Пресеты могу использовать и чайники, и профи

What are presets and how to use them: a cheat sheet

Not everyone knows what presets are and how to use them. This information will be especially useful for beginners who are promoting their Instagram accounts. In today’s article, you will learn not only what these tools are, but also learn how to use them yourself.

What are presets and their functions

A preset is a kind of filter or file with a set of settings that you choose yourself. It is created using programs on a computer or in mobile applications. Then the finished template is superimposed on one or a group of photos (film, gallery).

The principle of this setting is that it is created once. After that, the new photos are simply superimposed to achieve a similar effect.

Presets make all photos in the same style, including the colors of both the object in the picture and its background. Knowing how to use the filtering tool correctly, you will emphasize the unity of your account, make the feed elegant, decorated in a uniform style.

Пресет - набор настроек, оформляющий все фото в едином стиле

You will not need to independently choose the setting, color of clothes, weather to take a photo and publish it. Take pictures of yourself and your surroundings and apply a ready-made preset for each new photo.

Note! If you process a photo published on the Internet for a long time with a new preset, it will automatically become unique. Such actions can even be applied to pictures on the Internet to hide someone else’s authorship.

What programs are used to create presets

Long-term practice of storing and editing digital photographs shows that it is rational to use only two programs Lightroom and Photoshop.


Most bloggers and photographers prefer Lightroom editor from Adobe developer. The application has default presets created. You can immediately apply them to your images.

If you wish, you can set your own parameters for editing graphics. This can all be done by toggling the sliders in the settings.

Как пользоваться пресетами в Lightroom

This program was originally created in order to conveniently manage RAW batches or digital negatives. The initial interface was very limited. Multiple tools have been added today, among them:

  • cropping ;
  • cropping ;
  • white balance;
  • negative and others.

today the application is called difficult according to experts. Many new features have been added to Lightroom.

At the same time, the editor continues to be updated. This helps it compete with the legendary Photoshop. Now in the application all the tools that were available only for professional photographers are open to the general public and selfie lovers.


In Photoshop, presets imply a slightly different archive with parameters. There are only two of them “Photographic Toning” and “Gradient Maps”. In this editor, you can download a set of filters yourself after downloading them from the Internet.

Настройки в Photoshop

After saving, the presets are installed in the program interface and used in the processing of each individual photo. As a result, when applying the effect to the photo, there is a visible change in the hue.

But, no bearing adjustments of the type: retouching, removal of objects are not provided. The effect on the graphic is applied instantly.

Where else can you find presets for your photos

In addition, how to create filters for the design of feeds on social networks in the proposed programs, you can find them in groups on social networks, as well as thematic forums.

To find these tools, you need to enter “Lightroom presets” in the search bar without quotation marks. The result will be a list of publics that match the topic. By entering them, you can download the effects you like for free for your photo editing programs.

This is interesting! Music can also be used as a preset. It is used to create background sound when editing videos or creating collages from photos.

How to create your own preset in Lightroom on your computer

The application provides 2 versions: computer and mobile. By synchronizing these programs with each other, you can exchange pictures between two devices. In this case, all editing settings are saved.

Find and use a preset on your PC

Making a photo after a detailed acquaintance with the presets will take you only 1 minute. We will tell you a step-by-step algorithm for decorating photos.

  1. Download the program and activate it for permanent use. The trial period is 30 days.
  2. Then go to the processing module, it is located on the left. Click on the triangle icon to open the presets.
  3. Next, a list of folders (groupings of filters) will open, you need to select the most suitable one for use. Imported presets from other devices will also be displayed here.
  4. After clicking on the selected setting, the application will automatically change the image. Be sure to add it before looking for a preset.

Please note that Lightroom is more often downloaded in English. Therefore, it is better to Russify the interface so as not to get confused in the settings and names of archives with parameters for photo editing.

Where to find and how to apply presets from the import module

Those options for presets that were imported from synchronized devices or applications can also be overlaid on finished photos. The settings archive contains a wide list of options. The most popular among them are:

  • renaming :
  • creating a preview window;
  • tagging;
  • cropping;
  • cropping and others.

If you combine them all together, you can get a good result. The image will be unique in its kind.

Note! For landscape photos, you can use multiple presets at the same time. Also one preset can be easily applied for all photos imported into the application.

Applying presets from a library module

There are just two steps to set the default enhancement effects located in a library module.

  1. Go to the “Quick Processing” section, find the “Library” item.
  2. Select the name of the required preset in the “Saved Presets” subsection.

Thus, you need to select the desired archive of settings for each photo that is uploaded to Lightroom.

Create an effect for an image on an iOS or Android device

Before you start making changes to the photo, download the application to your smartphone and activate the sync function. Then follow the instructions.

  1. After installing the program on your smartphone, you need to download presets that fit your image. Download from groups in VK.
  2. Better download the preset in the form of photos. They then open without problems in phones with different versions of the operating system.
  3. Next, start Lightroom, then open the downloaded file with presets. Then just copy all the settings and apply them to your photo.
  4. To do this, click on the menu (three dots), click on the “Copy settings” button. Now click on the menu again and choose Paste Settings.
  5. If you feel that something is missing, try correcting it with white balance correction or sharpening.

It may seem to you that the preset is placed incorrectly. In such cases, you will have to manually adjust the saturation, brightness, clarity.

How to create a personal preset and save it

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the groups of settings that were downloaded from the Internet, then you can always start creating yourself.

  1. Select the image you want to experiment with.
  2. Decide on a basic set of options.
  3. Watch how the image quality will change when applying this or that effect.
  4. Then save the finished preset based on the selected picture.
  5. To save the settings assembly, click on the “+” toolbar.
  6. Now go to the “Development” section, click on “New Setting”.
  7. Write the name of your preset.
  8. Use the key combination “Ctrl + Shift + N”.

You can select one or two settings when making a preset. In this case, it will look very limited and not very functional. This will not work with any photograph. You will have to add new adjustments when overlaying.

Storing and searching for presets

After loading sets of options, the application sends them to storage in a separate child folder. To find it, you need to go through the following path: C Users Username AppData Roaming Adobe Lightroom Develop Presets.

How to import presets

On the desktop version of Lightroom Editor, you can easily add downloads or custom-made options and filters for images.

Just select the desired preset and place it in the root of the program (put the files in the Develop Presets folder). The interface will indicate that the presets are being updated.

You can do the following: create several presets, organize them in a separate folder, and then simply place it in the Develop Presets you already know.

Tips when using presets

If you are new to using presets, for the convenience of using them, we recommend using the following tips:

  • Store configuration archives in special folders. If you shoot everything on your phone (landscapes, still life, portraits, etc.), you should create a separate folder for each type of presets.
  • Observe the shades and lighting of the photo before and after applying presets. It is important to pay attention to this. Some details in the frame may be lost due to excessive darkening or lightening.
  • When creating a set on your own, try to use settings that are close in value. For example, set colors from the same palette or apply similar filters by value: sepia, negative, black and white.
  • For the first use, be sure to look for the Russian version of Lightroom. The program interface is quite complex. Ideally download the mobile version of the handler. It has an organic and intuitive menu.

Myths about Lightroom presets

Before using it for the first time, you probably studied the reviews and understood how the application works. Many people think that the program is the lot of lazy people. This is an outright delusion, since using presets is sometimes difficult to bring a photo to perfection. It is much easier to send a photo to the network immediately after taking it.

Every beginner uses this program every day as a basic editor. Do you think so? Not really. Presets are primarily used by professional photographers or artists.

Пресеты могу использовать и чайники, и профи

The program is for advanced users only. This is only partly. Indeed, professionals in the field of photography use presets much more often than an ordinary person, but individual settings can also be created by those who are just developing their skills in this direction.

Summing it up

In this article, we have understood , what presets are and how they are applied. We also made sure that these settings archives are used by different people: from beginners to professionals. But, if you first met this method of improving images, we recommend that you do not hesitate and download the mobile version of the application as soon as possible. It is ideal for you in the early stages.

Sincerely, Victoria Chernyshenko
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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