is active in social networks. Social doesn’t mean posting videos or ignoring feedback, questions and comments. Social media means interacting with the questions and comments.

Facebook emphasizes the importance of interactions with the community. Once with your own content, but also with content from other sites or accounts. As a company, it is certainly more difficult to enter into the dialogue on foreign pages and / or profiles and this requires a very good feeling for communities. But when it comes to their own content, companies still have a lot of potential when it comes to community management in 2021.

The tips are not the holy grail now and neither are any new developments, but they will still become a lot often not taken into account. There is a lot of good video content that is either published in the wrong format or has a far too long and boring intro and therefore gets lost in the News Feed and Facebook Watch. Very these three tips as basics and take them into account in all your Facebook videos.

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