20 NO Secrets of How to Attract and Retain Visitors on Social Media

Created a website / landing page for your business … and that’s it? Of course, they will sell, but is it effective enough?

For example, in Russia: individual entrepreneurs – 3,744,412 people. LLC – 3 483 369 units.

These are only officially registered companies.

And how can you stand out? Social media is a suitable tool in a highly competitive environment. They can help you stand out, but you need to know how to guide them. There are no secrets here, but not everyone follows even the simplest rules that can help well in attracting and retaining potential customers on social networks. So, the topic of the article is declared, we will not languish.

NOT secret # 1. Do not spray – there is no need.

There are a lot of social networks. Are you sure you need to be in each? Conduct an analysis – which network is best for what. Find out what social media your target audience is on. Take quality, not quantity.

NOT secret # 2. Advertising is good, but in moderation.

Social networks are a place for communication and relaxation. If you post with ads, then no one will read your profile. Fill your account with useful information for readers, publish entertaining content. Leave a lower percentage for advertising.

NOT secret # 3. Know your audience.

Who are you writing for? After analyzing who the target audience is, it will immediately become clear how to write, what to write about.

NOT secret # 4. Connect with your audience.

Respond to each comment. If you think it doesn’t matter – IMPORTANT. Build communication with your readers – they are future customers. Create a ground for communication – arrange polls, conduct discussions, ask subscribers for an opinion.

NOT secret # 5. Headings are cool.

Come up with unusual titles. Catch your readers’ headlines. It is unlikely that their gaze will stop at a large text. A custom headline might catch your eye.

NOT secret # 6. Draw conclusions – back up with statistics.

Link to statistics. This will increase the number of comments by about 20%.

NOT secret # 7. The sequence of the story.

Think in advance which logic to follow. Lack of consistency is fraught with reduced traffic. People will get confused and stop reading the profile.

NOT secret # 8. Ease of storytelling.

Write interesting, informative, but do not forget that you are writing for social networks. No one wants to read large articles with complex terms.

NOT secret # 9. Show your personal side.

You have a personal blog – show, tell about yourself. Company blog – show the inner life of the team, write about employees or company traditions. People are interested in getting to know you or the company better. It’s so easy to connect with your followers and get closer.

NOT secret # 10. Post at the right time.

See when the audience is most active – then publish your posts.

NOT secret # 11. We respond to criticism correctly.

Social media is a place where people love to voice their opinions. And sometimes it is negative. Do not respond to aggression in kind. Show courtesy and kindness.

NOT secret # 12. Think like this: quality is better than quantity.

Chasing numbers can be confusing. Focus on how many of your audience is engaged – it generates traffic. Strive to increase it, not numbers.

NOT secret # 13. The schedule is important.

Choose a comfortable posting frequency and stick to it. Without a schedule, activity will drop. Fasting once a day is good. If less often – not scary. But watch out for the informative content of the post. You rarely publish, but high quality.

NOT secret # 14. Free products / materials.

Engage users with raffles. Loyalty will increase, new potential customers will appear.

NOT secret # 15. Ask for your opinion.

Ask subscribers for their opinion. But it’s important to listen to him. Show that their opinion influences changes in the company and they will be more willing to get in touch.

NOT secret # 16. Keep in touch with your readers.

Keep a personal blog – provide links to personal profiles on other social networks. Invite subscribers to be friends.

NOT secret # 17. Creativity.

Experiment with different types of content, otherwise your readers will get bored. Lots of photos – dilute the video. And vice versa. Come up with rubrics, share life stories. Think Big!

NOT secret # 18. Comment on other profiles.

Leave your opinion and participate in discussions on other pages. Comment on subscribers. This will help attract a new audience and remind the existing one about yourself.

NOT secret # 19. Without humor, anywhere.

Don’t forget about humor! Even if you are a serious company. Humor brings readers closer, increases loyalty and relaxes the audience a little. They will be more willing to comment and participate in the life of your profile.

NOT secret # 20. Love to lead.

You need to love what you do. The audience will feel if you write without a soul or if you don’t like writing. And if you do not like it, then why does the reader need it?


The main weapon for attracting and retaining visitors is work. Make efforts, develop. Don’t forget who you are doing this for. Communicate with your audience, be caring. Get inspired by successful companies. Perhaps, in the future, they will be inspired by you.

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