Сервис Smmbox для адаптации контента под разные соцсети

We will tell you when and how best to upload posts on Instagram

A successful Instagram profile is the result of complex work on the visual component, marketing strategy, and texts for publications. To sell a service / product, engage the user and encourage the desire to subscribe / buy, it is not enough just to publish a photo (even the highest quality and aesthetically correct one!).

For the publication as a whole to work and lead to the desired result, it is important to post it at the best time to post on Instagram. Reach, statistics, number of saves and even the desire to buy depends on the choice of the appropriate interval for adding a post to the social network.

It is not easy to decide on the choice of time – it is different for an account of different directions and depends on many factors.

Why determine when to post on Instagram?

Regardless of the ultimate goal of an account (sale of a product / service or engagement for the purpose of selling advertising, development of a company’s personal brand), success on Instagram is measured by the following parameters:

  • the number of subscribers in the account;
  • the shares of the target audience;
  • the number of reaches, likes and saves.

Of course, the number of subscribed audience will not replace its quality – it is better to have 100 followers with constant purchases, activity in posts and stories than 10,000 subscribers who are not watching the page.

But it is also important to be able to keep the audience’s interest on your own, to attract new groups of people. These are the tasks that help you choose the best time to post in the feed.

Instagram works like a smart feed. This means that posts are not shown in the order of the posting chronology, but are grouped based on the user’s current requests and interests, marks and friends’ activities. The system constantly analyzes which posts are liked and which are scrolled without interest.

At a certain time, followers are more active, show more attention to posts, leave comments. It is important to be able to understand what questions subscribers respond to more, at what time this or that type of publication “comes in” more efficiently.

If you set a post at the peak of a decrease in activity, then there is a risk of simply “bury” it in the feed and not even showing it to the end user.

How to choose the best time to post

Choosing the best time to post on Instagram is also important because new posts are always displayed higher in the feed. That is why it makes no sense to add publications at night unless they are intended for foreign clients living in a different time zone.

There is a connection between the upload of photos, the activity of readers and the days of the week. The latest research from marketers proves that followers like more and carefully immerse themselves in content on weekdays, not on weekends. Detailed statistics by day:

  1. Monday. Most people work a standard week with a 5/2 schedule. Therefore, an entertaining post on Instagram on Monday will help to raise activity, in which you can wish you a good mood and tune in to a working mood.
  2. Tuesday. According to statistics, not the best day to publish. Ideal for publishing light thoughts, straightforward texts, melodies and simple tips.
  3. Wednesday. The middle of the week is good for posting to the feed of motivational publications.
  4. Thursday. Most of the users on this day are slowly preparing for the weekend, periodically looking in the feed during the whole working day. Therefore, this day is considered one of the best in terms of coverage and activity.
  5. Friday. The same calm and less effective fasting day as Tuesday. On this day, users rush to complete work tasks by the weekend, make plans for the weekend. Therefore, it is better to dilute the tape with something light, funny and funny.
  6. Weekend. Saturday and Sunday are practically not popular with readers, and therefore it is not recommended to publish important information, posts with promotions and other publications in order to cause a vivid reaction.

Also, through research, it turned out that the best time to publish posts and stories is 18: 00-20: 00. During this period, many just get home, plunge into the world of social networks for relaxation. But all these data are rather average, as they may differ from the real ones.

For example, fitness trainers have an active audience most often in the morning – many are going to the gym or come from a run.

And for mothers with small children, the best time for fasting during the day is at 14: 00-16: 00 hours. Their children, as a rule, sleep at this time or play on the street, and therefore there is an opportunity to be distracted by a mobile phone.

Time Zones

When targeting an account or author to Western clients, you need to remember the difference in time zones. And understand what time the entry will appear in the tape. If we ignore this fact, then the reach can be halved, and in the long term this will affect the frequency of impressions of posts in the feed.

When doing business with foreign partners, it is recommended to adjust to their time. The same goes for profiles working with people from other regions of the country.

Optimal time for different types of publications

You can determine the optimal time and peak user activity in your account by analyzing profile statistics.

There is no need to manually check the parameters – there is a “Statistics” tab in the settings. Having dealt with the information in it once, an understanding of the audience’s involvement at a certain time comes. Instagram shows data about:

  • gender of readers;
  • daily activity;
  • territory (from which country and city the user is from);
  • age (calculated separately for men and women, and there is also a jointly calculated indicator).

With proper use of the data, it turns out to calculate the best time to post a record to the tape.

Based on the statistics provided by the social network, it is convenient to maintain a table of two columns – date and user engagement. The first column is filled with the date and day of the week, and the second – the hours of publication of posts, the number of likes, comments, saves and other interactions of readers.

Advanced users and specialists in promoting accounts on Instagram can use other tools. These include Buffer and Iconosquare services. You can analyze the received data already after 7 days, and on their basis move the publication time to the most active hours of followers.

When is the best time to upload photos

Photo is one of the simplest types of content, not tied to a specific hour. You can post a post according to the general rules for publishing posts.

When to post video

This type of content is much more complex than photography, but it is gaining popularity as it makes information much easier to perceive. The best time to post a video is late lunch and evening. The video sequence is often accompanied by sound, and therefore for many at work it is not very convenient to watch.

On weekends, you can skip this schedule and post videos whenever you want.

There are three Instagram video formats:

  • short videos up to 60 seconds long;
  • 25-second stories;
  • IGTV videos – up to 10 minutes per post.

It’s easy to understand what users like best – just create 3 videos of approximately the same content and test them.

Publishing live broadcasts

One of the most popular modes of interaction with the audience is live broadcasts in real time. It is important to adjust them for free hours and active times for posts, for example, Thursday or Friday evening.

If the broadcast is carried out in the daytime, then the author’s task is to interest and create intrigue in order to engage the user more and prepare them for the upcoming online meeting. They should be willing to meet and participate in the broadcast in person.

When to post in various industries

Examining analytics is one of the simplest ways to identify hours of follower activity. But beyond that, it’s also helpful to know when other brands in your industry have active followers. This is important at the initial stages of profile development, when every subscriber / client counts.

The Hootsuite service conducted a detailed analysis of the TOP-20 accounts of each of the Instagram profile industries, and revealed the time when their posts received the most response. All data shown is based on the North American time zone.

The table will help you navigate the ideal time of publications for accounts of different directions on Instagram.


Wednesday and Sunday around 09:00

Profile direction

Optimal date and time of publication

Travel and tourism

Friday, during the period 09: 00-13: 00

Media & Entertainment

Wednesday and Thursday 14: 00-15: 00 and 00: 00-01: 00

Food Industry

Any day, around midnight

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday around 00:00

Non-commercial activity

Thursday, from 14:00 to 16:00

Wholesale e-commerce

Thursday 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm

Medicine & Healthcare

Care & Hygiene

Thursday and Friday lunchtime

Tuesday and Monday at 14:00

Thursday, period 16: 00-17: 00

Do not forget about the uniqueness of your business, the study of the audience and the needs of subscribers.

When not to post posts

Not the best times to post photos and other types of content are periods when other users are actively posting.

This “clogs up” your followers feed and hides your posts. Another unfavorable period is when the target audience does not go to the social network at all.

In the first case, such hours are between 15:00 and 16:00. Most of the Instagram audience is between the ages of 14-20, and since the school day ends at this time, they rush to post something new faster.

The second option is morning and late evening, when most of them spend their time gathering or chatting offline.

Helper services for scheduling and publishing posts

For preliminary preparation of posts and their automatic publication, special programs are suitable. They allow you to plan at what time to upload photos, see the finished visual of the feed several posts ahead, and have additional functions for high-quality interaction with the audience. These include:


The service allows you to schedule posts, create a content plan, interact with subscribers in Yandex.Direct and analyze audience engagement.

Паразайт поможет запланировать публикацию в Инстаграм на лучшее время

Parasite also supports VK and Facebook. This is especially useful if the company has multiple social media accounts. You can link them to each other and posts will go out simultaneously to all networks with one click of the mouse.

SMM planner

Professional program that provides free use and paid with advanced functionality. The main function is delayed publication time on social networks.

SMM planner для отложенного постинга в разных соцсетях

Supports Instagram, VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, as well as messengers – Telegram and Viber. There is a built-in image editor, you can connect an unlimited number of accounts.


In the service, you can search for content within the system, which also recommends the best time for its publication. You can create pictures in the built-in editor.

Сервис Smmbox для адаптации контента под разные соцсети

You can adapt one post for different social networks, adjusting to the format. Additionally, you can protect images with watermarks and batch upload photos.

The choice of a suitable service depends on the set of additional options required for work, the cost of the tariff. You can use one tool or use several at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most asked questions will help you avoid mistakes in maintaining profiles at the initial stage of development.

Ready-made tools for maintaining a profile on Instagram have many advantages, they help to point-to-point interaction with subscribers. This is important if there is more than one account and you need to collect analytics for all social networks.

But if the profile has just been created, and the budget does not allow buying subscriptions to services, then at the initial stages you can get by with standard options and manual work.

The content on the profile should be varied both in appearance and in the degree of involvement. It is important to alternate between different post formats, take photos from different angles, shoot videos on important topics.

In addition, the types of texts should be different – depending on the purpose of being selling, involving or entertaining. With the right selection of all types of content, you can achieve maximum interest from subscribers and new readers.

Publishing based on general statistics data may not work if you do not take into account some factors – the region of residence of subscribers (time difference), the narrow focus of the account (your customers live on a special schedule and are active at other times). Then, the peak activity can be detected only experimentally or through the cabinet of paid services.

Briefly about the main thing

Let’s summarize. The time of posting on Instagram plays an important role in the development of the account, its presentation, affects the reach and the number of likes.

Publishing posts during the period of activity of users from the target audience helps to increase popularity and recognition. And posting at the worst time reduces interest and becomes the reason for the so-called “shadow ban” from the social network.

The best time to post can be identified in several ways:

  • through internal Instagram analytics (“Statistics” tab);
  • third-party services;
  • experimentation and close examination, comparing publication time and number of interactions.

Video quality (length and format), visual component also play a role in engaging followers. Services like Parasite, SMM planner, Smmbox and others help to see the version of the finished feed and plan the date and time of posting. New hypotheses and options for publishing photos at a convenient time for the audience help to improve reach indicators.

Sincerely, Anna Abramova
specially for the proudalenku.ru project

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