1.8 billion people use Facebook groups + other statistics


Facebook groups have been around for ten years now. Thus, Facebook is not only celebrating the tenth anniversary of Instagram, but also of groups that have developed from an additional function to a core element of Facebook.

As part of the tenth anniversary of Facebook groups, Facebook has again published some interesting statistics.

Current statistics on Facebook groups

1.8 million people use Facebook groups every month. If you compare the number with the total number of Facebook users, then two thirds of all Facebook users used the group function.

The offensive on the part of Facebook is therefore paying off and Groups are an integral part of Facebook usage and the news feed content consumed.

Over half of all active Facebook users are members of at least five groups. This also shows how competition among groups has intensified. At the same time, groups are the main competitor from Facebook pages. At least when it comes to visibility in the news feed and user interactions.


This is where the strength of groups and the goal setting meet from Facebook to each other. In order to counteract the decline in user activity, Facebook communicated its groups much more aggressively. At the same time, groups receive significantly more new functions compared to pages. Both strengthen groups and increase activity with the shared content.

A successful group lives from its own community, but also from the people who supervise and moderate the group. Over 70 million people lead and moderate Facebook groups. Without these people, groups would not be in the position they are in today.

Branded content, Q & As and more visibility for public Facebook groups

The newly introduced functions show how much Facebook invests in groups. The features cover the interests of all parties. Members, companies and administrators.

Great potential for companies: Branded content for Facebook groups

Branded content has long been established in influencer marketing and in cooperation with media companies. But there are also very far-reaching Facebook groups that are now also being integrated into Facebook’s influencer marketing tool. Groups are now also part of the Brand Collabs Manager . Here companies can search for suitable groups and establish paid partnerships.


One advantage of groups is that it they exist for a great many niches and many local topics. If you think of the large number of active groups, it quickly becomes clear how many opportunities there are for companies. Especially in combination with the high visibility in the news feed.

More interactions through Q & As for Facebook groups


We usually know Q & As from Facebook from livestreams, or its counterpart Instagram Live. Now there will also be a Q&A function for Facebook groups.

The Q&A is not a video, but a text-based post. As you can see in the screenshot, the posts contain a prominent call-to-action that encourages members to ask questions.

The direct exchange and support are an essential part of Facebook groups. Thanks to the Q&A function, administrators can now pre-button particularly frequently asked questions or deal with current topics. Definitely a function that could also be used regularly and at fixed times.

Post suggestions from public groups in the news feed

As is well known, we have public and private groups on Facebook. While private groups are better suited for building a community, public groups enjoy a higher level of visibility.

This visibility has now increased again. Facebook starts playing related group discussions in the news feed. The principle is similar to video suggestions, only now for public Facebook groups. However, the recommendations are not chosen arbitrarily.

Rather, the aim is to display content on topics that are discussed in other groups but are related to one’s own activity. For example, if you share a post and it is also shared in a public group, this content is recommended in the news feed. In this way, users should delve deeper into topics and discover new groups at the same time.

As you can see, a lot is happening in Facebook groups and this development will continue, as this is where the activity of Facebook users is most intense.

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