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Workzilla website: all the secrets of earning money for beginners

The Workzilla website is a popular resource for remote earnings. It has been working for a long time, while regularly expanding the list of categories. Here you can find work for both inexperienced and professional freelancers. Therefore, we recommend that you read the article to the end and find out all the chips.


How Workzilla Works

The principle of work of the Workzilla website is extremely simple. The user draws up a task, sets the cost for its implementation, forms the TOR, in which he indicates all the requirements.

The contractor / applicant, in turn, finds him, responds and submits in accordance with the specified deadline. If the customer is satisfied with everything, he accepts the job.

The money is transferred to the performer to the account in the personal account of the exchange. You can log into your personal account using your Google account.

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What types of services does the exchange provide

For ease of use, the official website of Workzilla has an intuitive menu. All orders are divided into categories, so when looking for a job, it will be easier for the user to figure out which direction to move and in which subsection to choose offers.

The following categories of orders can be found on the site:

  • Texts. Here, customers leave ads with detailed technical specifications, in which they offer the author to write high-quality content for information sites, write competent product descriptions for online stores, and much more. In addition, if you are skilled in LSI or SEO copywriting, you can find relevant ads through filtering or search engines. There is also an additional subsection “Creativity”. It contains an archive of TK for those who can write a poem, do, essay, sometimes they even come across offers to complete a test, term paper or thesis.
  • Site Help. This category is designed to collect orders related to filling information resources on WordPress or Joomla engines. The TK may include filling with articles, layout, image search, inserting alt, Title, Description. There are often suggestions to keep track of plug-ins on the engine and technical issues, to fix bugs in a timely manner. In other words, each performer can become a resource administrator.
  • Design. This category is intended for professional artists. That is, those who have the appropriate education can get to work without hesitation. In this section, you can find suggestions for drawing up graphic materials and drawings, drawing sites from scratch, using various kinds of designs for design. This also includes infographics and the compilation of various options for drawings, as well as individual logos for brands. You, as a performer, have the right to assign authorship to each finished object.
  • Social networks, advertising. The main focus of this category is promotion on Instagram, VK and other multiuser services. The customer draws up a technical specification with a request to place various advertisements, insert links to accounts. If you are well versed in setting up blocks of YAN ad networks, Google Adsence – there are enough such TORs. A separate subsection collects tasks in which you need to write reviews or make reposts. Users can also leave suggestions for fine-tuning e-mail newsletters.
  • Help. This section does not require professional skills from the contractor. Usually, customers ask to register on sites, watch a commercial, go to YouTube, leave a review or comment. As a rule, you won’t get much for this kind of work, but it is always there. Therefore, you can take in volume and get a lot of extra money every day.
  • Other. This includes atypical offers. They do not fit into the categories that are on the site. In the TK, it is proposed to make a call to the customer base, record audio or video content. Some tasks are allowed for execution in specific cities. That is, if you are from St. Petersburg, then the task must be completed in this geolocation.

Quests for Workzilla are quite simple, so even a beginner can handle it. The price range differs, depending on the category and the requirements for professionalism, prescribed in the TK.

How much you can earn with Workzilla

The minimum order value is 100 rubles. However, this amount may include the most voluminous tasks. Usually, outburs are so cunning, who take a task on the same exchange and immediately give it to another performer.

This move is designed for beginners. Most of them agree to these rates. This can only be done for the first time when you have no positive reviews, no rating and no portfolio.

Whenever you are just gaining experience, respond to them as often as possible. In another way, a beginner without education will simply not work.

Note! Many customers are also new to the exchange. Therefore, they set the minimum prices, not knowing the exact cost for the selected work. If you have a lot of experience, then you can talk about it in the response. The buyer is likely to raise their bid.

How to start making money

For a beginner freelancer to work, you must register. To do this, go to the site work-zilla.com , click the button “I’m an artist “. Log in with Facebook or Google. To take the task, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the main page of the site, then in the left corner find the button “Tasks” or click “Find a job”. Нажмите на задания на сайте ВоркзиллаИли кликните Найти работу
  2. Next, in the menu that appears, select the desired label “I am a performer” in our case. Выбираем Я исполнитель при регистрации на сайте Воркзилла
  3. Confirm the offer to receive the newsletter by mail or refuse it. Click the desired button in the pop-up window.
  4. Next, the system will offer to pass mandatory testing. You can’t get to work without it. Далее надо будет пройти тестирование
  5. After that, access to the list of tasks will open. Among them, select the ones that are suitable for execution. Выбираем подходящее задание на сайте Воркзилла
  6. If you plan to start completing assignments right away, buy a subscription. To do this, you will have to make a small contribution to your own development. The subscription price today is 440 rubles. Стоимость подписки
  7. If you notice, there is a “Gift” icon at the top of the page. After registration, there is a promotional code in this section. Share it with a friend, then he will receive a discount on the subscription in the amount of 100 rubles, you will add the same amount to your account. Подарок от сайта Воркзилла

However, there is a trick to help you find a job on the Workzilla site without nesting. Go to the “Vacancies” section, and choose a suitable job for your ad. Find the customer’s contacts and go to personal communication with him. You can contact by phone number or e-mail.

Note! High earnings on the Workzilla website are guaranteed only with an active three-month subscription. By having one in your profile, you inspire confidence in your customers.

Why I am having difficulty completing the task

Many newbies who first came to this site may have problems completing paid assignments. It has to do with:

  • lack of experience and portfolio;
  • fear of taking TK;
  • lack of self-confidence;
  • inability to determine the category of tasks;
  • the desire to complete the task for the sake of money, and not for the sake of solving the customer’s problems.

It’s very difficult to get started without building a portfolio. In most cases, customers require examples of previously completed work.

Note! Earning money on the Workzilla site, you do not lose anything. All money transfers are carried out inside the exchange and are absolutely safe. There is no risk that the customer will not pay for the work.

Advantages and disadvantages of making money on Workzilla

The Internet service has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s talk first about the pros , since they are the ones that stop when you have questions about earnings.

  1. Support of the order throughout the entire stage of execution. You, as a performer, can always ask the customer questions and receive feedback from him.
  2. The site always has a huge selection of tasks of different specialties. They are updated daily.
  3. Long-term cooperation is always possible. If you like the customer, then he will give you orders constantly.
  4. There are no restrictions on the value of the TK. This feature is not available on all exchanges.
  5. Small commission for withdrawal and order support. It is only 10%. You will not find this on any other exchange.
  6. Good average cost of TK. The minimum wage for a beginner can vary daily from 500 to 1,500 rubles.
  7. Working affiliate program. You can attract new people. They will register using your link, and you will have a percentage of their earnings. It is important that your referrals are active.
  8. There is a mobile version of the resource, so it’s easy to complete some tasks from your smartphone.

As for the cons, they should include:

  • customers artificially reduce prices;
  • there are bugs in the system;
  • there is no opportunity to fill the portfolio (the buyer of services needs to show it independently via mail or LAN);
  • there is no way to interact with other resources. That is, you cannot work outside the system;
  • the entrance fee is the main disadvantage of the site. So it turns out that this is earnings with an investment.

Also, all sorts of difficulties in endeavors are possible, because right away it is difficult to understand the interface. In addition, all new receipts of technical specifications are always monitored by professional performers. Almost half of all are picked up within the first hour after publication.

Peculiarities of withdrawing funds from your Workzilla account

When the first tasks are completed, you can transfer funds to popular payment systems: Yandex Money, QIWI wallet.

  1. Choose the type of payment system that suits you.
  2. Check the daily limit.
  3. Specify below the amount to be debited and the amount received.
  4. Click the Withdraw button.

Please note that you will not receive funds immediately after submitting your application. For security reasons, it takes 3 days to process it.

Here you can also view the history of transfers that have already been made, if they were previously carried out from this account, as well as, if necessary, replenish the user account.

Formula: how to get a task for a beginner

When you come to Workzilla to earn money, few people notice you. We offer you to study several recommendations in order to attract the attention of the buyer.

  1. Do not use template phrases in your application, such as: “Ready to start”, “Looking for long-term cooperation”, “I will complete the job on time.
  2. Attract attention with detailed facts and promises to turn in on the deadline.
  3. Before submitting your application, take your time and read the TOR carefully. Then, in the response, mention some nuances.
  4. For each customer, create a meaningful and new response text. It must attract attention. Plus, such a text always shows the applicant’s literacy.

Never copy a response text that you have used before. This is being tracked by the exchange, so your application may be canceled.

Analogous sites

Workzilla is an exchange that has analogues. They differ in the interface and features of filing applications. We bring to your attention three such resources.

  1. KWORK. An exchange for earnings, which has collected a sufficient number of high-paying jobs in different directions and categories.
  2. FL is one of the most popular exchanges, it contains all sorts of tasks. To work on the resource, you need to enter a down payment.
  3. Wild boar. Not a very popular resource, but it is quite possible for beginners to make money on it. There is no competition, as the service is little known.

Summing it up

When registering on the Workzilla website, remember the main steps that you need to follow. It’s important to get tested carefully. If you complete it with errors, it will be impossible to complete the registration and start earning. This is how the Workzilla security system works.

Best regards, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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