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10 ways to promote Instagram in 2021

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for blogging, advertising business services, and creating your own brand. 15 million users visit this social network every day. They post vivid photos, unusual videos, interesting stories on their profiles. But not everyone is able to quickly achieve success and gain a large audience.

In order to make your account popular, I recommend using the 10 best Instagram promotion methods in 2021:

1. Strategy and positioning

When creating a new profile or deciding to spin an old one, you need to choose a clear strategy. This is the first thing to start with. This item cannot be skipped, your result will depend on it.

To successfully draw up a strategy, answer yourself to the main questions (be sure to write down the answers on paper):

  • Who are you, what are you representing? Blogger, company, expert?
  • What is your blog about? What are the main topics?
  • What are you drowning for? (For example: logic and common sense, self-development …).
  • What are you up against? (For example: inadequacy, infocygans, black promotion methods …).
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do you offer or sell?
  • What is your benefit?
  • What are your main goals? What is an account for? For example, attract new customers, increase brand awareness, become famous, etc.
  • What promotion methods and tools will you use?

For a successful advance, you must adhere to the selected line. Decide on goals – advertising services, promoting a personal brand, displaying store products, etc. Depending on the focus of your blog, select content. Bright photos, publication of advertising videos, reviews. All materials must correspond to the chosen topic, as well as the interests of your target audience.

It is important to stay on track and demonstrate your expertise in your niche. It is not permissible to mix styles and publish entertainment content from personal archives to a business account, but in rare cases there are exceptions.

2. Profile decoration

For high-quality promotion of your account, you need to pay special attention to the design.

  • Correctly style the profile header.
  • Make relevant everlasting stories (cases, reviews, contacts).
  • Think in advance about the visual strategy of your feed (at least 9 posts).

In your profile header, you should indicate your occupation or the services you offer in the very first line below your photo. For example, tailoring, hairdresser, brand name. Then fill in the details about yourself. If the account is aimed at business or advertising, use expert vocabulary to increase trust with potential customers. Briefly describe your occupation, add links to other social networks, means of communication. Write about your suggestions and what you might be interested in.

Remember, going to your profile, a person sees the full picture of the account, and not its individual parts. That is why photos, videos, and a hat should be in harmony with each other. Don’t forget about actual pinned Stories. In them you can put reviews, information about yourself, biography and everything that you think may be useful and interesting for the target audience.

3. TikTok and other sites

When creating a post or video, do cross-posting to other sites. This way you can increase your reach and claim your Instagram account on other platforms. I highly recommend paying attention to TikTok. This site has shown very rapid growth in recent years and it is still possible to promote there for free.

I also recommend posting your content on Youtube, Yandex Zen, Vkontakte, Like, Snapchat, Kwai, Triller and other social networks. This will help you to increase your reach for free, and therefore the number of subscribers.

4. Joint live broadcasts

Regardless of the number of subscribers, pay attention to joint live broadcasts. As co-hosts, choose people whose accounts are more popular than yours. It is important that the channel directions are similar or close to your blog. This way you can make yourself known and attract new audiences.

To conduct live broadcasts, you need to choose a topic of conversation in advance, as well as discuss all the nuances of the broadcast. Try to choose topics that you are well versed in and an expert on. It is enough to broadcast live with interesting Instagram persons once a week.

5. Marathons

Marathon is a method of promotion, when several experts with similar topics gather in a kind of collaboration: create a common account, invite their subscribers to subscribe and give the audience something useful within the framework of the marathon.

Running marathons increases and sells your expertise, which means it makes your brand more recognizable and increases trust.

The advantage of marathons is that they attract a large number of subscribers at a low cost. Be sure to include expert opinions in the program, invite guests who can teach viewers useful things. Advertising costs for a marathon are usually split among all the speakers.

6. Mutual PR

The easiest way to promote your blog. Mutual PR with the same beginner Instagram account will help increase the number of subscribers.

You mention a blogger in a story or a post, and he, in turn, also recommends your account and you exchange an audience.

It is advisable to choose accounts with related or similar topics as yours in order to increase the percentage of interested audience.

7. Commenting

A good way to get your first 1000 subscribers for free. The method will help you to declare yourself on the pages of other users.

Make a list of bloggers that your target audience follows and who have good engagement in their posts. Select the topic that interests you and leave comments under the posts.

The more often you write, the more interesting your opinions, the more people will go to your profile and subscribe.

Remember to comment on a regular basis. It is also not recommended to offend the authors of the account, other users in order to avoid a ban, as well as create a negative image.

8. Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to promote without financial investment. They help users quickly find posts that match one topic, and therefore, using correctly selected hashtags, you can increase the reach of your posts.

The smaller your profile, the less frequent queries you need to use. To select a hashtag, enter a keyword in the search bar and Instagram will show the frequency of the request.

The number of hashtags can be up to 30. You can post in the post or in the comments. The second option is preferable.

9. Advertising with bloggers

Advertising from bloggers in stories or posts is still a working method of promotion. But it is important to choose the right one who will advertise you: So that there are no markups and your target audience is subscribed to the blogger.

It is advisable to select opinion leaders with a similar topic to your account. You can search for them manually or through various services, for example:

How not to drain the blogger’s advertising budget?
To get started, ask your blogger for a screenshot of up-to-date coverage statistics for the last 7 days. If you have doubts about the statistics that the blogger sends, then ask to make a video recording of the screen – it will be difficult to fake. Life hack: be sure to look at the ratio of likes to subscribers. 5-10% are very good indicators. As your account grows, the percentage drops.

The price of one thousand impressions per story should not exceed 300 rubles.

The optimal cost of advertising is calculated using this formula:

Reach x 0.3 = Maximum ad cost.

On average: from 1000 views in Stories, we get from 50 to 350 conversions to our Instagram account, of which about 20% become subscribers (this is 10-70 people) – it all depends on the quality of the blogger’s advertising and how well the profile is designed.

A good way to check the influencer is through the Livedune analytics service.

10. Targeted advertising

I am 100% convinced that official Instagram / Facebook advertising is the most important and effective method of promotion. Only with its help, you can systematically bring clients and subscribers to your blog.

Before launching targeted advertising, make sure that your profile is well-formed and can interest your target audience. The recommended minimum number of posts is 9.

You can customize advertising with the help of specialists or on your own through your Facebook account and the “Promote” button in the application on your phone.

How to properly configure advertising yourself, I will tell you in detail in the Course on targeted advertising.

I talked about the 10 most effective at the moment white methods of promoting Instagram. I wish you the best of luck and success in promoting your blog! Subscribe to my Instagram and YouTube channel!

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