Сервисы для автоответа вИнстаграм

Welcome message on Instagram when subscribing: setup manual

Instagram quickly captured and still holds a leading position in the promotion of any business. New tools constantly appear in it to increase subscriber loyalty to the brand. And if you use them correctly, then you can increase profits significantly without much effort and large investments.

One of such methods would be automatic mailing to users. From the very first seconds on the page, you can start a dialogue with a person. A welcome message on Instagram when subscribing is a good choice for this. Let’s figure out how to set it up and use it for what purposes.

Welcome message to Instagram for new subscribers – what is it and what is it for?

Initially, the social network was created exclusively for the publication of photo / video materials. Later, at the request of users, Direct was created. This is a special section where you can exchange messages. So the social network from the graphical became more convenient for direct communication.

Many companies are happy to respond to messages from users. But SMM managers may not always be in touch. Physically, a person cannot monitor an account around the clock. And for such cases, automatic messaging services have been developed.

They react to certain actions of subscribers and send pre-created template letters. In most cases, this is enough for a person to satisfy his curiosity. He will be able to find out more precise details in direct communication with a living person, when he appears in contact.

Automatic replies to subscriptions come to users in Direct as soon as they become page subscribers. In it, the company expresses its gratitude, talks about privileges, etc. Using auto-mailing, you can achieve the following goals:

Pay attention to everyone

A person will feel his own peculiarity if he personally thanks They pay for the subscription immediately after it. And nothing helps in the formation of a positive image of the company more than courtesy and attention to the client.

Send important information

In the first message, the subscriber will find out what privileges he has when using the company’s products (goods and services), what profitable offers he can count on by watching the brand on Instagram.

Provide additional contact details

This can be a link to the main site, directory, additional phone number, or social media account. All this will help the user choose the communication channel that is most convenient for him, and not only be limited to Instagram.

Stay connected 24/7

This is extremely important, because people can search for the goods and services they need at any time. And in the case of a subscription late at night or at lunchtime, the manager will not have time to manually send a message right away. And after a few minutes / hours, its effect will not be so impressive and catchy.

Of course, there are nuances and subtleties of how to customize messages to new subscribers. But in most cases they are simple and straightforward.

Auto reply to new followers on Instagram: setup instructions

Instagram itself has auto-reply tools. But the social network policy prohibits spamming. This means that the bot can only respond in dialogs initiated by subscribers. The first message in any dialogue will be from a real person.

This rule goes against the concept of posting greetings. Therefore, it is best to use third-party resources for these purposes. There are several dozen of them on the Internet. Some show high efficiency, others are tailored exclusively for specific tasks.

Among all the variety, users highlight Tooligram and Zengram. These are services designed to promote Instagram accounts. They are paid, but have a free trial, during which you can enjoy all the benefits and get the first results in a couple of days.

Сервисы для автоответа вИнстаграм

The main advantage of Tooligram is that its algorithms fully imitate the activity of a living person. Nobody will suspect a bot in him.

There are many items in the targeted settings that allow you to describe the desired audience as accurately as possible. Even an auto-reply for a subscription will not come to every person, but only to the most suitable for a certain avatar.

The Zengram service was originally created for internal use by the company. Only much later did it become publicly available. Therefore, he has special and unique algorithms of work. They are simple, but far from primitive. This service is convenient for collecting statistical data.

But in some functions, the targeting setting is not as subtle as in Tooligram. Although in it you can outline a clear circle of people for whom welcome messages are designed.

How to set up auto-reply in Tooligram

Before starting work in the service, you need to register. It is simple and does not take much time. At the next stage, an Instagram account is linked in your personal account. To do this, enter your username and password in the appropriate field.

The trial period for auto-reply is five days. To configure this function, you need to select the “Mailing by Dialogue” section. This will open up an intuitive email setup field. Among the options you can choose:

  • region;
  • age range;
  • number of posts;
  • range of subscriptions / subscribers;
  • maximum last time activity.

Here you need to enter the text of welcome messages. It is necessary to make several possible answers. The system will send them randomly to different people. This will deceive the spam block. Otherwise, the bots of the social network will notice suspicious activity and block the account for violating the rules.

If you do not specify the number of greeting messages per day, the system will automatically determine this parameter. New accounts will use the warm-up principle: activity and the number of messages will increase incrementally, rather than immediately in one day.

And in order not to arouse suspicion of spam, the maximum amount per day will be no more than 50. At the same time, a significant part of them will be sent at certain time intervals, and not evenly in 24 hours.

After a trial of five days, you need to choose a personal set of services in the service. However, it is not necessary to install it on a PC. Now only mailing to new subscribers costs 290 rubles per month. This is a ridiculous amount, because every newbie is a warm client who can be squeezed with one letter to perform the desired action.

How to make a welcome email in Zengram

In this service, the function is called Autodirect. With its help, you can easily set up sending messages to new subscribers. At the first stage of working with the service, you need to register with Zengram and connect your Instagram account.

The free trial period is three days. During this time, the user has access to all portal resources to understand how to set up auto-greeting.

Setting up an autodirect does not take much time. You can send the function of sending letters to all new subscribers, or you can activate filters, among which there are the following parameters:

  • number of subscribers;
  • number of subscriptions;
  • minimum posts;
  • language of the account.

The service allows you to add up to 20 different welcome messages. They will all be sent randomly to different subscribers. This is done to simulate the activities of a living person, not a robot.

Of course, it is not necessary to fill in all 20 fields with 1,000 characters each. But it is highly undesirable to leave one or two messages during mass mailings. The best option is the golden mean.

The resource can also do a slow buildup of the account. If this is a new page and it does not have many subscribers, then mass mailings will raise suspicion.

Therefore, the system’s algorithm will automatically reduce the number of letters to 50 per day. If the account is already well promoted, then this parameter can be increased to 200 messages per day. Exceeding this indicator may result in account blocking for sending spam messages.

After the trial period, the service will become paid. There is no way to purchase a separate service here. You can only subscribe to the entire package. Its cost is 990 rubles per month. On the one hand, it is much more expensive than in the previous version, if you use only Autodirect.

But in combination with other services, the cost of Zengram is much more profitable than the typesetting package in Tuligram. That said, it doesn’t make much difference how to make an automatic response.

Comparison of Tooligram and Zengram services

At first glance, both of these services seem to have the same functionality and help achieve the same goals. In general terms, this is true. Their work algorithms are tailored for the organic promotion of Instagram accounts.

One of the many tools for this is an auto-reply in Direct. This can be either hello for new subscribers, or a message about the manager’s absence from the place and time when he will contact the client. Example: “Excuse me, I’m not there right now. I will definitely write to you tomorrow after 8 am. ”

Targeting target audience

Sending auto messages upon subscription

Free trial

Purchase of individual services

The Tooligram service allows for more precise customization of characteristics. And in Zengram, with fewer parameters, you can cut off people with a different page language, which automatically excludes foreigners.

Yes, the cost of using the services is different. Tooligram is more suitable for partial use of service tools. The subscriber himself chooses for which of them to pay.

Zengram does not provide such selectivity. He sells all services in one package. Therefore, it is not so profitable to use it if you only need one Autodirect, but the whole package can be cheaper than a set of different services in Tuligram.

In general, both resources are equally good, their interfaces are intuitive, and setting up mailings does not require any special knowledge. There is always an opportunity to conduct ABC testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the time of subscription, he is definitely interested in the goods / services advertised in the account. It is easiest to persuade him to buy, order, follow a link, call at this time.

Many developers of free resources devote a minimum of time to their algorithms. Therefore, accounts using their tools are most often banned for automatic cheating and spam. Paid services value their reputation and constantly improve algorithms, making changes to them following changes in the rules of Instagram itself.

Yes, you can. This is not difficult. It just takes a while to find the perfect messages. An experienced targeting marketer can do the same, but for a fee.

Briefly about the main thing

A couple of years ago, Direct messages to potential customers were something completely unusual, and because of this, the most effective advertising. Today they are used by all experienced and successful businessmen. Therefore, it makes no sense to lag behind competitors. You just need to come up with really informative and catchy messages.

For automatic mailings, it is worth using time-tested services. It is best if these resources are paid. Indeed, in this case, their developers are responsible to users for the performance of the paid tools.

And the best of the best among them are Tooligram and Zengram. The investment in their work pays off in a couple of days of use. Further, these funds help to bring new active customers.

Sincerely, Olga German
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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