Большой опыт в ведении Инстаграм-аккаунтов, подразумевает хорошую оплату

What is this beast – a commercial account manager on Instagram

Celebrities, influencers, bloggers rarely engage in social media on their own. They delegate responsibilities to managers who specialize in developing and promoting the page.

Responsibilities may include both purely visual design and work with direct, setting up advertising, increasing activity and coverage, searching for advertisers.

A commercial Instagram account manager contacts potential advertisers and brands, negotiates payments, finds ad platforms, and even monitors the brand’s reputation. Responsibilities are determined by the account owner, and the amount of payment depends on this.

Commercial account manager: what is he doing?

A commercial account manager is a representative of the interests of a brand or a specific person. The specialty is close to the field of SMM, often includes attracting people, brand promotion, content generation, and advertising setup. But in the classic version, the business account manager deals with:

  • attracting new customers;
  • searching for advertising sites and advertisers;
  • organizing the production process;
  • analyzing the work done;
  • reporting.

Tasks of a specialist directly depend on the specifics of the company. Some only need to work on the visual design, while others need to initiate sales.

Training involves mastering standard operating principles. But the account manager must constantly learn, take advanced training courses, and keep abreast of innovations on Instagram.

Обучение на Менеджера коммерческого аккаунта в Инстаграм

A manager can work with both new and only regular customers, increase activity, develop motivation schemes, evaluate the performance of other employees.

Maybe, as one, and cooperate with a targetologist and copywriter. If the responsibilities include only working with clients, then it is important to understand when to only react and when not to initiate.

What you need to know and be able to be business account manager

There are dozens of offers on the Internet how to become a business account manager, there are options with both paid and free training. To become an account manager, it is helpful to have the following skills:

  • basic knowledge of web technologies;
  • competent speaking and writing;
  • ability to work with objections;
  • developed communication skills.

In the classic version, you don’t need to be able to promote or popularize a brand. But many bloggers are more willing to hire a “universal fighter” who will work with clients and engage in promotion, search for advertisers. Often, the business account manager is required to:

  • knowledge of a product or service;
  • payment control;
  • chatting with clients;
  • content creation and generation;
  • active communication with “warm” clients.

It is important to figure out in advance where to look for clients. In addition to message boards and sponsored posts, it is helpful to create an Instagram account that demonstrates the professional’s skills. The account must display professional capabilities.

Selfish question: how much do they pay?

After learning more about the profession of an instagram manager, who it is and what you need to know, users are interested in wages. The advantage of the activity is the absence of a ceiling, the more a specialist can do, the more expensive he can sell his skills. General provisions:

  • novice bloggers under 3,000 rubles;
  • small stores under 5,000 rubles;
  • mid-range brands up to 40,000 rubles;
  • millionaires up to 100,000 rubles.

You can work with one company or several, increasing your income. The main thing is that the quality does not suffer from the number of customers. Payment depends on the responsibilities that are prescribed for the vacancy. So if the manager must still be engaged in advertising, then the cost of services can double.

The sum should be added to the expenses on training, advanced training. You can take training for free, but it is better to improve yourself under the guidance of professionals. At first, to create a portfolio, you can greatly reduce the price of services.

Большой опыт в ведении Инстаграм-аккаунтов, подразумевает хорошую оплату

But the more experience and successful cases, the higher the pay. It should be borne in mind that there will be no 100% agreement, so it is important to be prepared for rejections. They indicate not only the cost of services, but also the advantages of cooperation with a specific manager.

The competition in this area is high, but there are not enough real specialists. Experienced managers advise to always start with a more expensive offer, as you will always have time to make a discount.

Do I need it?

A manager for a store or blogger is a relatively young profession. Social networks are constantly evolving, improving, new functionality is being introduced. It is important not only to know what kind of profession it is, but also to take into account its peculiarities:

Quick start after quality training

High competition

High income without top bar

Continuous learning

Continuous improvement

A wide range of required skills

Work from both computer and phone


Build your own team

The list of tasks for a commercial account manager will depend on the specifics of the business and the expected results. You need to be prepared that you will have to master some skills already in the process. The cost will depend on the amount of work, time spent, the duration of the project and the goals set by the customer.

Important! The manager should be able to develop a strategy for each commercial account, and not use ready-made templates.

If you look at the vacancies on the net, then the salary of even full-time specialists is pleasantly surprising. But such managers must audit the company, study competitors, analyze the current marketing strategy, create content plans on a long-term basis.

Managing an Instagram account presupposes knowledge of the network itself, the peculiarities of the algorithm, ways of interacting with the audience.

It is important to stay in trend, keep abreast of updates, new ways of white promotion, increase the activity of subscribers. It is worth deciding in advance whether it will be work with opinion leaders or with shops, accounts selling services, courses, information products.

I would go to the pilot, let them teach me

Free and paid training can be conducted online. Courses, webinars, online schools are suitable. It is important to choose a teaching method that will provide maximum knowledge in a short period of time. Unfortunately, most of the information products are water. When choosing, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. Famous school, teacher. Beginners rarely boast of delivering quality material.
  2. Course content. Usually divided into segments, chapters, blocks. It is useful to familiarize yourself with what will be taught in advance.
  3. Teaching format. This can be teaching live through a conference, transferring ready-made lessons immediately or in stages. For beginners, it is better to choose training with homework checking.
  4. Cost. Management in a social network is a vague concept. The more skills the school provides, the more expensive the tuition.

Before enrolling in a course or making a prepayment, you need to study the reviews about the school and the teacher. Consider both positive and negative. If there are no reviews about courses or webinars, then you should not agree. There is a risk of wasting money and time.

For those who are just looking for their place in the sun

Free webinars and courses will help you try yourself in a new profession without financial costs. Experts recommend the following options:

  • Profession ”SMM-specialist in Instagram” from Angelica Voroshilova. Extensive master class program, experienced teacher, information delivery without water. You only need a mobile phone to work.
  • Money on Instagram webinar from Alexander Sokolovsky. A master class for those who want to get started online. Step-by-step instructions, proven cases, life hacks for effective work.
  • Webinar “How to become an SMM-manager and promote accounts in social networks”. Free online training that covers not only Instagram, but also other networks, working with chat bots and sales funnels.
  • Free Start in SMM course from Netology. A free course for those who doubt whether this area is right for them. The training is based on video lectures, practical work and additional materials.

The Instagram manager must be prepared for the information received as only the first stage. It is advisable to take paid courses from a teacher with successful cases. This will help you get a comprehensive training and get started.

For those who seriously decided to link their lives with managing Instagram

If you want to take up the profession seriously, then they prefer paid courses with extensive training programs. A structured presentation of information, a quick start, the nuances of working with different sites are just a small part of the advantages. Among the advanced courses are:

  • Instagram Marketer by GeekBrains. Training with guaranteed employment. At the end of the training, there will be a ready-made project for a portfolio, there is a personal mentor. Upon completion of the course, a document on professional development will be provided.
  • The course Instagram Promotion from Netology. Course dealing with content creation, audience analysis, targeted advertising, customer service. Theoretical and practical classes with the support of a team of coordinators.
  • SMM-manager course from Netology. Mastering a demanded profession online, more than 170 hours of practice, large-scale homework, webinars and workshops. Useful for both beginners and experienced professionals.
  • Course Content Strategist from Netology. Training in creating a business promotion strategy. Additionally, we consider working with different content, solving business problems, organizing work with content.

After completing such courses, you can immediately start work, make your project from scratch, or assemble a team for comprehensive service clients. Simple articles and videos on the web will not provide such an amount of useful information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have no experience in promoting or maintaining an account, then you can start with free courses and webinars. They will help you understand the basics, learn the pros and cons of the profession. If you are interested in further development in the field of account administration, then you can sign up for a paid training.

In practice, if a person has been trained, then work on one account takes from 1 to 3 hours a day. You can work from your phone from anywhere with the Internet. It can be combined with the main activity for a start, if in doubt.

Only personal preference is taken into account here. Working in an agency is conditionally safer, but the salary will also be fixed. Freelancing involves a constant search for clients, but there are no financial restrictions.

Briefly about the main thing

Working on Instagram involves creating a content plan, promoting, maintaining a page. The commercial account administrator must create an engaging profile that will convert page visitors into leads. The profession implies constant training, skills improvement. If a person is ready for this, wants to be realized in the digital sphere, then this specialty is ideal.

Sincerely, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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