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What is Yandex Collections, how they work, why they are needed

Yandex Collections is a promising development of Yandex. The service appeared several years ago, but it was not officially presented, since it was launched in a test version.

Collections received a new impetus for development when the Andromeda algorithm appeared. They became not only a search engine, but also began to promote popular types of business on the web. So, what Yandex Collections is and how they can contribute to the development of their business, read below.


What is Yandex Collections

Yandex Collections allow you not only to save your favorite images, videos and links, but also to form your own collections and even participate in photo contests. The company itself characterizes the service as a means of finding sources of inspiration, exchange of information, new ideas.

So, you can save pictures on a topic of interest to you, create collections and share them with friends. Or you can restrict access to your content – make it only for yourself. In this case, all your saved materials will be available from any device.

 Яндекс Коллекции

Popular topics include: food, beauty and health, and fashion. This also includes – nature, travel, interiors.

If you wish, you can participate in photo contests – they are held here regularly. Or you can vote for the work of other contestants. However, remember that your materials must be original and not contradict the theme, as well as comply with the rules of the event.

The principle of Yandex Collections is very similar to the American social network Pinterest.

It was founded back in 2009. Users save their favorite picture on the board. This is how thematic collections are born. Descriptions or other information is added to the files.

In Russia, this kind of content is not yet so popular. Therefore, this niche can be occupied by Yandex Collections and become a worthy alternative. Let’s talk more about how to use them.

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How Yandex Collections work

In order to use the service, you need to have mail in Yandex. If it is not there, then you need to register. This can be done by phone number, and then follow the instructions. After you complete the registration process, enter “Yandex Collections” in the search box.

As soon as you go to the service, you will be presented with a selection of content recommendations, in other words, images and collections that you might like.

Later, when you subscribe to any users, form a collection of photos, the system will offer you materials based on your preferences.

Рекомендации от Яндекс Коллекции

If a topic that you are not interested in appears in the collection, you can always hide it or delete it.

You can find any picture or thematic collection using the internal search. For example, this is what Yandex Collections shows when requested – “graphics”.

Выдача по запросу Графика

In the window that appears, you will see a selection of thematic images of different users. Any picture you like can be opened and viewed closer, as well as comment on it or put “Like” it.

If you are interested in a user’s collection, you can subscribe to him, and then all new images posted by him will be displayed in your feed. If you wish, it will be easy to unsubscribe from individual users whose work has become uninteresting to you.

Как подписаться в Яндекс Коллекции

Using the “Share” button, you can easily send your favorite collection to the social network, or simply copy the link.

A good option to create your own selection is to add pictures of other users to the page. To do this, just click “Save collection”, after which the materials will appear in your profile.

How to disable Collections

If you use Yandex Browser as your main browser, you probably noticed the “Collections” icon on the control panel. It appeared not so long ago and not all users liked these innovations. Therefore, many people have a question – how to disable it.

To stop using the service, proceed as follows:

  • Open Yandex Browser, and then go to settings. Scrolling down a bit, you’ll see the “Show Collections Button to the Right of Tabs” menu.
  • Remove the “V” (check mark) next to the caption.

After the performed manipulations, the “Collections” icon will disappear from the control panel.

How to create a collection in Yandex

If you want to create collections to your liking, but do not know how to create them, consider the following options:

  • Save other people’s images in your profile. How to do this is described above.
  • Add an image to the collection from search.
  • Find and save here.
  • Download pictures from your computer.

It is worth describing each method in a little more detail so that beginners will not have any questions.

Save from search

To create Yandex Collections, you need to log in and follow the instructions:

  1. Find the service in a search engine and follow the link.
  2. Click on the “Add” button.
  3. Next, in the search bar, enter the query you are interested in. For example: “Cars”. Как создать Яндекс Коллекцию
  4. In the window that appears, you will see a selection of pictures and videos on this topic. Choose the image you like and save it to the collection. If you are creating a new one, you will need to add a title and description for your collection. Here you can briefly talk about your collection – which is common to all images. Insert keywords for this, be sure to link to your site.
  5. Customize access to your collection. You can make it visible to all users or just to yourself.
  6. After you have completed filling in the required fields, added pictures, click “Finish”.

You have just created a new collection and you can load or save images as you like. All “saves” will be displayed on your page.

Save by link

Sometimes we can find beautiful pictures on the Internet. It’s easy to add them to your collection – you can just link to them.

To do this, go to Yandex Collections and click on the “Add” button, and then click on the “Link” icon. Copy the URL of the page and type it into the search box.

Сохраняем по ссылке

The search engine will display all the images that the resource has. Find the picture you like and save it to your collection. Below the photo you will see the source from which the download was made.

Save from computer

Collections are easy to create and transfer images from your PC. This is done according to the same principle as described above (about links), only this time you need to click “Pictures” and then “Download from computer”. Select the file you want and save to a new or existing collection.

If you use the browsers Opera, Chrome, Firefox, then, as an option, you can install special extensions on them. This greatly simplifies the process of creating bins. To do this, you need to click on “Yandex Collections” on the page with the desired picture and fill out the download form. Add a description to the photo and upload to your collection.

You can edit your selections at any time (rename or change the description), add new images or delete them (in the second case, it is advisable to transfer the images to another collection). In this case, other users will be able to save your collections to themselves, share them in social networks.

How to delete a collection

This can be done quite simply and quickly. To do this you need:

  • go to your profile, in the “Services” section;
  • select the collection you want to delete;
  • next to the Share button you will see a pencil icon – click on it;
  • in the window that appears, find “Delete collection” and confirm the action. Как удалить коллекцию

Remember that your “saves” will also be deleted, so if you want to keep them, you must transfer the images to another album. Now you know how to delete a collection.

How to use Yandex Collections for promotion

You need to know that Yandex Collections is not just an entertainment resource – the service is also used to promote business. If you have dealt with Pinterest, then the principle should be clear to you.

The Collection service is image-based. It is expected to grow in popularity over time. With it, people can find new ideas in different directions. The collections will be interesting for representatives of professions who are comfortable working with Instagram, with photos.

The resource is also suitable for those who work in the B2B field. So with the help of infographics and checklists, you can attract the target audience. As a result: while the competition is not too strong, it is worth starting to work with Collections right now.

What is a business profile and what is it for

If you are an employee of a company or, for example, create a media project, you have the opportunity to officially publish content in Yandex Collections.

Using a business profile, you can share thematic selections with potential customers, post product images and inform the audience about the results of your activities.

So, your materials may appear on the main page and in the search results of Yandex, they can also be seen in the Collections news feed and on the Yandex Zen photo gallery channel.

A business profile is a personal page of your firm or company on the Yandex Collections service, used to create and promote your content. Here you can post thematic photographs related to the activities of your company.

How does a business profile differ from a personal one

Using a business profile, you can:

  • indicate your contact information and insert an active link to your resource;
  • manage the page from different accounts;
  • get page verification.

In order to receive a verification mark, a company must complete a page in Yandex Directory.

How a business profile can help

It will allow you to make a presentation of your product. For many users, Yandex Collections is not only a source of inspiration. Here you can also select a product, a gift, plan a purchase.

With the help of the presentation, you will find users who will be interested in your product. There is a high probability that people will notice you when they search for similar products or ideas in Yandex.

How can you benefit from Yandex Collections

Discover all the features of Yandex Collections:

  1. This service allows you to get links to your resource, so you can diversify the link profile of the site.
  2. You will provide yourself with additional free traffic. Unique pictures and enticing descriptions will force users to follow the links in the collection to your site.
  3. Your brand will become more popular. If you have beautiful collections with unique pictures, other users will save them. And their collections will display a link to your profile.

Make your content beautiful. Remember, the more people share your photos, the faster your company will gain popularity.

An account in Yandex Collections can be maintained like a page in social networks:

  • take beautiful and original photos;
  • take part in photography contests;
  • subscribe to users of interest to you;
  • be active. If you comment on other people’s collections, they may also take notice of your content.

Don’t forget to work on your site. Put small texts on it that would complement interesting photos or videos. Create and host infographics.

This way, you can make your content unique and varied, and thus increase the chances that your pictures or videos will be saved by other users. And you will receive another free link to your resource.

Now you know what Yandex collections are, why they are needed and how they can help in promoting your business. We are sure that Yandex Collections will be useful to you.

Best regards, Tatiana Shagarina
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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