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What you can write about yourself on Instagram: 24 ideas and examples

In this article, you will learn:

  • What to write about yourself on Instagram: ideas + examples.
  • How to add a profile description.
  • What you shouldn’t write about yourself: design errors.
  • How to decorate the hat beautifully.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

How to add a description: instruction

First, we’ll show you how to add a profile description. Briefly. In instruction format.

Open your profile page in the Instagram app. Click the Edit Profile button.

Переходим в редактор профиля  Инстаграм

There is a section “About me” here. Write your text here: a story about yourself / company / brand; Interesting Facts; methods of delivery of goods; office adress. Here you can also add buttons for communication and an active link – these elements will also be displayed in the header.

Блок «О себе»

We will tell you what to write in the About Me section further.

What to write about yourself on Instagram: examples and tips

Let’s move on to the main part of the article: let’s see what you can write about yourself on your Instagram account. To do this, we will explore different niches and directions: let’s talk about what you can write in your personal blog, business account, brand page and specialist account.

In each subsection, in addition to tips, there will be examples of descriptions on different accounts. Use these examples for inspiration – perhaps some ideas will seem interesting to you and you will implement them on your profile.

Business Accounts

Let’s talk about business accounts first. Here you need to write information about the company. But not the year of creation and the number of employees – but information that will be useful to potential customers.

What to write in the header of a business account – ideas:

  • Field of activity. Briefly tell us what you do: sell products, publish books, set up social media ads for big brands.
  • How you stand out from your competitors. For example, you can install plastic windows in 2 hours; set up advertising on Instagram for 5000 rubles.
  • Specify the work schedule. For example: “Our online store processes applications from 8:00 to 19:00 Moscow time.”
  • Inform about discounts and promotions. Example: “From 10 to 20 August 30% discount on women’s shoes.”
  • Add an active link. To the store or official website of the company, where potential customers can view full information about the company.

The purpose of the business account description: to tell potential customers about the company – to show why they should choose your company or the Internet -shop.

As an example, consider the training center “Netology”.

Нетология в Инстаграм

After studying the description, it immediately becomes clear what the company is doing. Also in the header there are emoticons and an active link to a free course.

Personal Blogs

In a personal blog, you need to talk about what kind of content you publish. Instagram users should understand in the first 3 seconds what your blog is about – for example, you are writing about read books or talking about travel.

What to write about yourself in a personal blog – ideas:

  • Facts about yourself: age, interests.
  • Blog topic. Example: “I am writing texts about business literature”, “I am sharing notes from life in the countryside.”
  • Contacts. You can enter your email or contact number.
  • Active link. For blog, webinar, training course.
  • Quotes. Feel free to insert an interesting quote that relates to your blog topic.

An example of a personal blog is the @lozovsbooks book blog.

Аккаунт книжного блогера в Инстаграм

The author – a girl named Ksenia – talks in a header about the blog topic, uses emoticons, and each thought is written on a new line. There are buttons for communication.

Personal pages

There are no rules for a personal page – you can write whatever you want. It all comes down to your creativity.

What to write on a personal page – ideas:

  • Quotes. This is topical advice for girls – they often insert quotes in their profile header. Where to get quotes: in books, in public pages on Vkontakte and Instagram. Moreover, you can come up with a quote yourself.
  • Area of ​​interest. For example, tell us that you love surfing or skydiving. This tip works for both girls and guys.
  • What you do. For example: “I work at Sberbank”, “I write poetry.”
  • Add an active link. To your site; an interesting video watched on YT.
  • Please indicate your marital status. Married. You can write that you have children. Usually in girls’ accounts you can find the text “Mother of two daughters”, etc.

An example of a personal page is @nebovaa account.

Личный аккаунт в Инстаграм

Here the girl writes about her profession and interests. The city of residence is also indicated.

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Specialist account

A specialist account must sell – as a rule, services. But sometimes these are goods: for example, if a person sells handmade soap. At the same time, we also refer it to specialists, not companies.

What to write to a specialist about yourself – ideas:

  • What it does. Example: “Install plastic windows”, “Set up targeted advertising on Instagram.”
  • How it works. Example: “First I analyze your business, and then I set up ads.”
  • How to contact. Add buttons to contact or enter a phone number / email.
  • Active link. For example, to a website where a potential customer can leave a request; or to a website with a portfolio.
  • The number of successful projects. Example: “I sold over 300 handmade soap bars in 2 years.”

Example – copywriter account @gruzin_pishet.

Профиль специалиста в Instagram

The account owner indicated information about his activities in the header; told about an additional service – training.


A brand account is somewhat similar to a business profile. Here you need to specify information about the brand. But, unlike business pages, you can add information about when the brand was created and who the founder is.

The fact is that in most cases, brands create an Instagram account not to sell goods and services, but to increase the audience’s trust in the company. Therefore, they share more “personal” information.

What to write to a brand about yourself – ideas:

  • Date of foundation. For example, we have been working since 1988.
  • Brand mission. Example: “We want more people to be able to read useful books.”
  • Who is the creator of the brand. You can add a link to his Instagram profile next to this information (if he is on that social network).
  • Interesting facts about the brand. For example: “We have produced 2,000 pairs of headphones in 10 years.”

An example of a brand page is @lays.

Instagram-аккаунт Lays

This is the account of the well-known company Lays. As you can see, the description contains a minimum of information – only that these are the favorite chips of Americans for over 75 years.

What not to write in the “About me” section: common mistakes

We told you what you can write about yourself on Instagram – with examples. In total, we got 24 ideas.

Now let’s talk about what you don’t need to write about yourself. To be more precise, we are not talking about the semantic component, but more about the design of the written.

What not to write in the “About me” section:

  • Poorly readable text. People often use “pretty” fonts that are impossible to read. Therefore, it is impossible to know exactly what the profile is about.
  • Links in the text. You can add one clickable link to the header. There is no need to write it in “bio” – no one will select this link and paste it into the browser.
  • The entire text is in “caps”. You can highlight one word, but you don’t need to write all the text in capital letters. It looks ugly – and it is more difficult to read such text.

How to style the header beautifully: recommendations

So, you wrote a text about yourself in the header of your Instagram profile. But now this section needs to be nicely styled.

Beautiful and unusual fonts

Use beautiful and unusual fonts. But remember, they must read well. Otherwise, people who log into your account will not understand exactly what your profile is about.

And, as a rule, they will just go to another blogger, specialist, online store. Read more about fonts in our article “How to change the font on Instagram.”


Want to add 3-4 active links to the header at once. Unfortunately, this is not possible. But you can make a multi-link.

To create multi-links, you need to use special services. We recommend Taplink.

This way you can create several links at once – for example, to WhatsApp, Telegram, personal blog and YouTube channel. The service creates a separate page with links. It looks like this:

Мультиссылки в Instagram
Sample page with links – created in Taplink


Use emoticons – they will help make text stand out. Each emoticon – before the beginning of the text or at the end of a sentence (instead of a period or semicolon). Also, you can choose thematic emoticons: for example, if you wrote “I am learning English”, then insert an emoji with the flag of Great Britain in front of this text.

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Enter the address of the company office or store. Make this element clickable so that users can click on the address and see the location of the object (office, store, factory) on the map.

Указываем адрес в Инстаграм
Enter the address here

The address can be added in the profile editor, in the “Communication methods” section.


Add buttons for communication: phone number, email. This will make it much easier for customers / readers to contact you. Moreover, it will free up free space in the “About Me” section – you do not have to write your mail or phone in text.

To open this opportunity, you need to connect a business account.

Each sentence on a new line

The profile description must be in list format. Every thought is on a new line. This text about yourself is much easier to read.


  • I write texts to order.
  • I wrote 390 articles in 4 years.
  • I provide individual trainings: I teach how to make money on texts.


Now you know what to write about yourself on Instagram. Use the ideas in this article for your accounts – online stores, personal blogs, or personal pages.

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