10 SendPulse Features for Effective Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is a base that can consolidate your sales in a steady stream so that customers do not leave after the first or second purchase, but stay with the company for a long time, recommending the brand to their friends. How exactly should you build your marketing?

Today the market offers many tools for your marketing, which can be difficult to choose from. We will tell you about the popular multichannel platform SendPulse, where you can set up email and messenger marketing, as well as send web push notifications, SMS and Viber messages.

Let’s tell you more about all the platform’s features.

1. Multichannel subscription forms

All marketing activities start with a quality subscriber base. You can gather your audience by posting a subscription form on your website or blog. Subscription forms are responsive, so they will not break the layout of the site and will look equally good on all devices.

Пример формы подписки, созданной в редакторе SendPulse

An example of a subscription form created in SendPulse editor

How to create a subscription form

In your personal account, go to the “Subscription forms” section and click the “Create a new form” button.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse

Creating a new subscription form in the SendPulse service

In the service, you can choose a ready-made form template or create it yourself using the constructor.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse

Ready-made subscription form templates in SendPulse service

To create a form with a suitable design, choose its appearance: inline, popup, floating or fixed.

Виды форм подписки

Types of subscription forms

Next, you need to select the address book in which the contacts will go and go to the constructor. This is what the constructor itself looks like:

Конструктор форм подписки в сервисе SendPulse

Subscription form builder in SendPulse service

In the constructor, add the required number of elements:

  • Field is needed to collect information about subscribers: name, email address, etc.
  • Checkbox will be useful when creating a form in which you can choose which of the mailings from your company to subscribe to: news, discounts or contests.
  • Radio buttons are used to collect information when the subscriber chooses from several options, for example, indicates gender: female or male.
  • Checkbox use to get subscribers consent to the processing and storage of their personal data.
  • Drop-down list is suitable for a form in which you can specify information about yourself by choosing from the available options. This can be a list of professions or cities, as well as the year of birth.

SendPulse subscription forms are multichannel, so you can subscribe users in different channels: for SMS mailings and in Facebook or Telegram messengers via a chat bot. Click on the “+” additional elements button, select the “Phone” or “Messenger” element and drag it to the form.

Please note that in order for a user to become your subscriber in the messenger, you must have a chat bot connected.

Выбор дополнительных каналов: подписка на SMS и рассылки в мессенджерах

Selecting additional channels: subscription to SMS and messaging in messengers

To make the form match the style of your site, use all the features of the designer to customize it: vertical or horizontal positioning of the form, centering the fields or aligning them to the left, choosing the background, its transparency, outline color, size of padding, rounding of corners and more many other options.

After customizing the form’s appearance, you need to specify the conditions for its display. You can disable the display of the pop-up form if the subscriber visits the site from a mobile, and set the form to display only on certain pages of your site. You can also shorten the interval for submission of the form to the desired number of days, so as not to annoy users with frequent requests to subscribe.

Условия показа формы подписки

Terms of displaying the subscription form

In the last step, the service provides three important settings for your subscription form. Let’s see why they are needed.

Subscription Notice is displayed after the user has filled out the form and clicked the Subscribe button. In SendPulse, you will find prepared text that you can edit or replace with your own.

Настройка уведомления о подписке

Setting Up Subscription Notification

Subscription Confirmation can be selected in two ways: single opt-in or double opt-in.

In the case of single opt-in, the addresses will be included in your database immediately after the user has filled out the subscription form on your website and clicked on the “Subscribe” button. If you choose the double opt-in subscription method, contacts will be added to your database after the user has followed the link in the received letter to the mail specified by him.

The service has the text of the subscription confirmation letter – change it for yourself or leave it as it is.

Письмо подтверждения подписки

Subscription confirmation email

Confirmation page to which a new subscriber is directed after clicking on the link in the confirmation email. You can choose from options: “Redirect to a page on my site” or “Show a standard page with a message.” If you are redirecting a subscriber to your site, please provide a link.

Страница подтверждения подписки

Subscription confirmation page

Now click on Apply Changes and Save and Retrieve Code. Copy the code and paste it into your site between the tags.

SendPulse has a library of ready-made free templates for creating newsletters. In it you will find templates on various topics: business, online shopping, cuisine, medicine, education, holidays, tourism and others.

You can insert your links, text, images and videos into the template.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse0

Gallery of ready-made SendPulse templates

After editing, click “save” and the template is ready for sending mailings.

In SendPulse, you can create a newsletter template using a block editor and a simplified editor. The second option is intended for users who understand HTML code.

We will consider creating a template using a block editor, because it is easier to work with. The scheme of work is as follows: select the desired element, drag it into your template and edit it. You can change the color, shape and style, and most importantly, you do not need to know the HTML code for this.

How to create an email template in a block editor

Go to the Message Templates menu and click Add Template.

Next, select “Template Builder”.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse1

Choosing a Template Builder

The template builder will open before you. On the left you see a panel with available elements, in the center – the layout of the letter itself, which you will edit, and on the right – a panel in which you can customize each element in the desired style.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse2

Email Template Builder in SendPulse

Let’s take a look at each of the drag-and-drop elements on the left panel:


Text you add to the template will be modified in real time as you customize it on the right side of the designer. Change the size, color, font, line height, background color and other settings.

Image will be displayed in the body of the email after you upload an image from your computer or select from images that were previously uploaded to the service. Each image has a number of settings: width, left or right alignment and center; indent from the top, bottom and side edges of the block; background color and outline.


Use this element to add a button to your email. In the panel on the right, specify the text on the button and the link where it will lead.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse3

Button settings in template

You can give the button the desired shape: round the corners, set the height and width, change the color and text.


Use a separator when you need to visually separate two blocks from each other in a template. You can choose a line or indent as a separator.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse4

Setting the delimiter in the template


To add a video to the template, drag the “Video” element to the appropriate block in the email and provide the YouTube link to the video. You will see a preview of the video displayed in the template.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse5

Add video to email

Social networks

To enable the subscriber to subscribe to your social networks, drag the Social Networks element from the left pane to the desired place in the email and paste the links.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse6

Adding social media buttons to email

Done – the main elements have been added to the template, now save it and start the newsletter.

Before sending a mailing list, you can check your subscriber base for invalid addresses, which may be the reason for your mailing list to be spammed. The address validator will filter out spam traps, misspelled and outdated addresses.

How to clear the list of invalid addresses

Go to the “Check email” section and click the “Check” button.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse7 Email address verification

In SendPulse you can check a single email address or an entire address book, as well as upload a list of addresses from a file in txt, csv, xls, xlsx formats for checking.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse8

Selecting address books to check

After validation, you will not only have a list of “valid” and “invalid” addresses, but also a separate book in which you can create segments and launch a mailing list on them.

Marketers have long noticed that people open trigger emails more often and more readily than regular emails. That’s why abandoned cart email, order status notification, subscriber’s birthday email, and other trigger emails have already become classic must-haves for effective business.

In SendPulse, you can set up triggered mailings, as well as automatic message chains from email, web push and SMS. To do this, select “Auto-feeds” from the menu on the left, click “Create auto-feed” and select “Automation 360”.

Создание новой формы подписки в сервисе SendPulse9

Creating a Triggered Newsletter in SendPulse

In SendPulse, you can create an auto-mailing that is sent to different types of triggers. We will analyze the creation of a letter for a special date. This kind of trigger allows you to send mailing lists for the subscriber’s birthday, congratulations on the customer’s anniversary, and other emails.

How to create an auto-link for a special date

First, you need to make sure that your address book has a column with the dates of birth of subscribers. In our example, all subscriber dates are stored with the variable “Birthday”.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse0

Variable with the date of birth of the subscriber

Now let’s move on to creating the auto-link itself. In the Automation 360 chain designer, specify the start of the Special Date autoreport. Next, specify the address book and select the variable under which the birthday data is saved. If you want the letter to be sent every year on your birthday, then you need to select “Every year (per month and day)” with the label “Immediately”. If you want to send a one-time congratulation letter, then select “When the date comes from a variable.”

You can also arrange for the email to be sent a few days before or after your birthday.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse1

Setting up a birthday trigger email

Now in the constructor you can add messages that will be sent to the subscriber’s birthday by email, web push or sms and set up the sending and options for each of them in the panel on the right. When you have completely configured your chain, click Apply and Save & Run.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse2

Example of subscribers’ birthday auto-link

In the auto-mailing editor, you can create not only letters for a special date, but also set up a complex system of trigger letters, by the way, for many of which there are ready-made templates in the service.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse3

Ready-made chains of trigger messages in the SendPulse service

Segmentation allows you to create newsletters with relevant content for your audience. For example, a clothing store might offer dresses to women and pants to men.

How to create a segment in the address book

Open the “Address Books” section, select the desired address list and go to the “Segments” tab.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse4

Setting up segments in the address book

Next, click the “Add Segment” button and define the segmentation criteria.

You can segment by data that is saved from the subscription form to variables. For example, a pet store collects information about a subscriber’s pet and creates a segment based on this. In this case, you can send separate email offers to the owners of cats, dogs, parrots or other pets.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse5

Adding a new segment

After you have specified the criteria for segmentation, click “Apply” and create a campaign for the saved segment.

Use personalization to add subscriber data to the email so that it looks like a newsletter prepared for each subscriber separately.

How to personalize your email

You can insert the collected subscriber data into the subject or email template. Let’s look at an example of adding a subscriber’s city to a letter template. Please note that in your contact base, the variable must contain data about the cities of subscribers.

Place the cursor in the required place of the template, click “Add condition” in the toolbar. Select the variable and set the condition according to which the text will be substituted in the letter. In our case, we select the variable {{city}} equal to “Kiev” so that our template displays “Delivery in Kiev for free”. If the variable corresponds to a different city, the template will display the text “Sending by mail”.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse6

Adding city variable to email

In a letter, our example will look like this:

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse7

An example of a letter with a city variable

The service has a built-in recommendation system for better deliverability of your mailing list. At the last step of creating a mailing list, the system analyzes all the components of the letter and gives hints which elements need to be improved in order not to get into spam.

How to get recommendations for better deliverability

To get started, you need to create a mailing list: fill in information about it, choose an address book, specify the sender’s name and address, come up with and select a letter template, fill out the mailing list settings and get recommendations for improving the deliverability.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse8

Recommendations for better email deliverability

In our example, the recommendations were as follows:

  • Subject line too short or too long. Recommended topic length is 6 to 100 characters.
  • Missing Alt attributes for images. Add Alt attributes for images – if images do not load, alternative text will be displayed in their place.

And what recommendations will be for your letter, check it yourself in SendPulse.

In SendPulse, you can subscribe users to notifications from your site that will pop up in the subscribers’ browser. With web push, you can send a short text and add a link to a specific page on your site. In notifications, send news, order status or invitation to a webinar.

How to send web push newsletters

To build a subscriber base of your site, you need to subscribe to web push. Open the “Push” tab.

Готовые шаблоны форм подписок в сервисе SendPulse9

Section for push mailings in SendPulse

Click “Add a new site”, enter your site information, upload a picture that will be displayed when subscribing to notifications and define the condition under which a request for a web puh subscription will pop up on your site.

Виды форм подписки0

Configuring a push notification subscription

When you save all the settings, the service generates a special code that needs to be added to your site. After adding the code, you can start creating your mailing list:

  1. click Send Push,
  2. provide a list of recipients,
  3. add title, text and link.

If you have up to 10,000 subscribers in your database, you can send web push for free.

Виды форм подписки1

Sending push notifications in the SendPulse service

To send SMS and Viber messages, save the subscribers’ phone number to the contact database.

How to send SMS campaigns

Go to the main menu and click Send SMS.

Виды форм подписки2

Sending SMS

A window will open in which you need to fill in all the fields:

Виды форм подписки3

  • Sender’s name

To send SMS to some operators, you may need to register a name.

  • Message text

One message can contain up to 160 Latin characters or 70 Unicode characters. Use the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet.

Enter numbers manually or select an address book.

  • Dispatch time

Choose the time of dispatch: now or schedule for the desired date.

In SendPulse, you can also send newsletters to your phone number in Viber. The length of a message in Viber is 6 times longer than in a standard SMS message.

How to send Viber campaigns

Open the Mailings tab and click the Send Viber button.

Виды форм подписки4

Sending Viber Newsletter to SendPulse

To send Viber campaigns, register the sender’s name. Viber will review your application within 10 business days. Click on “Add new sender name” and specify examples of messages that you are going to send to Viber and click “Apply for registration”. Activation takes 7 to 30 days. As soon as the sender’s name becomes active, proceed to creating a mailing list.

Select the type of message: advertising or system, and enter phone numbers manually or specify an address book. Next, create the message itself – add an image, text and a button. In the service, you can use the message preview. If everything is displayed correctly, feel free to send Viber mailing.

Complement your marketing strategy with social chatbots. In SendPulse, you can set up auto-replies and send bulk emails to your Facebook and Telegram communities. You can also develop entire scripts for interactive communication with subscribers based on message threads.

How to create a chatbot message thread

In the main menu, open the “Chatbots” section.

Виды форм подписки5

Chatbots Section in SendPulse

Connect a bot in the “Manage Bots” tab for your Facebook and Telegram communities.

Виды форм подписки6

Connecting a chatbot to SendPulse

Now create the actual message thread in the chatbot constructor.

  • Create a trigger

Trigger is a condition on which an auto-reply will be sent or a conversation will start in a chat with a user. The trigger can be an action of the subscriber, for example, the user subscribed to the chatbot mailing list or entered the keyword “Price”, “Hello” or whatever you specified in the chat.

  • Attach autoreplies

Add text, images, and buttons to your message. You can add as many messages as you want to the thread. When the chain is ready, click Apply.

Виды форм подписки7

Chatbot chain in SendPulse constructor

In the service, you can check the correctness of sending messages for each individual chain, save the auto-reply chain and send it to yourself. After verification, start the chain for all subscribers.

This concludes our top 10 features of the SendPulse service, but these are far from all the useful features that you will find to customize your marketing. Another useful thing is a mobile application to track the results of campaigns on mobile. API for developers will help you implement service functions into your CRM or CMS, detailed reports and A / B tests will help you analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improve them. Try the service yourself and share your impressions in the comments.

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