What to write about yourself on Instagram: a guide to filling out your profile header

The first impression of your page will depend on what to write about yourself on Instagram. Even for personal accounts, the rule “They meet by their clothes …” applies. It is even more necessary for business or personal brand representatives. As the saying goes: there is no second chance to create a first impression.

It should be remembered that not all information will be useful to visitors or subscribers. In our article we will tell you what to write about yourself, how to arrange it better, and give a list of what is not recommended to mention on your Instagram profile.

The importance of correctly presenting yourself on Instagram

Profile header is where each guest of the page begins to get to know you personally or the brand that you represent. From the first seconds it is important to interest a person with the information presented.

Do not think that by registering a social network account, you are just wasting your time. Here are some good reasons why it’s worth doing :

  • for brand awareness – the millionth Instagram audience should distinguish you from other similar companies or blogs by your photo and profile description;

  • to increase the level of trust – after seeing the picture and reading the information in the profile header, users should clearly understand that they are dealing with a serious business or blogger, and not a fake page;

  • in order to form the image of a company or a person – so that at the first meeting everyone will notice that professionals are working on creating this profile.

Don’t waste your time. After all, there is absolutely no guarantee that a person will visit your page a second time after an unsuccessful first acquaintance. Many details matter. Which ones, we will consider below.

5 rules for writing information about yourself on Instagram

First, to get a ready-made profile description, you need to understand what makes a good BIO. Ready-made ideas are fine for this.

    1. Informativeness

      If you have clearly written down what you do in life, then it can be considered a good BIO. In addition to specifying the professional area, you can talk about your hobbies or achievements. For example, “mom of triplets + always in sports + find time to develop my own business (owner of the company K)”.



      If you are one of those who are considered influencers, that is, your publications can have a significant impact on subscribers, then you should add information about the terms of cooperation with brands, advertising information and upcoming events.

    2. Wits

      This type of BIO is rightfully considered one of the most popular, as wit always makes a positive impression on other netizens.

      Do not be afraid to experiment and come up with your own texts, and do not use borrowed abstruse phrases.

    3. Sense of humor

      Humor is always a safe bet. To enhance the effect, you can combine humor and wit when creating a profile header, thereby making a lasting impression on your target audience on Instagram. Remember an interesting story from your life and describe it with humor.

      For example, musician Diplo approached writing his BIO in a very original way, calling himself “a model on Instagram”. An outside person hardly paid attention to this phrase, and those who know him immediately noted the humorous subtext of this expression.

    4. Call to Action

      You can often find BIOs that are designed to inspire action on everyone who reads them. But this in no way means that they are less attractive to the audience.

      In addition, if you are an entrepreneur, then you simply have to think over the wording of the profile description containing the appeal.

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  1. Ease of perception

    Remember that whichever of the proposed methods you choose, individuality is of primary importance. It is unlikely that a visitor to your page will want to continue acquaintance if he realizes that he is reading borrowed text. Prove your uniqueness and try to interest everyone who sees your page. Do not forget about ease of reading. A person turns to a social network for rest and entertainment, as well as in order to escape from everyday worries.

    A simple and short BIO is much easier to understand than a long boring text. For readability, use bulleted lists, symbols and emojis.

Examples of what to write about yourself on Instagram

What exactly you tell your audience about yourself is up to you. Whether it will be a story from the past or a detailed biography presented in a comic form, only a flight of fantasy will determine. If you represent a brand, you can reveal a little the secret of behind-the-scenes life – this always finds a special response from the audience.

The main thing is to provoke one of the following reactions in the visitor of your page :

  • emotion;

  • motivation;

  • action.

You can use the entire available arsenal, consisting of your charisma, sense of humor, quotes from great people, etc. Do not be afraid to experiment, but remember that everything should be in moderation. If you run a business account for an online store, then you should not add too many emoji, it will give the impression of frivolity.

  1. Profile header for personal blog

    If you have a personal blog, then there are simply no restrictions on how to design your profile header. The main task is to attract a visitor from the first seconds.

    State the general content of the content in a few sentences so that users understand what your page is about. However, avoid using boring phrases and clichés. Engage the reader and create intrigue by replacing standard expressions with “catchy”. For example, you will tell your audience about how to effectively use space in the wardrobe and not spend a lot of time cleaning – call yourself a fairy of cleanliness and order.

    We emphasize once again that the main thing in this business is to show your individuality and not merge with thousands of similar bloggers. And how exactly you do it – through humor or a serious approach – you decide.

    Шапка профиля для личного блога

    Profile header for a personal blog

    The following recommendations are quite suitable for girls to tell about themselves :

    • don’t try to be a poet or writer and come up with a convoluted phrase like “I’m hard to find and easy to lose”. This is already in the past and will most likely cause a negative reaction from profile visitors;

    • remember that each of you has a rich and sometimes not fully explored inner world, which just can be expressed on Instagram. One or two phrases are enough.

    Young people can use the tips below :

    • do not be boring, show maximum wit and your own charisma, especially since this is exactly what attracts the opposite sex to you. Briefly describe your hobby in 150 characters;

    • you can declare your life priorities and goals. But remember that individuality and ease of perception of all written information is important.

  2. Company Profile Description

    When compiling a profile header for a business account, a completely different approach is required. Here you should not show excessive imagination and sprinkle witty jokes. All this replaces a serious approach and a detailed study of each component of the profile, since for some companies Instagram is the main platform for selling goods. With an incorrectly designed profile, you can not only fail to attract a new audience of potential buyers, but also alienate existing customers.

    Keep in mind that the bulk of social network users are young and ambitious people who do not like to think in cliches. Do not use direct calls to actions like “Subscribe”, “Buy”, etc. In addition, the algorithms of the site itself do not welcome such approaches when maintaining an account and will hinder you in every possible way.

    In the profile description you can :

    • tell who your product is for and how you make it;

    • draw customers’ attention to the main differences from competitors;

    • remind about current promotions;

    • announce the launch of new product lines and special offers;

    • post opening hours and basic contact information;

    • attach links to contacts of company representatives.

    If your brand is already known in the market, then the name of the company and the advertising slogan (if any) will be enough. Novice businessmen should look for a middle ground and choose between popular searches in search engines and personality.

    For example, you are about to open your own tailor shop. Having chosen the name and slogan (“Molly” – we sew for you), you need to make sure that potential clients can easily find you. It is also worth trying not to pass for an inanimate bot with a standard name.

    This should be a vivid and memorable statement about the company, its main advantages, combined with key search phrases in a “live” style.

  3. How to make a profile description for a specialist

    If you are an expert in a certain field, then you have to combine a personal blog with a business account. It is quite possible to add emoticons to dilute boring, but necessary phrases. After all, as you know, a potential client is looking not only for a professional, but also for a person with whom you can easily build communication.

    Write down all the conditions of your work, deadlines. Leave your contacts where the customer can easily contact you.

    A freelancer can also place a slogan in the profile description, the main idea that reflects the nature of his work and approach to business. Do not leave the cap blank or only with a phone number. It is not entirely appropriate to write only a hashtag, especially if no one knows it yet.

    The main goal is to make sure that from the first seconds of visiting the page, the user accurately identifies the scope of your activity, the range of services provided and the conditions under which you work. Don’t waste your time or your customers’ time. Indicate all the main subtleties, including the price, so that the person appreciates the possibility of working with you at the initial stage.

Typical mistakes in describing yourself on Instagram

So, we found out what you can write about yourself on your Instagram profile.

Next, let’s see how this information should not be formatted :

  • writing all the text in “caps” mode makes it difficult to read and, moreover, does not look very nice. For emphasis, you can select one, maximum two words;

  • choose a poorly readable font – a visually beautiful font does not mean that the text written by it is easy to read. You may miss some customers corny due to the fact that they could not read the basic information about you;

  • do not add links to the BIO – hardly anyone will copy and paste them into the browser. Leave one clickable link in your profile header.

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More details

5 tips for styling your Instagram profile header

How to style your Instagram profile header beautifully?

  1. Beautiful and unusual fonts

    Beautifully written text cannot always be read by users. So before choosing a font, make sure that your target audience will not have any difficulties in perceiving all of this.

    For more information about fonts, see our article “How to change the font on Instagram”.

  2. Multilink

    If you wish, you cannot add several links to the profile header at once, unfortunately, but it is quite possible to combine them into one. This is doable with a multi-link.

    For example, the Taplink service can help you do this. Thus, you can combine several links at once: Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube channel and personal blog. The service will create a separate page for you with links.

  3. Emoticons

    With the help of smiles, you can make text more structured by adding them to the beginning or end of a sentence, replacing punctuation marks. Themed emoticons will help great: images of animals (if you are engaged in grooming), flags of foreign countries (if you teach languages), etc.


  4. Address

    When specifying the address of a store or office of a company, make it clickable so that visitors to your page can immediately determine its location on the map by clicking on the address.

  5. Buttons

    With the help of buttons for communication – phone number and e-mail, you will facilitate the client’s task of promptly communicating with you. It also frees up some space in the About Me section so you don’t have to put this contact information there.

    This feature is available only for business accounts. The transition from personal can be done without too much difficulty.

So, now you can easily design the profile header of your personal page or online store, which will help to attract as many subscribers and potential customers as possible.

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