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What is better to post on Instagram: content that won’t let you down

Many get into a stupor and do not know what is better to post on Instagram. Given the fact that this social network focuses on the visual component of content, many are beginning to believe that the rest is not important. Added beautiful photos, and it’s in the bag. However, it is not. In addition to photography, there are other types of content that are essential for quality promotion.

Selling, engaging, warming content – all this should be in the feed. Do not forget that there are certain rules, and for breaking them you can get banned. In this article, we will tell you what is best for posting on Instagram, and analyze the types of content that are prohibited there.

3 types of content perfect for Instagram

There are three main types of Instagram content :

  1. Engaging – serves to attract new target audience and increase reach.

  2. Warming Up – increases the loyalty of potential buyers, encouraging them to buy your product or service.

  3. Selling – Sells your product or service.

All of these types work together to take users to the next stage of the sales funnel, which ultimately raises the level of sales on your profile.

Let’s find out what is best to post on Instagram.

  1. Engaging content for posts

    This is a very important stage, as it helps to solve the problem of finding a buyer. With its help, your potential target audience shows interest in the proposed product, increases coverage and engagement, increases user loyalty.

    Arrange a subscription contest is the traditional way to get users interested in your profile. It is a must if this is your initial Instagram sales experience. An ad contest is a great way to get your first subscribers, who will become your first buyers in the future.

    Вовлекающий контент для публикаций
    Engaging content for posts

    It is important that the product or service is the prize that you are going to sell. What’s the point of playing the phone if you plan on making clothes? So give your clothes.

    When participating in the prize draw, subscribers may need to write a comment, tag friends, or repost the contest.

    When your audience starts active on the page, you can start a UGC competition . It is set up with the aim of getting the maximum response from subscribers and engaging them in communication with the brand.

    This competition will also allow you to gather feedback if there isn’t enough. You can get creative with engaging your audience by creating photos, drawings, videos, and more.

    Polling is a common way to get more comments. You need to find an intriguing or most resonant topic that is close to the product or service you are selling, and offer answers.

    Don’t forget to chat with your subscribers. Ignoring comments will create an impression of disinterest in the buyer. Then how can you increase interest in your product and increase user loyalty?

  2. Warming Up Content for Posts

    Having interested the first subscribers, having achieved stable communication from them, start introducing them to your company. Warming up content will allow you to tell about the merits of the product, show your expertise in the product market and increase loyalty.

    • Cards with life hacks. Demonstrating your expertise is the first step to mutual trust, because this way you make your client’s life easier by helping to solve his everyday problems.

    • Life hacks should be thematic . If you’re in the business of selling hair care products, don’t talk about how to deal with facial inflammation.

    • How to (how to do something). Make a list of the topics that are most relevant to subscribers and write instructions on them. You can tell in detail how to care for hair after a perm.

    • Processes . In fact, buyers are very often attracted to the inner side of the manufacturing process, the kitchen, so to speak. So let them look in there, demonstrate the process of making, packaging, shipping. Thus, you immediately cut off unnecessary questions and increase customer loyalty.

    • Product in real life. A great way to warm up your audience is to show them how your product is applied in real life. Selling winter shoes, show how comfortable they are outdoors on slippery roads.

    • Reviews. Feel free to ask your customers to share their shopping experience. They can take a photo, video, or write a text review. This will be a good incentive for other users to also use your product or service offered.

  3. Marketing content for publications

    At the third stage, we got to the actual sales. Now our task is to demonstrate the most advantageous product or service offered, tell about all their advantages and explain why it is necessary to buy from you.

    • Overview . It is very simple to make it: tell about a specific product from those that you sell, mention its main qualities and strengths. Don’t overdo it, ideally you want to find the pain of buyers.

      Be sure to take a high-quality photo of the product or even a video.

    • Discounts . Everyone loves discounts, so don’t forget to arrange them, so you can encourage those who are in thought to place an order. An even better solution would be to limit the time for the opportunity to take advantage of the discount, this will push the buyer not to postpone the purchase of the product.

    • Promotions. An excellent mechanism that works to induce a purchase. You do not need to reduce the price, but you can prepare a small gift when making a purchase, make delivery for free, arrange a 1 + 1 = 3 promotion. The time limit is also important here so that customers are not delayed with a purchase.

Perfect Instagram photos

It is very important to know not only what needs to be posted on Instagram, but also to resolve the issue with the design of your page. By paying special attention to this, you will attract more potential buyers. A harmoniously designed beautiful profile is the key to your future success in the sales market.

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Prepare quality photos if you expect to reach a wide audience. This is not 2010, and you cannot hope for a lot of likes and comments if you are careless about the selection of visual content.

Pay attention to the design of the profiles of bloggers and promoted commercial accounts: they, as a rule, are made in the same style, while it is quite possible that their owners had to turn to specialists such as SMM, tiktoker, mobile photographer and content creator for help .

Visual content is so important these days that sometimes business owners are so addicted to creating Instagram photos that they forget about the main thing – the quality of the product being sold.

Идеальные фото для Инстаграма
Ideal photos for Instagram

The design and creation of photo zones is gaining immense popularity. Almost any exhibition, store or cafe opening is accompanied by obligatory selfies, so a photo zone for visitors becomes necessary.

Instagram can be considered a trendsetter, and if you want to keep abreast of new products, you cannot do without studying this material. Here are the freshest ideas and directions according to which the creation of visual content takes place in our time.

  • 3-D elements and photos

    Flat photos are already the last century. Advances in AR and VR technologies allow the use of 3D graphics to create a frame. If you want original photos that will attract attention and delight, you will have to master these technologies. Check out these works on Instagram and let them serve as a source of your inspiration.

  • Augmented reality

    Regular photos, supplemented with interactive elements, will look completely different and will help diversify your selection of photos.

  • Illustrations

    It didn’t seem to you that it was drawings and illustrations that can make your profile a winning one, provided that it is stylish work. You can give preference to comics, doodles, watercolors, and other directions, any of them catch the eye in a tape with the same visual content. Instagram can offer examples of such directions on the pages of foreign illustrators, tattoo artists, artists.

  • Typography, bright logos and slogans

    Far from being a new direction, but the trend is becoming more and more popular every year. Take a closer look at it.

  • Animation

    An ideal and simple method to showcase any material. Animation pictures always look impressive and do not take a lot of time to create.

  • Modernism and postmodernism in photographs

    In general, the term “modernism” was used to describe a set of trends in art of the early 20th century, such as expressionism, impressionism, cubism, etc. But the trends created decades ago have gained popularity now and are very fond of connoisseurs of unusual photographs. As a rule, they are distinguished by unusual, even shocking decorations and catchy makeup at photo shoots.

Viral posts, how to get hundreds of reposts in social networks:

  • Realism

    Taking cool realistic photos is not always easy, no matter how strange it may seem. Look for shots that convey the brightest moments of life, the immediacy and authenticity of events. They look much more attractive than the already boring, perfectly photoshopped Instagram photos. After all, your profile is not a fashion magazine, make the visual content lively and natural.

  • Camp style

    Photos and pictures taken using this trend will not go unnoticed by your subscribers. Images of images, nature, bordering on grotesque or a complete lack of color, will definitely be noticed in the news feed.

The proposed options for working with images will help you choose those directions that will make the visual content of your account creative, aesthetically attractive and memorable. The main thing is not to be ashamed of doing something different from everyone else.

What is better not to post on Instagram

The main source of information on Instagram is still images, in particular, photographs. That is why they undergo such strict moderation. This is not about the quality of the photo, it remains on your conscience. But what is shown in the photo will be checked by the moderators.

It is better not to post photos with this theme on Instagram :

  • Images of naked people, photos with erotic content are prohibited in Russia and CIS countries. Other states divide such photos into “full” and “partial” exposure, hence the degree of prohibition is different.

  • Any call to violence or aggression contained in the photo will be removed . Therefore, pay attention to the choice of words used in your photos.

  • Confidential information , such as bank card data, scans of documents, phone numbers, is personal information, and by exposing it, you violate the rights of other users.

  • Posting someone else’s photos without a link to the author’s account, of course, is not worth it . So it’s not far from complaining about you, after which get ready to be punished. If you liked someone’s photo and decided to post it on your page, provide a link to the profile of its owner.

As you can see, this list is small. But do not spoil your relationship with the Instagram administration and try to expand your boundaries. In this case, you will be punished and the publications removed.

Helping to build key skills in online professions Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили
Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

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More details

A good time to post on Instagram

In order for the activity of your account to be always high, you need to find out at what time your profile is visited most often. This way you can increase the number of likes, comments and attract more users to your account.

Your business account will help you determine when is the best time to post photos and posts. By clicking on the statistics icon at the top of your page, you can get information about the traffic and reach of your profile.

You can also see when your page is visited most often.

Let’s find out general statistics that tell us which days can be considered the best for posting new photos.

At the beginning of the week, traffic is low as people are usually busy. Wednesday and Thursday are more favorable days in terms of activity on Instagram. Friday is the peak traffic of subscribers to user pages, as the upcoming weekend provides an opportunity to relax and watch interesting publications.

Weekends are usually quiet as subscribers prefer live chat these days. But this is just the favorite time for bloggers who arrange “like-time” or “comment-time”, thanks to which you can increase the number of likes and attract new users.

Do not forget that your posts of any nature can be deleted by the Instagram administration without giving a reason or warning. It will be correct to keep copies of your posts, be careful and control your account more closely.

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